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    Suriranka 2.0

    Price: $1,000 $525

    Crafting Sri Lankan oud has been the biggest challenge of my career.—Do you love the frangipani and mimosa blossoms though? And the little green algae swimming atop the pristine coral reef? That’s why I stick with it and grudgingly keep going.—A difficult marriage, Sri Lankan oud is like a woman too beautiful to let go of………

    Indian and Chinese buyers are cleaning out the Walla jungles as we speak. Three of our hunters drowned in the flood that hit a couple of months ago (may they rest in peace), as the biggest broker in the country watched his entire stock wash away.

    It’s not just going neck and neck against what the Chinese are paying for wood – it’s that you’re competing for the same wood and you want to use it to make oil. (“Who on Earth wants to make oil out of resinous agarwood?! That is the big mistake on your side,” in a thick Indian accent).

    Aside from that, prices here are already two, three, four times higher than the same grades command elsewhere, and not because of middlemen… I’m talking at the source!

    Small wonder I just think of packing up all the time.

    That’s until you empty the beaker and get your first whiff of oud like Suriranka 2.0. And it feels like you’ve just stumbled upon a forgotten trail that runs deep through a forest lush with colors you’ve never seen before. Suddenly, you don’t think of leaving anymore…

    Suriranka 2.0 is not the kind of oud you can distill at first attempt even with the best batches of wood at your disposal. There’s the temperature curves, the boiler angles, the condenser’s crooked neck… too many things you need to be intimately familiar with before you can ever pull out this kind of smell.

    Sultan Salman added a New Guinea flare to Ceylon. This time you’re getting full-on incense-grade WP with front row seats for an up-close and personal with the oleoresin oozing on a low heat monkoh heater, Senkoh style. No yellow hued, fruity smells here. The blue-green resinous core is so deep it makes you want to pull your hair out in ecstasy and scream: a beauty almost too beautiful to behold.

    The green frangipanied marine top notes of zesty Walla dart at you right through the drydown, where it’s still all that… only more like Vietnamese bitterness that’s gone lemon blossom crazy. If you had your doubts about what real incense-grade Walla ought to smell like, doubt no more!

    This is among the most precious oils I’ve ever made, and the successor to Suriranka Senkoh. The cucumber cool, mimosalicious top notes. The sinking incense note that’s so pretty you can’t believe it came out of wood. The pristine champa heart, filtered blue and green. I’d marry it if I could. The aquatic kiss that brands your cheeks aquamarine. The white frangipani that swims in monkoh smoke. The tuk-tuks, the missing yield, the drowned hunters, the heartbreak surrounding every single aspect of coaxing such odour out of trees… Oud that’s so in-your-face good I’m afraid I won’t be able to smell anything like it again.

    This oil goes out to those people who have supported my craft over the years and tagged along to taste my struggles. You deserve it!

    Well well...Suriranka 2.0 is like a perfume from heaven which rushes cooling relief. Indeed it is lighter and brighter than Sri Supreme, and that is part of what makes it so invigorating and cooling. Its almost minty or menthol like, but its not; its like a platonic or heavenly ideal for what those scents cannot attain; there's a slight, almost-saltiness reminiscent of the ocean, yet softer more like the way a little sea salt enhances others flavors without showing itself. Every time, its an unexpected breeze which arrives once external and internal heat seem unrelenting; its a rejuvenating breath that embodies the phrase "second wind". It gives a sense of relief unlike any scent. It lifts a smile on the face effortlessly, and can settle a pacing heart in its tracks. – Lucas, USA

    It's walking on moss barefoot in the rainforest with an ice cold glass of absinthe. – Annie, New Zealand

    Suriranka is incredibly beaufiful. This scent is perfect. – Antonin, France

    As soon as I removed the applicator and inhaled I was instantly transported to a time of my youth. I was on a trip to Alaska with my parents where we were taken to an advancing glacier. Once we ascended to the top of the glacier we noticed little ‘streams’ of water running through cracks in the ice. We were instructed to fill cups with the ice cold water, drink and ‘feel.’’ The experience of drinking this water which was essentially the purest on Earth, was like seeing blue sky and the night stars for the first time. It was pure elixir for the mind, body and spirit. The experience was utterly profound. The very definition of purity. Nothing has come close so far..... Until that first inhalation of Suriranka 2.0! Need I say more? Thank you Ensar, you made my day! – James, UK

    Picture the sun shining through scented leaves, warming the bark of the Gyrinops trees and releasing a truly lovely, bright, uplifting, resinous waft of gently heated agarwood. I even like it better than the original Suriranka, as it has more sky and light. – Hank, USA

    Reviews of Suriranka Senkoh:

    The standout by far is Suriranka Senkoh, I get notes of sencha, green herbs, light mintiness, cucumber, oceanic notes and fennel. It's ethereal and at the same time has incredible strength and depth. This one is pure joy, it's as if I'm diving deep in crystal green waters. – Michael, Japan

    I have to tell you, trying the Suriranka Senkoh was truly remarkable for me. It is one of the most complex and elegant scents I've ever smelled and afforded me my first true experience of synesthesia. It began with an intense arctic blue so vivid that I could quite literally taste it in my mouth and over time evolved to a richly spice-scented breeze (sandalwood, cumin, hint of cardamon) blowing in over the salt sea. At the same time, I had a sense of increased focus and of calm. All this from only a small drop of the sample you'd sent. For me, personally, this is not the sort of thing I can imagine wearing for any type of social occasion but rather something I would reserve for my spiritual practice. – David, USA

    My previous experience with Sri Lankhan Ouds had left me quite disappointed. The ones that I've gotten in the past were nice smelling but all smelled the same, with very little complexity, very little uplift, and not much Oudiness. So I couldn't wait to see what the master (Ensar) was able to achieve with the same woods. And I was not disappointed. Suriranka Senkoh has a depth of woodiness that far exceeds the simpler Sri Lankhan oils, and is like a journey into a deep forest jungle with layers upon layers of scent, including earth, must, exotic resins, and ancient trees. – Hank, USA

    I saw that Suriranka Senkoh is back up for Black Friday... I pulled mine out and had to wear a swipe, that stuff is absurd. It might be one of the most gorgeous and intoxicating things I’ve ever smelled. I don’t just mean oud or fragrance-wise, I mean in life in general, and I spend a lot of my free time hiking and backpacking. Rarely does something rival the smell of the natural world, but SS is just that stunning. – Ben, USA

    I received the Suriranka Senkoh and I did fall in love! I’d say it is the loudest scent I have ever smelled. And I say ‘loud’ because Suriranka Senkoh is an explosion of colors. This elixir begins with innocent green – yellow honey-like mimosa and acacia notes which eventually evolve to transcendental crimson hints of precious incense. It is a journey from a valley in springtime to a Byzantine liturgy in a very old church. – Costas, Switzerland

    Now, the real jaw-dropper was Suriranka Senkoh. Wow. Just Wow. This is a lightly sweetened, blue-green scent through and through. Just amazing. If you recall, a while back I picked up 3 small amounts of oils from […] One of them was […]. I was intrigued by the description of this blue piercing note. Upon initial application, it had a similar vibe to Surirankha Senkoh. I actually really liked it, but after a very short while, the scent turned into a damp, jungle type aroma which I didn’t really care for... especially after that kind of opening. The blue-green aroma is present throughout the whole life of Suriranka. The oil is almost linear in a way, but the quality of this scent blows away a lot of complex oils that I’ve sampled. This is one of those instances where the quality of the oil trumps any kind of complex development. I can see why this is such a landmark oil. You have that never-ending blue-green note, made from rare Walla Patta. – Steve, USA

    I have previously qualified different EO oils as happy, stately, beautiful etc... Suriranka Senkoh, however, is the first that has instilled tranquility and peace of mind. I am transported to an open field, laying on the grass, the cool breeze blowing. Not a care in the world! – Philip, France

    If there were only two oud oils that one was allowed to take into exile, I think for myself, one would be the Suriranka Senkoh; it starts as the most ethereally beautiful oil I have experienced to-date, a gossamer scent, yet it quickly develops ample silage and (scentual) note stability. The trick was figuring out how much to put on, not the smallest touch of the applicator, not a swipe, but a (small) dab, if that makes sense. I consider Ensar’s price for the Suriranka Senkoh a gift to all of us; in this gesture, his kindness really is expressed. I continue to be astounded that he would let this oil go for so little. – MI, USA

    The eagle has landed! Suriranka Senkoh is in ‘da house! So what is it like you ask??? I have had the blessings and good fortune to experience some incredible oils from the undisputed masters of our time. So I am not easily prone to overwhelming praise and ogling. But......, this oil is such a thing of beauty, I can hardly contain myself. It is like a piece of music so beautiful and moving, it can bring you to tears. Handel’s Messiah comes instantly to mind. The depth of the scent is stunning. It has a honeyed sweetness which is so sublime. Not in your face, but coying and delicate. A brilliant blue-green scent is up front and center the whole time but it is not overpowering. Whisps of white smoke permeate through ever so gently. This oil, however, is by no means weak. It is quite potent, but at the same time so delicate in its presentation. I have never smelled anything like this. Ever. It is a masterpiece and an instant legend. Still. In. Awe. – Phil, USA

    Simply beautiful. This Ceylon oud is something else. The opening is a blast of fresh flowers, immersed in sugary nectar. The slightest hint of lemon enhances the green freshness. The resinous incense is present throughout. Totally captivating. – Kenny, UK

    PLEASE tell me that this isn’t completely sold out?? I don’t see it on the website anymore. You weren’t playing around when you said others have come back for second and third bottles because I seriously want another bottle. My next order was going to be Yoshi and another daily use oil like Nhek 1976, but if Suriranka is still available, that is at the top of my list. Who am I kidding, 0.3g of SS is not enough! I can only imagine what this will smell like in 3, 5, 10 years… should there be any left then. – Ben, USA

    You were absolutely right about another aspect... you really can’t choose between Suriranka Senkoh and Sultan Abdüs Selam. To be honest, Sultan Abdüs Selam is also a jaw-dropper because it has a real blue-perfume type of vibe with just a dash of incense and not too much earthiness. They are both incredible. – Steve, USA

    It is a thing of beauty. Delicious seaweed blossoms in a crystalline sea. A trace of the elusive delectable sourness I so covet. Amazing. – Brian, USA

    A super-refined version of the original Sinharaja and its successor X with similar overall scent profile, smoother and more complex and it has this oudiness oomph of Kinam Rouge when you immediately apply or sniff the wand; a signature of Ensar Oud. Less honeyed with more gourmand vanilla creaminess that envelops the Gyrinpos wood preventing it from turning musty pungent and bitterly wet, transforming it to more glassy oudy and delicate incensy green aroma that persists without much development but with dynamism holding through the heart- and basenote (i.e. simple in a complex way of breaded notes arrangement that act altogether as a single engineered olfactory structure giving an illusion of simplicity and delusion of complexity if that make sense)… similar type of performance as Chugoku Senkoh. – Ammar, USA

    I have applied Suriranka Senkoh a few times now...and what an astonishing oil it is. Off the dipstick I get a hint of pennywort bitterness and a dash of violet, and of course this aquamarine heart which is utterly unique. On the skin and as it evolves, there is a perfect freshwater note which cools a cocktail of soft florals. One wants to speak of the walla patta signature notes, like apple and honey and so on, but this time it's different - you are so deep in the core of the oleoresin that you only get half a honey note, and a quarter of an apple peel note, so to speak, because all of them are so tightly bound together that none of them gets a full particular expression. Instead you have pure walla patta heart in a cocoon of aquatic floral sweetness. A serene masterpiece. – Raaid, UK

    I was initially nervous after blindly (and impulsively) ordering a bottle this expensive. But Ensar’s first (to my knowledge) pure Sri Lanka oud I had to try. There are so many notes when first applied that I get a bit of sensory overload. Its amazing but also overwhelming. After a minute it evens out. I get the some of the notes that I loved in Kyara Sayang but with a little less Kinam vapors but more floral notes and a good dose thunderstorm ozone. When I have this on I’m constantly having to remind myself to take my wrist away from my nose in public. This is easily one of the best oils in my collection. – Bradley, USA

    This has got to be the most ethereal, lithe (not light), finessed, airy oud I have ever smelled. It’s like the bluest of blue skies with summer noon sunshine radiating through it. Sooooo elegant, so finessed. Leaves one speechless. The best part? It’s not all the high notes that make one smile ear to ear but the depth and that marvelous dry down. I wish I had a liter of this oil. I wanna ingest it, rub it all over, take baths with it or otherwise just excessively and hedonistically wear it all over. – Rasoul, USA

    I think that Sultani 90, Suriranka Senkoh, and Zachariyya should be sold together as a “Trinity of Oud” set. These oils go to the moon and beyond. – Jeff, USA

    I totally understand on Suriranka Senkoh. I’m diligently working on gathering the funds for another full bottle. In fact, I requested and was approved for more hours at my part-time job last night. I figured that selling things takes too much time and time is precious when you guys release these oils. A full bottle is on the horizon for sure. It’s just such a ridiculous oil. It’s so fragrant. I seriously want to eat or drink it. It’s hard to describe the feeling. The closest I can come to describing Suriranka is that it’s an olfactory explosion that causes one to lose control and just pause what you are doing. It literally affects the mind, but in a good way. – Customer, USA

    Oh yeah. Suriranka Senkoh is definitely one of the most approachable oils ever. I would be shocked if anyone was put off by this scent. Green apple Jolly Rancher is a great comparison. I can’t even begin to think how this will smell once it has aged for several years. I agree with you with respect to the absence of any grassy, herbal, mossy, etc. notes. That’s actually the reason that I really like this oil and probably why it’s good for a newbie. – Steve, USA

    Last night's oud for yoga practice was Suriranka Senkoh:

    Invigorating. Gives wearer ample endless energy. Very powerful top notes, so much so that it makes one think there is no woody deep base ouddiness to be found in drydown. Except there is. Tons of it too, but in a very elegant perfectly extracted manner. What was once bothersome to back off my nostrils and sinuses is no longer an issue. Very unique tactile sensation, still felt that it's classic of gyrinops. – Rasoul, USA

    Well so far, no other Sri Lankan is 10x more liked than SS… none have surpassed it at all. Although a few are enjoyable and obviously quality oils, SS rides at the front of the pack. Oud Royale actually wasn’t quite to my tastes, although I appreciate the heavier more incense-forward heart, there is something holding it back from getting the same level of love from me. The ‘green jungle’ is different and SS carries a lighter, greener, breezier tone that is just lovely. It’s really quite remarkable how it affects me, it’s both calming and transporting. One swipe and I feel like I’m in a lush pristine jungle, a bright dry day but during the wet season. Algal pools, healthy vegetation, a nearby village where they’re burning incense and speaking a language unknown to me, but this outsider poses no threat and means no harm, all is well. I don’t just smell Suriranka Senkoh, I listen to it. It’s an informative and transformative experience – eyes closed and all other senses heightened. A relative greenhorn in oud and total newcomer to Sri Lankan gyrinops, I immediately knew this was something special. By far the most I’ve ever spent on a single oil (or perfume) and I don’t have anything remotely close to a regret. – Ben, USA

    It is on steroids. I feel so much weight and density in this oil. I feel 10 bottles of oud was squeezed in one. I see Suriranka as greener, leaner, but more importantly more stripped down. More focused in on fewer scents. More minimal. – Rasoul, USA

    Suriranka has left me speechless. I have never sniffed an oil like this. It is spectacular in every way. I know I shouldn't get excited so early but this is an epic distillation. I have a very humble collection of oils so if this sounds over the top kindly excuse me gentlemen. The spicy flavour of Gyrinops and unripe guava flesh are met by the sweetness of North Indian ruh khus here. The Oudiness that makes these oils Oud is like a ghost lurking in the shadows. It feels like a perfume. Thank you, Ensar. I was about to release a video of top 5 Oud oils of the year which will be an annual feature and I am happy to have secured it. It is magnificent. – Nikhil, India

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