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    When it comes to oud, we all have things that make us tick. Some of us simply love Indian oud over everything else. Others go all Indonesian. If there’s a hint of barn, it’s not for you. Some prefer flowers over fruit, or woods to wetlands. But for a few of us, taste boils down to the details. So much so that the unique scent that makes you go “Ahhhhh, that’s what I’m talking about!” can only come from... a copper pot.

    Take the same ingredients used to steel distill Thai Phalaka - probably the fruitiest smelling oud ever - and run it through copper instead, and you’ve got... flowers, flowers, flowers!

    Artisanal oud oil is rich and complex, with scent notes tightly dancing together. While it retains that delicious fruity Thai base, Sumanaka brings out a floral dimension in pure oud oil that is unmatched. Its scent progression is slow and gives you plenty of time to get stuck amidst freesias and sweet peas before you’re thrown into a mash of freshly crushed magnolia petals. If you’re a copper connoisseur, there’s no way around not getting a bottle of this.

    Because of its super accessible floweriness, Sumanaka is perfect to wear around the unaccustomed Western palette. You might just have somebody in the office cry out, “Who brought the carnations?”

    This is the successor to Saumanasa that showcases the depth and quality we’ve been working hard to capture over the last few years in our mission to produce artisanally crafted organic oud. We’ve fine-tuned our distillation methods as well as our business partnerships in order to take the weight off your wallet and help support the preservation of wild agarwood trees. Join the journey: perfume the world with organic oud!

    I totally fell in love of this olfactive story ... it’s like I always knew this smell. I feel so close to this experience and I don’t know why... but this oil is so different than my oud oil from Cambodia... yours is deep and more medicinal, some time almonds and génépi flower... lots of notes... it’s amazing. But mine from Cambodia is more animalic, cow poo... – Sami, France

    I am amazed at how powerful an opening it has for such a price, and will be getting a bottle. With the price I will not feel so bad wearing it often as a pick me up.....very much a type I like... Sumanaka is a clean amber and light tangy whereas the Ex just is insane on the sweet spice and amber tears, which I have never really smelled in such a way from an oud, it's an experience like no other. – L.N, UK

    Reviews of Sumanaka's predecessors:

    Starts of very soft, smoky, like you passed through a burning censer, through the day it gets dryer and sweeter fading away in an almost honey or sweet fruity note.  – Andre, Portugal

    Flowers, flowers and well flowers! Imagine a bouquet placed on a piece of wood that's just been cut fresh from a tree. That's Namasoma to me. Yes the flowers are there yes the wood is there through the whole stage, but pay attention closely because just near the end when you thought there are only 2 dimensions through the flowers and woodiness, in comes a slight Thai sweetness. To put it quite simply, For a man who has Hay fever, well now I have a way of enjoying all the flowers in a bottle, without the usual reactions :)  – Abu Yahya, UK

    Namasoma - woody, sharp, coniferous. Then it becomes softer and a slight sweetness appears. Fruits - no; flowers - maybe a little lilac. After a while I thought it was all over, but the fragrance sat near the skin for a very long time, even after a shower.   – Ramil, Russia

    All I can say is cheap does not mean of lower quality. Namasna blew my mind the 2nd time! The scent just lingers and stays for a long time and it's up there with Oud Yusuf! – Muhd, Singapore

    Flowery it is, but I get very ripe, sweet fruit - sorry for such a trivial, description but it’s almost like candy - Tutti Frutti bubblegum. On initial application there is burnt pineapple, strawberry, and mango. Dare I say but as much as I adore Oud Yusuf, Namasna could be a near rival if not better.  – Mostafa, USA

    Namasna has got subtle floral notes, and on my skin evolves in a mixture of rose, narcissus and jasmin dried petals...  – Francesco, Italy

    Truly astonishing and incredible price/value ratio – I won't hesitate and count it under the same league as Oud Yusuf, and Czar Ceylon, not far off... – Erhard, Austria

    For now a minute swipe around the sample bottle on my finger gives a great bouquet of much depth. MasyaAllah the extraction has been done exceedingly well. Have I mentioned the far reaching extent of the bouquet? – Azmal, Brunei

    The Saumanasa just keeps getting better and better. What a nice oud this is! I am so glad that I was able to order a bottle of it from you. I'm surprised it hasn't sold out; it easily could be offered at twice its current price or more for its quality. Definitely a treasure. – M, CA

    Saumanasa is fruits and lilacs aplenty. I’ve smelled wild Cambodian agarwood oil in the $550 range and this is so identical, and in its longevity as well. It simply cannot be beat in quality & price for less than $200. If you’re into the sweet fruity Cambodian types this is it. – Ali, IL

    It has good silage, a mild barnyard aspect with throw, and a joyful nature. Saumanasa has characteristics of both a wild aged oud and a fruity organic oud, yet retains its clarity. That I liked an organic oud this much came as a completely unexpected surprise. It is a personally very enjoyable oud to wear, although perhaps not out in all western crowds. This is a wonderful oil, startlingly so at its price.  – M, CA

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