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    Sultan Musk Attar

    Price: $295

    All spiced up and sumptuous. A raunchy, naturalistic aroma that smells of animal yet enthralls with its beauty. The scent of passionate caresses. The backbone of it all: Musk.

    From Siberian musk-infused Santal Royale to exotic pepper extracts that smell muskier than muskrat, splashes of post-coital sweat, grapefruit and animalics emerge that take you to a proper bestial muskiness accentuated by civet, cumin, and other highly problematic aromatics. But rather than clash, they merge into an ultra-steroidal foundation for the floral musky notes that made up Borneo Zen. After their petals have fallen, we come to the soft basmati rice, baby skin phase of a perfect musky drydown.

    I know it’s a scent prudes might not approve of, but would probably appreciate most. A fragrance that’s not a sterile blast of soapy raspberry flavonoids meant to cover up the scent of you, rather one that celebrates that natural pheromonal aroma that’s all too human.

    But if lusty makes you blush, a special Japanese rose I’ve been extra stingy with injects the risqué with enough romantique to let the scent share the bed with the ballroom; featured here alongside a trio of Himalayan, Turkish, and Edward roses. The floral tenor is sensual and richer than any soliflore, mastered by the musk yet exalted by it.

    Sambac looms regally on top, leading into a pepper-spice rendition of the heart notes many master perfumers prefer in their ltd’s. So, rare jasmines and roses aside, have you smelled what civet does to basmati, cumin and pepper? I’ve watched its primal old-world appeal in action as those I’ve dabbed go nose-to-swipe far more than you normally would. The jasminized spicy & musky carnality wants you back, like it or not.

    There are as many interpretations of musk as there are perfumers. Some of my friends have opted to pair musk with cinnamon and lavender, others with pine and galbanum. I choose basmati rice for the coumarinic powderiness reminiscent of the soft scent of baby skin; civet, for a doubling of all cylinders; and rare exotic spices.

    Sultan Musk Attar is a new direction for me. I wanted the fragrance to capture every bit of the zest of classical compositions I’ve been entranced by, but also to add my personal oud-themed flavor. I spared no expense or effort in doing so, and I’m now faced with the dread that hits every artisanal perfumer when the Schott is capped and left to marinate: how will I find all these ingredients again?!

    Limited supply. 

    An amazing scent experience. I truly had never smelled such a refined balance of beautifully spiced, animalic and yet delicate notes. – Benjamin, France

    Possibly one of the best things I've ever smelt. – Shakeel, USA

    To my heart equally as precious as the Borneo 3K is the Sultan Musk Attar. Good Lord, what an exquisite scent. I've never smelled a more harmonious musk bouquet, which captures ALL facets of what musk can be, without overdoing any of them. The projection and the sillage are both superb, and the longevity is outstanding! It just delivers above and beyond expectations on every level. What a glorious creation.  – Kim, USA

    I opened the Sultan Musk Attar, I smelled the dipper and burst into tears instantly... a tiny drop was on the top of the bottle when I replaced the dipper... I have it on the back of my hand. To be able to detect and enjoy such precious and beautiful scent sensations is a real treat. I am overwhelmed in a joyful way... can't thank you enough. Still tears running down my face – Angelic scent. Thanks God.

    Ensar and all of you have important work on earth. Wow. – Angie, UK

    A good musk attar was something I was always searching for. The ones I bought didn't give that final oomph factor I was looking. When I saw the sale, I didn't think twice and  I went ahead,  true to your reputation it ended up exactly what I was looking for. 

    This will have you wondering whether this is a perfume or a musk attar,  it's a fantastic ride of a beautiful perfume laced in Musk. I felt it the musk holding the whole composition together, showing off without taking the forefront. 

    I was surprised to realize how musk can hold and push a perfume to Olfactive Nirvana without over riding it for a second.  – Afthab, Dubai

    The musk attar I’ve got into straight away smells how I thought a natural musk should smell - I really like it I’m getting the silver silk sheet effect others have mentioned I get a kind of white peppery effect at the start as well.  – Simon, Australia

    Sharp, sweet, resonating and exuberantly wild, animalistic fragrance. Turly extraordinary! One dab of heavenly scent lingers graciously, emulsifing in beauty with time. Words miserably fail to express the plethora of bouyant emotions experienced. — Qasim, UK

    With Sultan Musk Attar, I was at first suspicious and expected something IMHO too smooth and feminine - but the opposite is true. Here again: Strong, impressive, spicy, wearable.  – Bruno, Austria

    Out of all the (real) musk scents I've tried, EO2, and Sultan Musk Attar were the only ones where I could feel that carnal, sensual sweet-ish musky scent, particularly pronounced on my skin in the drydown. It's a revelation in a perfumery world filled with stripped of its true characteristics "musks"... – Neringa, Ireland

    Sultan Musk Attar: sharp, sweet, resonating and an exuberantly wild, animalistic fragrance. Turly extraordinary! One dab of heavenly scent lingers graciously, emulsifing in beauty with time. Words miserably fail to express the plethora of bouyant emotions experienced. – Qasim, UK

    I think this is a gorgeous composition, very traditional… A dry chypre cuminy spice-bomb like you’d expect from Guerlain decades ago, in extrait form. Also very close in character to Roja Dove’s Nuwa, the original release that was notorious for its challenging musky cumin note. I think the spices in Sultan Musk Attar (SMA) are more peppery and keep the prominent cumin note from being exclusively a human sweat/bo type note though. In any case, if you’re a fan of vintage perfumery and think Sultan Leather Attar is an amazing example of a cuir fougere then you’d certainly appreciate SMA as it does the same for this type of fragrance… I’m not sure exactly what to call it but I’d guess Mitsouko may be the original of this type. I’m no expert though.

    Initial thoughts on what it smells like are spice (cumin and pepper), sweet resin, leather, cognac, sweat, skin, musk, citrus, jasmine. I identify what I think are myrrh, frankincense, lemon, cumin, pepper, jasmine, castoreum, civet, musk… probably lots more but like SLA it’s well blended and forms a chypre-like accord so it’s hard to pick out too much.

    It will be interesting to see how this ages…

    Also, like Sultan Red Rose and Leather Attars, SMA is really a bargain at its asking price. In a world where often the bottle is worth more than the juice, this is a rare gift… and like the other Sultan Attars, I wish I could afford several bottles and there are very few fragrances I’d say that about. – Dorje, USA

    Wow, just wow… I held an open mind when opening the bottle, surprised by the oil’s low viscosity yet was ready for an animal attack tempered with baby skin softness. 

    No, it’s not that at all. It’s way better. A very regal balanced perfume with a nod to a past era. Think World War I… The animal is there yet reserved with royal air. Like a quiet tiger with no need to make noise to prove his presence. In many ways, it is furry in this sense, reminiscent of that smell of holding a loved pet cat. This is a very splendid affair though. It holds the spirit of a banquet or distinguished urgent event. In this way, walks in the rose with esteem and pivotal coloring of the air reminding us of this kingly urgency. With the rose spicy, herbal chypre escorts, something that reminds you of walking into a Japanese incense shop. Far away as if in another room this noble golden incense oud burning, again adding to the regal ambiance.

    30 mins in, the subtle scent of basmati settles but cloaked with clove, star anise, cinnamon spiciness. To be honest, I would have never thought basmati if I have not read that it’s there. It is more of a texture than a scent. Somewhere between powder and skin. 

    I really imagined Borneo Zen would be an unmatched legend. However, Sultan Musk is not only a contender but its own animal in its own right. 2 things I love about them both is their unmistakable psychoactive effect on the mind. They both tune you right up and you feel the luxury of sharpened intelligence, settled readiness, and wellbeing. Sultan Musk might be even more dimensional. This is a quality I deeply enjoy in deer musk. Experiencing it is like marveling at a 4D glyph. It rolls and shifts and changes like it belongs mostly in another dimension and you get peaks of it here and there. – Jasim, Dubai

    Sultan Musk Attar was a punch to the nose. Such a fruity, tropical attar. The opening smells just like guava fruit and a mix of different fruits (watermelon, berries, citrus, etc etc). But the drydown was something else, turned into a very musky smell that reminds me of powdered musk (the real stuff that costs like $200+ for 1g) and was amazing to observe the change in its notes. – Faisal, Ireland

    Cet alcool floral s’envole dans les narines avec la fougue et l'enfance d’une rivière sauvage dévalant à toutes eaux vers l’Océan. A l’horizon, un Soleil d’Or, immense disque claironnant le Midi sur des tons crépusculaires futuristes, comme un soir d’été au pays des amours possibles et lointains. Caresse d’un air quasi-tropical infusé de pollens sucrés multicolores ennivrants. Délire aquarelle aux tons suaves et chaux qui se diluent en perfection dans une clarté post-moderne pacifiée par la lumière. Le tableau chante le jaune, le mauve, le violacé et le rouge, sur un air de liqueur animale à pleins poumons ébahis. – Antonin, France

    My dear brother, I pray that you are well. I was missing you. And I got hold of EO2 and Sultan Musk Attar. And now all I want to do is give you a great big hug and tell you how beautiful the scents are. Subhaan ALLAH, all I can do is make dua for you that الله accepts your efforts, that HE is pleased with you and blesses you with the company of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (may الله shower His infinite blessings upon him) in the afterlife. Ameen. – Arfan, UK

    I just received my bottle this afternoon. Upon application of a tiny drop swirls of bitter grapefruit enveloped me, closely followed by an intense "floraliciousness" of Jasmin and Rose, echoing some of the notes in Borneo Zen; while the Musk´s appareance added the finest animalic notes to the composition. I am only beginning to understand what SMA is about, but I can already tell that this is a new-born Legend... people will yearn, no: lust, for it in the years to come. Grab your bottle while you can. – Thomas, Germany


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