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    Thai Tabac

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    From underground free-jazz joints to rugged Cuban country-side sundowns, to high rise business penthouses, this oil was worn at the birth of cool.  

    All charisma, 'deep, warm, masculine and dignified.' This is the fragrance John Steinbeck and Tony Montana alike would have wished they could wear.

    Without a trace of that overwhelming burnt leather note that kills so many tobacco perfumes, toffee, cream, earthy honey-smoked vanilla, and a touch of suave fuse into a vintage mood that, even if for only a moment, melts your every concern.

    Deliberately ditching the citrusy, sweet-sharp topnotes perfumers tend to use to counter the richness of tobacco, this is a bare-bones, hardcore pipe-in-hand aroma that gives you the eye, instead of a smile. Thai Tabac's old-school groove lets you ride the Mother Road, and lets your lady ditch her high heels for a leather jacket.

    Decadent, edgy, have-it-with-a-strong-cup-of-coffee. Instead of lemon and orange, think vetiver, hay and juniper berry, and aged patchouli. You won't pick up any citrus notes that try to tame the fragrance. Thai Tabac is all leaf and leather, with a powdery incense note wallowing behind the curtain. 

    For him, or her, day or night, Thai Tabac's got a gentlemanly sophistication Lincoln could bear, and the courteous flare that lives up to Hannah Arendt's debonair.

    Order 12 gr and you'll receive a FREE full bottle of your choice from the following:

    5 ml Hojari Supreme
    5 ml Boswellia Biblica
    5 ml Mavera Sacra

    Simply let us know which one you'd like in the comments section during checkout and we'll do the rest. 

    Thai Tabac comes to me as very feminine with sweet bouquet, that I could wear any time. – Hanna, Australia

    I applied the sample provided by Ensar Oud and can say that this is a very complex oil. Upon application I could instantly smell Vetiver, Leather, Beetle leaf, and Hay in one hit... This is sweet and floral, and for someone who did not know that this only has leaves, even the best of noses couldn't guess it correctly. – Rehan, Australia

    I was very happy to get the bottles of this new batch of Thai Tabac. This is such an uplifting beautiful fragrance, I can put a few drops on my wrist in the morning and it will make me happy for the whole day. There is beautiful luxurious floral softness in there, but also firmness and almost austerity. It is pure delight for the senses.  I think the new batch is even more refined than the previous one! – Elina, US

    I love the rose, tobacco, juniper, and leather in Thai Tabac. The whole thing feels like what a flower shop next to a tannery might smell like. – Richard, USA

    Thai Tabac is probably my favorite to wear because I'm really intrigued how on the applicator it's a very dark tobacco and woody accord, but on my skin is does a full 180 and it's a very soft scent where I primarily experience sweet rose as a high note, soft woody/oud med note, and a leathery tobacco base. It's really a scent I'd love to experience if a woman wore it, but it probably wouldn't develop the same way because everyone has different body chemistry. – J. Benjamin, USA

    In the 70s, my mother used to hold mahjong parties at home with all the embassy ladies. The air in the room was thick with a mixture of gitanes, cigarette smoke, mixtures of the real Shalimar scents of old, Fidji by Guy Laroche, and wafts of black coffee mixed with the leather of handcrafted Italian handbags. – Mostafa, USA

    Another wonderful perfume. For me, it is a hypnotic fragrance with pure dark tobacco with narcotic flowers. – Vincenzo, Italy

    My favorite perfume is Thai Tabac. Love it, insanely good. Genius. – Brian, USA

    I'm not sure how I feel here. In my haste and enthusiasm, of course I've tried a little bit of everything, and I'm more taken by both the straight ouds. There's a sweet jasmine or tuberose top note that's almost too sweet for me. This is the first oudh parfum that I've smelt from you guys and I find the oud base very interesting. I've been using attar for a long time now, and dabble a bit in creating my own now and then but Ive never used oud as a base, usually sandalwood. The oudh lends an interesting tone. Interesting take on tobacco. – Jair, Australia

    This morning, I left my bed with a lot of joy and energy. And, while I was preparing myself, I clearly felt that my body was ‘calling’ a specific scent to complete this pretty good morning feeling. I went from bottle to bottle, sample to sample, and it was *clear* that it wasn’t any of them, until I smelled Thai Tabac. This is it ! The perfect scent of this perfect day! I am so happy with it on me now! It is really a perfect harmony between my feeling, my state of mind, my body vitality, and the scent itself. I need it! I hope enough bottles remain so I can buy it in the coming months. – Antonin, France

    I am writing to you with a complaint, a good complaint – Thai Tabac. I thought the tobacco would put me off, I assumed the vanilla/sweet notes would put me off... Nope. It’s an unbelievable perfume. Balanced, enigmatic, masculine yet open, sensual yet strong, consistent yet spontaneous. It may indeed be my new favourite perfume – you said so facetiously (as is the case with most things you say) that I’d like it more than the Kalbar, but in fact little did you know, you would be right. – Zayn, UK

    I have learned through exposure to other oud oils, that the first impression of the perfume is rarely the lasting one. Thai Tabac’s wet-out-of-the-bottle scent was strong. Definitely a leather presence, but also a hint of ruh khus, perhaps a trace of patchouli? No... on second thought this is simply the khus... clean, assertive, a little strong.

    Twenty minutes later, I took a tentative sniff. Magical things were happening. I thought perhaps I detected a little vanilla, or some deer’s tongue and oak moss. There was a subtle sweetness that had nothing to do with the oud, that made me sniff my wrist over and over again. It reminded me of the opening hook for Brubek’s ‘Take Five’... sweet, sensual, and bright.

    It kept coming, kept developing, a soft, comfortable feel to it, like your favorite old pair of jeans, the ones you shouldn’t wear in public, but you can’t bring yourself to throw away because they feel so nice, when you’re in them. Something slightly musky, a hint of...citrus? Maybe yuzu, and a little lavender? Skin does funny things to perfume. Body chemistry and the perfume come together to make something unique. There’s something gently golden in Thai Tabac, like that ‘magic hour’ just before sunset, when the light can make anything beautiful. It only makes me determined to enjoy what I have. And hope very sincerely, that Ensar will re-release it, in time. – Nicole, FL

    Thai Tabac is a very good mukhallat! For me, it has notes of tobacco spiced up with orange peel, some oud – and do I smell some ambergris in it too? It is vey complex, has a wonderful drydown, and reminds me of autumn days and my favorite leather jacket worn while watching a children’s kite sail aloft in the gentle autumn breeze. The scents of fresh harvest and leaves turning to red-golden. Just magnificent! Can’t wait until my full bottle arrives. – Thomas S, Germany

    I like this oil particularly because it is so different than traditional mukhallats. It’s green, but not in an aloof way – green as in ‘fresh’ and ‘young’ and ‘ibrant’. Unlike other ‘green’ notes there’s nothing herbaceous or chlorophyll-y. It’s more like the green of Granny Smith apples and buds that haven’t yet unfolded their faces to the sun. There’s a delicacy that intermingles with sweet spiciness – like a very young woman wearing her first ‘grown-up’ dress and wants to show it off (she knows she looks ravishing) but who feels painfully shy and self-conscious before presenting herself to her young man. It is both cool and shining at the same time. It makes me think of bells ringing from a tower whose steeple is in the clouds. I love the crystalline feeling of this perfume, Ensar! It makes me feel hopeful – that a shining light is looking down at us and will lead the way to a better future. – Isabella Lee, NY

    Wow! This is my favorite parfum. Tabac opens loud and strong with a spicy note that is very musky to my nose. Sandalwood lurks behind it, and in another moment they fuse to a powderiness that is amazing. A few sniffs later there is a sweetness, perhaps a floral is in here. Tabac is French for ‘tobacco’, and that would be the perfect summary of this parfum. A sweet and nicely aged cigar, hints of powdery vanilla. It really perfectly captures the scent of fine sweet tobacco. A perfect male perfume. – Neeshee, Hawaii

    I just put on some swipes of Thai Tabac and it's very nice. Deep, warm, masculine and dignified, notes of roots, leather, woods and vanilla. I’ve never tried tobacco in a parfum before but it’s very nice, and it doesn’t smell like cigarettes at all. This is something I could wear at special occasions, like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or in a wedding. – Lars, Norway

    Thai Tabac is great. Reminds me of a gentleman’s fine pipe tobacco. Very fresh. Refined. Elegant. I intend on wearing Thai Tabac to my next evening at the symphony. – Dan, NJ

    Thai Tabac, there has to be Kewda in it... cedar perhaps? Kewda is one of my all-time favorites. Whatever is in the mix, it is so similar to the best Indian incense I’ve ever tried. – Andrej, Croatia

    Today I received Thai Tabac and Borneo Zen. They are very, very BEAUTIFUL mukhallats! I mean the quality of the parfums by Ensar is on a par with the Ouds! – Alan, Brazil

    I like the freshness of Thai Tabac. It is a very relaxing oil! – Dondre, Canada

    Thai Tabac, your best ever perfume. Don’t discontinue. Makes the ladies go crazy, especially when combined with the native smell of white skin. Jack Kerouac, John Steinbeck indeed. – Ahmed, UK

    Bonjour, J'ai reçu le parfum alors il est super bon et de grande qualité merci! Je suis aussi très content du service...Merci. – Mottura, Switzerland

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