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    Satori Basho

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    About two years ago, a batch of ground up kyen lay sunk and drunk in spring water, fermenting in a pure ceramic cauldron. The drunken dust then brewed in copper. The spring-ceramic-copper alchemy turned the dust into a golden hue. A scent so crystalline you could almost smell straight through it.

    To craft Satori Basho, we used only the kyen strains from a mighty 30 year-old organic Crassna. To source the water, instead of our routine trip to the water pump or farm well, we drove to the local Macro and packed our pick-up full of bottled mineral water.

    Right from collecting the first drops, the signature kyen top notes that make you think this-is-menthol-but-it’s-not were so piercing they immediately cleared up any tin metallic notes you could otherwise expect fresh after distillation. But Satori Basho’s already aged almost two years now, so we don’t even need to mention still notes!

    Unless you get all new-age with the distillation, pure kyen-crafted oud is naturally imbued with the aroma of fine clean sencha. Add a dash of dark citrus skin, a teaspoon of honey, and soon the sencha turns to steeped chimarrão infused with a pinch of that mint-that’s-not-mint freshness.

    Like Satori Kensho, this is a 100% pure kyen distillation. The wood is rare, the yield was low… and I love this scent so much I’m eager to stash away a few bottles myself. Supply is limited.

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