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    Shipping Method and Fees:

    All orders are sent via DHL Express for a fee of $25 on orders under $550, and FREE on orders of $550 or more.

    We’ll provide you with a tracking number, so you can be on the lookout for your package when it arrives.

    DHL is an internationally recognized and secure courier service and we do not foresee any problems. Yet, we do not accept responsibility for anything that happens after an order has been handed over for shipment, and are not to be held liable for items lost or damaged during transit.

    Return Policy:

    How would you feel if, after paying well over $100 for a bottle of oud, you receive a bottle that was previously in the hands of other customers? If it was opened, used, tested and worn by others, then returned to us for a refund, only to end up in the hands of the next buyer – you!

    Oud is a deeply personal thing, as it has the power to bypass the senses and elevate the soul of the wearer. For this reason, and due to the 100% pure nature of our products, which are carefully weighed by the gram, we cannot issue returns on our ouds and oud chips and assure the same quality and quantity to the next customer.

    If you are interested in our 100% pure Artisanal Oud Oils™ why not purchase a sample first to avoid the need to return? This will grant you the assurance you need.



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