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    Customers say...

    Your service to this world will be remembered as a legend. Not only that, your work inspires and drives many... you can go to sleep at night knowing that your creations helped bring out the true beauty and wonder in people, gave people courage and strength but also moments of bliss and peace unparalleled by anything else.

    To create such ineffable moments and experiences and to inspire greatness is the most noble achievement one can strive for.

    Chris, New Zealand

    There seem to be many new vendors hitting the scene and many, such as myself will dabble in them, but to be honest the only one I have been consistent with is EO and I guess thats probably the case for many.

    Taher, UAE

    I have tried quite a variety of samples, from you, from […], from […], from […], and from […]. I will maintain, at this time, that Ensar Oud offers the best oud!

    Michael, USA

    I have pragmatic reasons for preferring your stuff over other artisan distillers’. Mainly, either their oils are lacking depth or in […]’s case there is an overwhelming number of notes because he makes sure he gets literally every last drop out of the wood.


    Thank you to all of you at Ensar Oud for improving my life through fragrance.

    John, UK

    I secretly, now publicly, call you Enzo. As in Enzo Ferrari. You are the Enzo Ferrari of the artisan oud producing world. All are exotic, fast, beautiful, robust and meticulously engineered. Keep doing what you do.

    Lance, USA

    I have recently had the chance to smell some of the offerings from other ‘artisanal oud’ vendors, and they are all so flat, lacking any initial oomph. The scents are slightly unpleasant or confused and they have very little projection or depth. Your dedication to this sacred art and your ability to unlock the magic of Oud is second to none.


    Thank you for offering your ouds at reasonable prices. I have spent more on a few elsewhere and they are nowhere near your quality and now I know to buy Ensar Oud and I will always be satisfied. I’d buy every one if I could.

    Customer, USA

    I can’t tell you what a joy it is to work with Ensar. I can’t say they same for others who say they do the same as you guys, had a terrible experience with another “Artisanal Oud” company earlier. Learned my lesson. Ensar Oud or bust!

    Customer, USA

    I have used Ouds from many providers but Ensar Oud 's Products are best Ouds i have used so far.
    They are Thick and very very pure and smells awesome even after many many hours.
    Even i have washed my hands after applying Ensar Oud Product the smell was there even after 10 hours.
    I am in love with Ensar Oud :)
    They are Best

    Akram Aghadi

    There are things in the world that are hard to describe in words. Oud from Ensar is one of these things! I tried the 70s Mysore Chips, Santal and Aceh Chips. The burner they sell is top quality. If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your house, use Ensar Oud. Adam will personally e mail you and make sure you are happy with your purchase. JazakAllah Khair brother Adam. I will be placing new orders so looking for some discounts! Masalam.

    Dr Qasim from Canada

    Ernest Beaux, Yves saint Laurent ou Jean-Paul Guerlain en collaborant avec Ensar Oud nous aurez fait encore davantage rêver avec des parfums magiques et se seraient certainement rapprocher un peu plus de la perfection olfactive. Si vous êtes à la recherche de Oud authentiques aux multiples facettes sans aucun additif synthétique alors ne cherchez plus, Ensar Oud vous ouvre ses portes....

    Mohammed, France

    'My retirement funds are blowing in the wind like the sands of the desert yet I will invest in your oud because it will take my soul to a safe place until the storm subsides.'

    Tom Kennedy, NY

    'Your passion for this unique and sacred oil is truly a blessing to the world.'

    Bev Byrnes, WA

    'I just have to say it again... Your oil is unbelievably good! What a shame I didn't discover it earlier...'

    Bob, Israel

    'May Allah reward you for your hard work and efforts in bringing some of the most beautiful scents in the world and making them accessible to people.'

    Shafiq, UK

    'Believe it or not I have not bought a single drop of oud from anyone else but you. Like I said back then, I knew immediately that I had to not look anywhere else, that you are the one I look to for ouds. I rely on you for quality and that's it.'

    James, Denmark

    'I want to take this opportunity to let you know that other companies carry oud oils that are very good, but none of them seems to come close to the product that you provide. Even as a novice in oud as I have only been introduced to it via serendipity a few months ago, I can tell that your ouds are in a league all by themselves.'

    Alex, France

    'I've tried some of the other oils out there and to my mind yours are better by a country mile.'

    Chris, USA

    'The best source that I know of for authentic oud oil is Ensar Oud.'

    Christopher McMahon, WA

    'Jazak Allahu Khairan for all your help and for all your efforts in this amazing service to humanity. I cannot thank you enough for all of your countless sacrifices and for your honesty and morality in bringing the world 100% pure Oud of the best grade and quality. I pray that Allah places his divine pleasure and baraka in your noble efforts.'

    Jibran, NJ

    'I can see why you're the Oud King of quality! Soon I'll invest in your LTD collection!'

    Kevin, MA

    'With regards to your efforts on cultivation and organic farming - alhamdu li Llah - what a great step! I would trust only you in this venture, and I have full confidence that you can and will pull this off. Only someone with infinite love and intimate detail for oud can see this through, and to me that can only be Ensar.'

    Asif, UK

    'The journey from my first purchase to my most recent has been valuable. It has taught me a lot about Ensar Oud and his philosophy, and about myself. I have learnt that there is no one like Ensar in the Oud business and no oud in the business like Ensar's. I've learnt that I'm impatient once I've placed my order and very finicky about what I receive, when I receive it and how I receive it. I think your response to the present situation is befitting of yourself.'

    Asif, UK

    'In sha Allah you will succeed in establishing organic Oud cultivation. Helping you with this beautiful action is an honor for me.'

    Talip, Netherlands

    'I had almost forgotten what real oud wood was like. It was so nice to once again be able to experience the 'real thing'. I haven’t bought oud wood in a while because, quite frankly, it simply isn't available in the markets here unless you fancy the waxed, polished, painted, dipped and soaked variety.'

    Yousuf, UAE

    'Please relay my sincere appreciation to Ensar for his dedication to such amazing quality Oud oils. They are truly a gateway to the divine, both within and without.'

    Don Harper, IL

    'I can guarantee that I will do a lot more future business with you. I believe your fragrances are the best in the world and that is why I sacrifice my hard earned cash on your products and I am starting my very own oud collection. I do not drink or smoke so one of my only pleasures in life is enjoying the sensual aromas of your very special oud oils. I am greatly appreciative of your generosity and consideration.'

    Q. McKenzie, IL

    'Having spent time with your oils now, I can say that they are truly in a class of their own, and each oil is absolutely unique! There is nothing 'standard' about any of them.'

    Neeshee, HI

    'Ensar Oud is a class act, all the way! I am excited as a child on his birthday to receive the packages - never having experienced in life scents so beautifully otherworldly and profound. Thank you, Ensar, and everyone else involved in the blessing that is your Oud.'

    Glenn, NJ

    'I should hate you for introducing me to your products. I haven't the money as the Great Recession of 2008 washed squarely against my door but I cannot resist. How is this for selfish: I typically wear it at home while I'm reading. I still read an actual book, not a pad, and the scent from my wrist wafts up transporting me further than the book itself does.'

    Jamie, MA

    'I've been using the oils I purchased from you nearly every day, and they have brought true inspiration and great comfort. For that I am very thankful... you have been a true blessing in my life, my brother!'

    Sage, CA

    'The LTD Oud is exceptional. I have spent many hours sitting quietly and pondering each one. They have brought me much peace and beneficial introspection. I only hope I can put into words my impressions. But at the moment there are few words to describe the very beautiful, intimate experience.'

    Glenn, NJ

    'I think these Ouds will render my previous collection completely useless!'

    Jeremy Rowland, UK

    'Your oils continually remind me of all that is wondrous in this world. Thank you so very much. May you forever prosper.'

    Don Harper, IL

    'I received my Sampler today and, as suspected, was pleasantly surprised. The whole experience with Ensar Oud has, thus far, been a pleasant one. From dealing with Mr. Kruger to work out some past shipping issues, to receiving the order within just a few short days (even the plastic bubble wrap smelled good, my first indication that I had finally found the real deal), to opening that beautiful purple bag to reveal the little treasures hidden inside. Everything that I've experienced from Ensar Oud, from the service to the packaging to the actual product, has screamed QUALITY and has proven to me the great pride and care the people of Ensar Oud take in their product as well as their customers.'

    Yousuf, UAE

    'Originally from the US, I have been living in the UAE for over 16 years and have tirelessly searched for a good quality Oud, with little success. Walking into shops, from the big names to the small dark alley ones, and trying supposed 'quality' ouds just to be, once again, disappointed. I've not purchased much over the years, as I've rarely found any that justified the prices being charged compared to the quality offered. Oh, I've tried countless samples, but would never directly purchase an Oud immediately after just trying some. Instead, I would always tell the salesperson that I'd wait a few hours to see how it lasts and develops and would be back if I liked it. Needless to say, I rarely, if ever returned as the scent always disappeared after a short while...hardly worth my hard earned money. Based on what I have experienced here in the local market, I was always extremely weary to even attempt to purchase Oud online, but Ensar Oud has changed all that. You can consider me a faithful customer and I truly look forward to dealing with Ensar Oud for years to come. You have gained my confidence and my loyalty. Thank you for a truly wonderful experience.'

    Yousuf, UAE

    'Thank you. I love your oils. You have introduced me to a world of smells that I never knew existed.'

    Billy, FL

    'Thank you, Ensar! The oils are delicious! I love them! And I like the wrapping paper too! Thank you so much!'

    Adam, VA

    'Visiting your site is always like finding myself in a peaceful, refreshing garden.'

    Glenn, NJ

    'The quality you offer is just unbeatable by anyone I know. I actually studied my Alim Course in Pakistan and during that time I got to know of a few Oud suppliers there. Yours beats theirs by miles and miles.'

    Abdul Wahab, CA

    'You described each oil perfectly and quite accurately, and as I get to know them more and more I seem to fall in love with each one differently.'

    Sage, DC

    'My soul has grown in awakening after I came to Ensar Oud. And I have not bought anything, not even a sample, a drop, nothing from any other oud sellers. Nor am I going to. Since day one it was Ensar Oud and I simply have not felt any drive or thirst to explore further. Why should I? I knew immediately when I came to Ensar that this is it. Thank you, Ensar! What beautiful blessings you have brought me!'

    J. Gordon, Denmark

    'Ahhh what a relief, the Ensar Oud website has remained quiet and calm for some days now, without any insane annoucements of some rare oud disappearing that you just gotta have. (Try live without the Borneo once you know it, good luck!)

    Thank God things have mellowed out now, but I am sure it's only for a while, you know how the saying goes about the silence before the storm, and you know Ensar, suddenly he pops up out of nowhere from the woodworks (or rather agarworks) with a bag of you know what, the finest most pristine Oud in the whole world and then we are back at it again (ordering!) clicking that mouse like a madman! :)

    We owe his Shaykh and him gratitude, for sending Ensar in the right direction! Ensar certaintly dug up something useful, wouldn't you say!'

    J. Gordon, Denmark

    'I always knew you had very good Oud oils, but after attending the ISNA conference, and sampling some of the oud oils available in the bazaar, I came to realize just how amazing your oils really are!

    There were some 'Borneos', and 'Papuas', but when it came down to it, nothing compared to the oils I purchased from you. Thank you for making available the Quality that you do!'

    Amir Shah, IL

    'I was delighted to hear that you are a Sufi, although I should have known given your passion for authenticity and our favorite doorway to the Divine - Oud. As you well know, many Americans are now familiar with Sufi poetry through some very fine translations of Rumi and others. Sadly, perhaps it is only through the Sufi expression that we may know Islam a bit better than we do. The poetry is sublime and 'true' on so many levels and your glorious Oud helps access some of the psychic space within ourselves where the resonances of God and Art reside. Beyond simple 'scent', the quality of your products really does bring us to a new and more sublime world for us to explore. My thanks and prayers for your continued contributions.'

    Tom Kennedy, NY

    'You have the best Oud on the market.'

    G. Lynch, CA

    'Your Oud brings an increase in self awareness; whereas perfume just makes us fragrant, it does not relax us or awaken us. Oud does this. I feel Oud offers a strong powerful way to reconnect or balance ourselves from an unfocused state of mind to a focused state of mind. The way we view life and act can be profoundly altered if we bring Oud into our lives. Oud helps us to awaken and evolve spiritually. As for the one who is somewhat alert and awake, special blessings await him.'

    J. Gordon, Denmark

    'Well... yet another bottle of magic to tempt me! With the economy so shaky, I should not do this but if I have to stand in the unemployment line I will at least smell like a Prince! Thank you!'

    T. Kennedy, NY

    'My wife and I feel it is a privilege to have the opportunity to own your Oud - the finest, most transporting anywhere!'

    Glenn, NJ

    'You have a reputation for being very responsive to your customers and sending extra little vials out with packages. - It makes a difference, especially with such a personal product.'

    B. Ripley, MA

    'I'm not a philosopher, but there is an incredible power infused in the products you sell... Your agarwood oils are the 'bridge' between the real and the unreal.'

    Michael, ID

    'Thank you so very much for the oils you offer, they are gifts certainly from the Godhead! I have become a habituated devotee of your Oud line, especially the Brunei Supreme. The complexity and transporting capability of your pure Oud is an utterly singular experience having no equal. I will, without fail, allow for further Oud oils in next year's budget. Ensar, it is a pleasure doing business with your fine, fine company.'

    Glenn, NJ

    'After the acquisition of a few inferior products via the internet, I came across your site. There was something in the descriptions of the products that made me realize that here was someone with real knowledge - not just a marketer, but a true lover of Oud, a connoisseur. That is when I took the plunge and ordered the Sampler. Such subtlety! Such spiritual elegance! I have been so distracted by these oils that I have left a number of important things undone! Your oils have brought me a deep happiness.'

    Lee, NM

    'I want to thank you again for your kindness. I love your incredible oils and am so happy that I found you. There are many people out there that say they have the purest and the best, but most do not. I truly know and feel You are such a wonderful resource. These oils move my soul and I believe they open up certain parts of our memory that have been misunderstood. I believe there are certain gifts that are released to us, when we are exposed to such ancient scents. I for one, could never be without these precious jewels. Thank you so very, very much for making them available! I can't wait to receive my newest order!'

    J. Cummings, HI

    'Your Ouds are astounding! Thank you very much.'

    J. Capece, NY

    'All the samples offered strikingly multifaceted bouquets and uniqueness. This is the first time I've sampled real agarwood oil, so I have little basis for comparison, but the purity and quality of all the Oud oils you sent me was obvious.'

    K. Clayton, Australia

    'I just wanted to write today and say how much I am enjoying the Ensar Ouds. Your products are certainly the BEST available and provide an uplifting experience. I keep an eye on your beautiful webpage too! I am not currently ready to purchase any additional Ouds but keep me in mind for early August. I am now getting ready to travel to Slovakia on research and will return in late July. All remaining funds are going to be kept for OUD!'

    John Berg, WI

    'I recently received your Oud Sampler. I must say I was astonished. I have bought a number of agarwood oils over the internet. Most have been inferior, some have been good, but none of them come close to the quality of your oils. Being fairly new to Oud, I was a little concerned at the price of your oil, but now I know - you get what you pay for!'

    Lee, NM

    'In all seriousness, your products are otherworldly. Such quality, such sheer delight. I have never experienced anything - including my beloved Kyara incense - that is so mysterious, so evocative, so sublime as your Ouds. Many thanks to you my friend...'

    Lee, NM

    'The sublime quality your product, along with your excellent customer service, have ensured that I will always return to Ensar Oud to procure, quite simply, the best Oud that I have yet found.'

    M. Cleaver, NM

    'Just to say the oils came shortly after recieving your e-mail. You have another very satisfied customer who can only commend you on your products, service and customer care.'

    M. Williams, UK

    'Ensar Oud was the first place I purchased Oud from. I fell in love with it, but didn't know much about Oud. Thinking I was smart, I bought some from other sources to build a collection of scents, and perhaps save a little money. Finally, my wife came to me and said, 'I don't care how much you spent on the other stuff, please stop wearing it. They all stink. From now on, I only want you to wear the Oud from Ensar." True story. Enough said.'

    Terry, IL

    'The second package with the Oud Sultan Murad arrived at my home yesterday. And what else can I do than to repeat the words I already said about your other products? Each fragrance is a pure, unique and overwhelming artwork of the Almighty and Merciful Creator. And I start wondering whether you are ever going to sell something of just 'normal' quality... A great pleasure to have these fragrances in my collection! I will for sure come back to buy some more from you soon. Until then my brother: Thanks for all. May God bless you and your family.'

    Andy, Germany

    'You and I need to become good friends, because I truly love good scents but am not so rich as to afford them... and you're the scent man :)'

    Erol, NY

    'I tried each of them like a big ceremony, together with my wife. It was like they came direct from heaven! Each of them is a treasure and exactly as you described them. I always get surprised at what great fragrances the Almighty has created and how multifaceted they are. I am afraid I will have to stop here and go back to my samples again, they are calling me!'

    Andy, Germany

    'The scents are everything you promised. Since fragrance is a kind of hobby of mine, this Oud adventure has ruined me for more traditional scents. I think it is because the Oud is the closest thing to the various scents of the human body (like them or not) and after all these years it turns out that that is what I have been looking for! Not cover-up scents but enhancements of what is already there. This is a new and fascinating area of study for me.'

    Tom Kennedy, NY

    'I have now had a little time to live with the oils you sent me, and it has been truly educational. Everything you have said to me is so true, and I can feel my senses opening in a deep and profound way. We did have a few of the Arab perfumes in our home, but your oils have made everything else seem like a weak, one-dimensional imitation of the real thing. At the moment, I am still getting to know each of the oils, discovering the layers as they reveal themselves... I love it! To experience the way your oils evolve on the skin cannot be explained to anyone! Magnificent!'

    Sage, CA

    'I just recieved your Oud al-Hindi and wanted to write you to let you know how pleased I am with it. It does have that lovely sweet smell of jinko that one finds in the Japanese incense as in the Indonesian and Thai varieties.'

    Randy, TX

    'I received your Oud Sampler recently, which I found astonishing. I am fairly new to Oud, but your products make me crazy - I am already an addict!'

    Lee, NM

    'I just wanted to thank you so much for your kindness and your wonderful contribution. I do believe that Oud and Agarwood are among the most ancient, timeless and beautiful scents known to man. I truly know that I could never be without them in my life. I feel that they open certain parts of the brain that cannot be reached in any other way. I am so very grateful to you for bringing the finest quality to others. Many people say they have these precious oils, but since many people do not know what to expect, they are taken advantage of. You are truly a Blessing and again I truly feel your oils are the finest and I want to thank you so much. This is the true medicine of the soul from this incredible Earth that we all share! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so looking forward to receiving my new order! Please take care of your wonderful self.'

    J. Cummings, HI

    'Received my order yesterday, and I am delighted with products. They are superb! Many thanks for your help.'

    Andrew Scott, UK

    'I wanted to let you know after making several purchases, that I've been very pleased every time. Your quality scents and customer service are second to none! You can count on my repeat business.'

    David, NY

    'Thanks again. Your advice and service are exemplary. My only gripe is I now have a life long addiction.'

    Theo, UK

    'I wish I tried your stuff a couple years ago. I want the best, I'm hooked!'

    Kevin, MA

    'From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for making this sacred oil available. I first hesitated due to the prices, but now I know they are totally worth it and will definitely return for a couple of full tolas.'

    Eric, Sweden

    'I wish I had a time machine that I could travel back in time with and purchase all the amazing Oud oils I missed out on.'

    Shafiq, UK

    'I will continue to be a happy customer of Ensar Oud. For me, there's no other Oud like Ensar's.'

    Thomas, Germany

    'You have my phone number if you ever want or need to call me. I can talk in sentences now. Much better now. I first said you probably shouldn't call. Wouldn't be able to make sense of my speech. I'm getting better. Especially with 'Top shelf Oud therapy.' I really do think it helps. Every night I can sit with your medicine. Meditation helps my mind.'

    'Kev', MA

    'This is really the best oud I've had the chance to smell and I am so happy I found you!'

    Tatyana, HI

    It is such a pleasure to make business with you. The service is excellent, and so are all your products, be they mukhallats or Oud oils. There's only more pleasure in actually wearing one of your oils.

    Thomas, Germany

    I think one of the most overlooked things about Oud (yours specifically) is the healing properties that it carries within itself. Whenever I use on of your Ouds I am put into a calm and relaxing mental state that no other material object on this earth can duplicate. It is an honor to be a part of the many works of art that you have created. Sending you this gift is the least that I can do to show my sincere gratitude for your skilled craft and passion in creating something which elicits such an overwhelming sensation.

    Chris, IL


    Your video posts are great. I appreciate the time you take to do this. Armchair traveling with Ensar Oud. I love it.

    Jordan, New Zealand

    This is the best OUD ever.

    abed alhadi shajrawi

    ‘For me, there is nothing better than opening up a black box from Ensar Oud!’

    Ronda, USA

    ‘First let me thank you for totally changing my perspective towards Oud. In the past, Oud was a burden to wear in social & religious events since I was trying to imitate older people who liked Oud. But I couldn't find Oud that convinced me it was worth what I was paying for it, even though I tried buying from well known shops like ASAQ. Each time I would get this annoying burnt rubber smell...’

    Abdul Aziz, Kuwait

    I have to say that for several years now, yours is the only company from which I have bought oud because I have detected or suspected adulteration in some (or all) of other companies’ products, but never in yours.


    Thank you Ensar


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