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    Sri Sereine

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    Walla Patta: White flowers. Aquamarine. Green. Aquatic. Blue-cool. Oceanic. Resinous. Clean. Soft spicy. Relaxing. Cooling. Calming. 

    Incense-grade Sri Lankan walla patta artisanally distilled bursts with beauty. It’s impossible to say Sri Sereine is ‘strong’ or overpowering or barny or any adjective that doesn't tell you about its floral cool, tranquilizing blue-green resinous core that smells of flowers – notably a white fusion of mimosa, jasmine, and champaka.  

    There’s this ambergris seashell salty chord that lurks in the background. Like a bassline, it’s low-key, but you smell it all the time as it pumps up the fragrance and gives it its groove. The white flowers, gentle spice and soft pomelo-like citrus tone, a delicate green apple sweetness riding on the sultry ocean surf, and the bite of fresh green olive, all of it weaved into a pattern that runs along this fresh yet softly-narcotic ambereque sea breeze aroma. Smell it and fall in love with oud all over again. 

    There aren’t many old Sri Lankan ouds around. If you own a bottle of Sri Lankan oud (and still have some left!), you’d smell hints of what aging does to the fragrance. Freshly collected, the Sri Lankan profile can be quite erratic. Sharp, spicy top notes that fade rapidly and a drydown that smells different every few days. At that stage, the notes just haven’t married yet.

    On the other hand, Sri Sereine has been brewing quietly in Pyrex for two years now, and the way the fragrance has rounded off is heavenly, with a scent progression that’s velvet smooth. Can’t wait to see what happens over the next 2 - 5 years.

    It used to be that when someone new to oud asked you, “where do I start?” you’d probably say “Thai” or “Cambodi” — anything ‘fruity.’ That’s beginning to change. Sri Sereine's resinous ballad of amber-infused white petals floating on the sea is such a pleasure to wear, and so exotic, you’ll soon start to answer: “Walla, no doubt. Start with walla.” And with a soothing olfactory ode like this, you can spend years and not get enough of it. 

    So, Sri Sereine: Begin with it, pave the way with it, or — for all the old-timers — dive in deep and stay down there for a while. Especially as the oil ages, expect to discover plenty more. 

    I just got Sri Sereine and am blown away. I love Sri Lankan ouds but this is like nothing I’ve ever smelled. A sweetness and depth that isn’t in the others. – Andy, USA

    It’s such a beautiful oud. Delicate flowers, subtle sweetness, and the lovely ocean blue. Gorgeous. I could just bathe in it. I can’t stop sniffing my hand. I know we’re heading into fall season now, and I can totally see wearing this lovely oil during the spring and summer months, but it’s just too beautiful to not wear all year long. – Aeona, USA

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