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    Sultan Rose Attar

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    This is an old, old, old perfume I formulated years ago, tweaked to make this edition extra-special.

    Chugoku Naya (a super rare three-years-aged single-sourced China/India distillation) proudly sits at the forefront, supported by an amazing blend of vintage sandalwood oils, the legendary rose oil from the 1980s from Sultan Qaboos himself, and the mesmerizing breath of old Chinese and Iranian roses.

    The Chinese rose has been a prized ingredient that I’ve used extremely sparingly. If only I could find the same aroma, it would make life way easier! This yield dates back ten years, and sadly for me (lucky for you), every last drop went in here. 

    Together with the rare Chinese rose, I specifically added the Iranian harvest (the most expensive rose in the world) to compliment the Sultan’s historic extraction.

    Every supporting ingredient — from Chugoku Naya to the vintage santal, Chinese and Iranian rose — is better than the already-fantastic ones used in previous editions, and turns this rendition into the most exquisite one yet.

    The formula is elegant and uses this precise selection of the very finest aromatics in perfumery to stir up a warm spicy-sweet interplay with Qaboos’ rose that makes Sultan Rose Attar the rose-oud perfume of a lifetime.

    It really is beautiful; rich, clear, high notes of perfect rose floating on a soft, spiced oud background - amazing. – David, USA

    I was surprised to try Sultan Rose Attar. The fragrance you make is gentle. ...[] It is full of nature and kindness and snuggles up to me. The rose slowly spreads its scent, and the soft sandalwood and oud smell smooth. Not flashy. But there is the power of nature. The calming scent gave peace to my world. – Matsuko, Japan

    Sultan Rose Attar is magnificent. It’s a Gulf style attar but made finer with attention to detail and taste. – Jasim, Dubai

    Wow this is really strong and darn close to some pure Taif rose oil I have! After it settles down a bit I can pick up sandalwood and oud that are very well blended and a little spicy. I think I also get indoles from jasmine and some musk but I'm not sure?'s definitely not musky like Sultan Red Rose Attar, which is a musk bomb! But I think there is some musk in this SRA... it's so hard to tell as pure rose to me smells like it's indolic and musky on it's own, even though it's not. The rose is really amazing too, it's closest to the Taif rose I have but has more going on, more dimensions to it. Taif is a bit high-pitched on it's own, imo. 

    It also smells freshly blended so I think the rose will blend in and become more balanced in a couple months, after which the other ingredients should become a little easier to smell, less buried under the rose...  This is definitely the case with SRRA, the rose is blending in more, and the musk is blossoming and becoming a little more animalic and taking on a role as one of the main notes. SRRA must have A LOT of musk in it!  – Dave, USA

    Let me start with the Sultan Rose Attar. That one is right on the money! I love the rose/ oud combo and this is the first time that I have smelled an all natural version. It's a masterpiece! – Mr. Jackson, USA

    I'm so thrilled with this oil. I was expecting this gift from you to tell you the truth and here it is.. so majestic! Like a prince, not a princess as many would think from a rosy blend, as if it would be a feminine perfume with 3 different varieties of sweetness..but no! Here comes the sandalwood..with its bright shining musky Oud Royal like power dancing together in time and space in creation.. Great projection, strong and like a razor's edge feelings of "kiss me rose-hit me sandal" you could say it's raw in its beauty because there are roses and sandal in a bottle. Not other bridges of oils & absolutes of flowers and spices in it to give it a modern look or make it  heavier and strong, no no no :) yes it's an antique gem.. a very expensive Ruby shining on a heavy golden ring! – Charalambos, Cyprus

    The Red Rose attars are intoxicating, in particular the SRRA – I’ve smelled rose “style” attars, and of course Bulgarian, Taif etc. but I did not imagine roses could smell like THIS. They at once let you know how extremely fine they are. As with so many of your offerings, they raise the bar impossibly high, and I’m fortunate to have them. As with the Oud, I get a bit sad thinking there are only so many bottles of each to last forever. – Jeff, USA

    Пишу тебе с радостным настроением – вот он, то что я искал так долго! Тот самый парфюм, который пленит все мои чувства, раскрепощает эмоции, дарит энергию и абсолютную радость. Я нашел сначала в Nuit de Ceylan эту французскую ноту, но Ensar раскрыл весь изящный французский букет в новых духах – Sultan Red Rose! Это блаженство… Мускус невероятно сделан в них! – Максим, Russia

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