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    Zaza Zen

    Price: $119

    Oud is by far the world's most expensive essential oil. Even low-grade oud oil can cost more than the finest rose and jasmine. That agarwood is, ounce for ounce, worth more (often WAY more) than gold is well known. So, oud oil —artisanal oud oil especially – is both a luxury perfume and ingredient (which is why most ‘oud’ perfumes don’t actually use real oud). 

    Zaza Zen was released with the launch of Zaza Haus, to give you a bottle of oud that goes easy on your wallet — without compromising quality. Years of fine-tuning our distillation set-ups and long-time collaboration with leading farmers let you in on oud oil of the highest caliber, at a lower price than you’d expect quality like this would sell for.

    Zaza Zen smells beautiful. The pristine resinous core doused in accessory notes of wildflowers. A departure from the typical apricot, peachy profiles of Indochinese ouds, Zaza Zen accentuates a soft green mintiness (think Japanese Sencha), adorned with a bouquet of flowers rather than a single discernable note.  

    To balance price, accessibility, and caliber, Zaza Zen is a distillation of crassnas around 40 years old, with rich-resin maturity many years ahead of most ouds. The scent is deeply meditative, yet fruity-playful enough to let you wear it as an exotic add-on to any style wardrobe. Its piercing green heart notes blends into a delectable cane sugar floral heart that makes Zaza Zen sultry, incense raw yet sweet… and addictive

    What’s more, oud veterans will quickly pick up a powdery incense glaze in the top notes, but especially over the heart that emerges 15 minutes in. Just like the spritzy fuzz, that bitter-sweet malty taste of kombucha lets you know you’re not just drinking sweetened tea, but that there’s a scoby working its funk behind the scenes, it’s how this airy powderiness imbues the resinous vapor aroma infused with its sencha green meets creme brûlée aroma that clearly shows the quality of the agarwood distilled. This means you’re not just getting a joy-to-smell bottle of oud, but one that packs the soul-stirring oomph of aged oud and the scent of incense-grade oud chips heated neat. 

    New to oud or not, Zaza Zen lets your nose dive into a richly layered aroma that’s a pleasure to explore (oudheads know what I mean) and it’s super accessible with zero ‘barn’ and none of the cloying off-notes in poorly distilled ouds, so it’s totally office and after-office friendly as it oozes with exotic charm.

    I will be honest, I'm not going to try to describe notes etc, but what I will say is to me it was happiness in a vial. To reconnect with a genuine agarwood smell which I havent smelt now for a long time, to jump back a decade and smell soemthing I have smelt only once or twice, to realise that nothing compares and that there is no point wasting time elsewhere and to be grateful to Allah to have been blessed to have the opportunity, the knowledge of its existence and to have it in hand. That was just my feelings from the first swipe of the Zaza Zen. – Richard, UK

    Zaza Zen was such a surprise, although since it’s an Ensar, I had some expectations.  When we hear “wood chips dipped in honey“ sounds pretty good, but that is perfume stuff, for this it’s even better, it’s like the wood makes the honey, but it’s not too sweet. It also has the exact level of citrusy and creaminess that I love.

    To me feels like a perfume with a few levels of transformation, citrusy-woody-floral, honey woody, floral-woody etc. Also the darkness and thickness was unexpected. Great stuff! – Alex, Romania

     Zaza Zen е моята нова любов...такова блаженно спокойствие....дълбоко медитативен аромат....затварям очи и ме връща в блаженното детство .... седейки на стола в бръснарски салон, винаги ми действаше така ... унасях се от професионалните движения, намокрянето на косата и с движениро си така раздвижваше онези аромати от шишенцата пред огледалото... бързото щракане  с ножицата на страна за да я изчисти.... с гребена разресваше мократа коса и масажираше скалпа...чувствах се мъж, на мъжко място и ми праврха мъжка процедура.!
     Какво неописуемо блаженство, медитация и унес до заспиване....отварям очи и виждам че дори не съм затворил шишето! Nikolay, Bulgaria

    Zaza Zen.... at first I was impressed by the color and thickness, second I was impressed how it hit my nose very similar to the extraordinaire! Except it was a little less layered, but not in a bad way, simply a tad bit, only a little bit more simple with one great surprise, a very good surprise and I will say "cacao". You see I am an artisan Chocolatier, and I have been craving a oud with chocolate notes, and it is here. Exotic yet comforting, with a beautiful still very curiously somehow layered dry down! I want to smell this one aged for 40 years!!!!  – Eric, USA

    Zaza Zen is a very nice oil, especially at the price point its at. Very fruity and resinous, but can't put my finger on any particular fruit. Zero barnyard notes. Projection is good, I am 3.5 hours in and I can still smell the fruity top notes atop the middle notes which are starting to appear. The middle notes are very pleasant, incensey and crisp. All in all this is a very good value for the money. David, USA

    Zaza Zen is a very pristine and rich oud. To my nose, Tamarind Chutney, slightly sweet and sourness are in there. It is a very delicious and nose friendly.  – Osama, Pakistan

    There is no because, and there is no expectation. Because expectations are high, they are likely not to be fulfilled. Not in this case. Or as Frank Zappa once said, everything is the opposite of what it is. My best decision this year, order of 2 x 3g ZaZa Zen - SPLENDID!! Is it something else? Time will tell. Eye, ear, mouth, nose: no decision.  – Erhard, Austria

    Zaza Zen is a beautiful Oud and I like it a lot. It is, to say the least, very rich and and full of resinous vapour. It is worth every penny I have paid and will love wearing it often. It is very addictive and meditative. No one, besides the Ensar team, can come close to offer such a beautiful Oud at such a good price and I hope you can offer similar quality Ouds which posses such deep, beautiful character in the future at such an incredible price.  – Arfan, UK

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