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    Sumi Naga

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Earlier this year we extracted a rare batch of wild Nagaland agarwood. The distillation was unorthodox; the scent, sublime. 

    For a limited time, Sumi Naga was available as a sample only. During that time, many of you asked to learn more about this unique oud, and urged me to make it available. The reaction to the samples have been overwhelming so I decided to release it, and share some of the impression others have shared with me…


    "Sumi Naga is incredibly beautiful."

    "In the beginning there's a sweetness resembling that of new mown hay. The almost powdery coumarin sets the stage for a supple, very subtle leather note. But not the raw cow hide leather that smells bovine. More like the softest, worn in deer skin. It reminds me of a rabbit fur I had as a child. The back dried skin side that feels like silk. If you can picture silky leather than you're on track. 

    The scent is so balanced from beginning to end that it's quite difficult to pull out any dominating notes. There's nothing offensive about this Indian oud at all and after all day wearing it your skin will smell like it does after spending a day relaxing in the sun. That scent of sun kissed skin with the slight sweetness of fresh cut hay being blown into your olfactory senses is delightful. There are species specific similarities to Assam 3000, however Sumi is more refined. Tamer, but with the same silage. If Assam 3000 is a young man, then Sumi is it's Italian loafer wearing father. The heat from the sun releases the scent of fine leather from the loafers and the hay mixes in with the skin, the scotch, the scent of summer on the farm without any harsh, traditional Hindi smells."

    "I have to ask if the Sumi Naga oud was distilled from Malaysian agarwood?  It has the sweet notes of a Borneo, but it is as different from what I have come to think of as a classic Borneo as Oud Sultani is different.  On the other hand, the Sumi Naga are a tribe that live in India, so was curious whether this oud was distilled from agarwood that came from Nagaland and/or nearby Assam. Whatever type of agarwood was used in Sumi Naga, this oud is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you very, very much for giving me a chance to smell it!"

    "I absolutely love the Sumi Naga. It wipes the floor in my opinion with other zero barnyardy oils released by some other sellers. Even my wife loved it Masha'Allah, and she doesnt even like Oud."

    "The Sumi Naga settled down finally yesterday, and is now a beautiful and serene fragrance.
    Clear and tranquil. 
    For some reason it brings to mind clear emerald green, like the gemstone, of bright hue, good clarity and saturation.
    Congratulations to Ensar and your whole team again!"

    "Sumi Naga, as glowing and lustrous as Assam golden silk, soothes and calms with its mantric hum. As serene as the full moon cradled in a hammock of stars, it flows as sinuously as the meandering Brahmaputra, and quiets as gently as a Lakshmi’s drifting lotus.

    It is all about the scent of wood. Warm wood. Smooth wood. Lustrous wood. An amulet sheened by rubbing fingers, features now formless humps, pulsing with eons of hopes and desires. The scent is so soft, so powdery, so gentle. It is weightless warmth and nuzzling fleece.

    Although Sumi Naga doesn’t blast a fanfare of wide-ranging notes, like the unadorned melody of a Mozart sonata, the purity and sparseness of a washitsu, or the minimalism of an Ab Reinhardt painting, it is beautiful in its elemental simplicity.

    Peace. Contentment. Completeness. All from an oil in a bottle.  Thank you, Sumi Naga!"


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