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    Vetiver El Salvador

    Price: $55

    This is a fantastic distillation of organic vetiver roots grown in El Salvador. With an uncommon touch of sweetness, it’s an excellent introduction for those new to vetiver, and a treat for seasoned perfumers.

    About a quarter of spray perfumes contain vetiver because its green nighttime cool gives it such appeal. Of course, these often contain isolates, not pure full-spectrum vetiver—here, you get the full blast of khus. A tobacco-esque leaf aroma with a balsamic veneer less sharp than lemongrass that layers like magic with frankincense.

    Along with oud oil, vetiver is one of the most complex essential oils in existence, with over a hundred known components. So, when you smell this deep forest aroma with wafts of patchouli, vanilla, and citronella all at once, you’re not just imagining things.

    But, as intoxicating and rich as vetiver can be, it could be equally flat and dull. In fact, the most vetivers on the market are bland run-of-the-mill mass-distilled vetivers meant to supply a massive perfume industry that relies on the very cheapest ingredients.

    Believe it or not, finding good vetiver has proven as hard as finding good oud. McVetiver has branches on every street corner, and most people are content smelling a faint echo of what vetiver could be—not knowing what they're missing out on, of course.

    Just as mass-market ouds are hollow, flavorless, and all too one-dimensional, it takes skill to coax the finest vetivers and capture the roots' rich plethora of spice and deep green. If all you're after is a cheap base for your synthetic perfumes, cheap vetiver abounds like fast food—and smells like it.

    This old El Salvador edition packs such flavor to satisfy the most ardent natural perfumer. It's one of my most limtied batches, and I cannot recommend it enough, as an ingredient or as a standalone fragrance.

    Scent reviews typical tout vetiver as a ‘raw masculine aroma’. Mainstream marketing and perfumes may push for that, but in pure form vetiver doesn’t care about gender and as a fragrance its unisex.

    Perfect for layering your ouds and florals, and it goes great with the citrus profile of frankincense. A dab of this El Salvadori green works wonders to create a bespoke personal fragrance all your own.

    Vetiver El Salvador is rooty, grassy, spicy and kinda mentholy to my nose. Especially if I apply more oil to my wrist, the menthol smell becomes much stronger -- which is a good thing for me since I like this smell. – Paul, South Korea

    Instantly calming, this oil reminds me of walking through the woods early in the morning, when the grass is covered in dew, and the mist of water evaporating seems to carry within itself scents from the soil and the roots below. Beautiful. I used only a small amount because it is very strong. – Matt, USA

    This really is the soul of vetiver. – Denis, Sweden

    По моему мнению это самый лучший ветивер, остальные тоже очень хорошие, но Vetiver El Salvador мне больше по душе.... Очень хорошее масло, спасибо)) В голове родятся разные варианты для комбинации с другими маслами, одной бутылки мне будет мало)) – Максим, Russia 


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