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    Santal Sultan Privée

    Price: $415

    You might be thinking aged Mysore is as rare as it gets… But that’s only if you haven’t heard about this oil. In fact, unless you know a secret I don’t, this is the first & last sandalwood of its kind in history: A co-distill of rare Aceh santalum album, wild centennial Tanzanian sandal, and olde Mysore. And not just any random harvest of each…

    Wild Aceh santalum is a thing of the past. Massive trees you used to find twenty years ago whose roots drilled deep into the earth. Their gigantic girth would make them stand out from today's plantation saplings like a sumo wrestler next to the umpire – inspect the sandalwood harvested today and you’ll see the trunk girth measured in centimeters (decades of growth and you’re usually looking at a 30-60cm). Inside, they’re pale and grudgingly churn out only mediocre oil. Here, we’re talking trees that were over a hundred-years-old, measuring in at well over a meter. In sandalwood terms, that’s huge. Just using the heartwood from these trees would have been enough to juice up super fine sandalwood oil, but Santal Sultan revved it up to the next level…

    Ask any experienced sandalwood distiller about the holy grail of santal distills and the answer will inevitably be ‘the roots!’ But to run a full-on root distillation takes some crazy manpower to pull off. Not to mention the number of trees you’d have to use. That’s why the fat, ancient Aceh trees that last stood about twenty years ago were ideal to help pull off a distillation of roots exclusively.

    Now, take the Aceh roots and mash ‘em up with wild centennial Tanzanian heartwood… Missing in common ‘white’ sandals, red wood adds a distinct sweetness to the scent that for many puts it in a league of its own. This, combined with the soulful scent of those ancient Aceh giants…… O man!

    This is where Santal Sultan (now sold out) ended, a co-distill of Aceh and Tanzanian sandalwood. Santal Sultan Privée adds, instead of the milk and cream of conventional Indian santalum, a red musk dimension courtesy of red Mysore heartwood from forty years ago.

    In such an unprecedented trio, the lovely jasmine/rose notes in pure Tanzanian sandal get even sweeter, and the mellow animalic profile of rare aged Aceh santal amazingly turns to citrus peel (especially when you wear it outside), in a smell that’s sweet instead of creamy, beautifully musk infused floral instead of the buttery profile of traditional Mysores… all with a dab of ambery, frankincense oomph.

    All the raw materials used – the Aceh, the Tanzanian, and Mysore harvests – are as extinct as the Woolly Mammoth… And this wasn’t distilled by just any Joe, either – but by our Taiwanese kyara maestro. So, you’re not getting a ton of sandalwood cooked in huge rusty pots for mass consumption like they used to make ‘em for the big perfume factories. This is a finely tuned artisanal distillation crafted through the mold of Royal Kinam, with every care and detail put in place to distill sandalwood that’ll make you wonder if you’ve ever smelled real sandalwood before this.

    People are starting to realize that good vintage sandalwood is really off the map, just like wild Pusong agarwood – or the centennial crassnas of Nha Trang – and that many of the vintage ‘Mysores’ on the market aren’t even Mysore but actually Burmese or Assamese wood… So, it won’t surprise me at all if pretty soon folks start actually giving some Royal Kinam away to get their hands on a bottle of this caliber santal.

    If you own a bottle of Santal Sultan, don’t think twice about getting this special edition. Santal Sultan was already so replete a sandalwood scent, and a clear favorite for many sandalwood lovers – but, I can’t imagine a more sandlicious oil this side of the universe than Santal Sultan Privée.

    Reviews of Santal Sultan:

    I’ve finally found my Holy Grail for sandalwood. For decades, I’ve searched for the perfect sandalwood for my particular, admittedly finicky tastes, and I shrugged off so many that one of my readers once called me a Sandalwood Snob and vowed to get me a t-shirt with those words on it. Unlike everything else out there, Santal Sultan isn’t one of those endlessly green sandalwoods subsumed in milk or sour buttermilk, or an ethereal, pale bouquet tinged with smoke. Rather, it focuses on the reddest, richest heartwood that brims with the darkest, stickiest, and most resinous aromas… click for full review. – Kafkaesque ‘Best of 2017’

    I tried your Santal Sultan and I’m in love. THIS is the sort of aroma that I remember from many of the sandalwood oils of the 1970s. So gorgeously spicy, spicy, spicy, as well as resinous and red-hued in visuals. Simply stunning. My holy grail of sandalwood bouquets with none of the greenness that I find everywhere else.

    Your other two sandal oils are beautiful as well, particularly during their delightfully spicy, resinous, dark and velvety drydowns, but the Santal Sultan may have stolen my heart completely from the very first sniff. – Kafkaesque, USA

    Wow… Those logs must have had musk deer sleep on them... It’s such a complete perfume as one note. It’s very psychoactive in the sense it teleports and grounds you to the Source in one flash. With wear you smell wood fibers and a tangy fresh yuzu rind that’s addictive and causes your mouth to water. – Jasim, Dubai

    Every time it's the same story. I get an email from you, go to the website, read the awesome description, resist for a good 15 minutes, try to convince myself that I don't need more santal or oud oil, then order. I feel guilty till I receive my order, try a dab, and mumble under my breath OMG this is awesome. But I do have to admit that receiving my Sultan Santal was an altogether new level of awe. I opened the super fast delivery package, expecting another good santalwood, dabbed a bit on myself and went into an alterated state. Santal Sultan is simply amazing. – Luc, USA

    Oh my goodness gracious me! Santal Sultan is the best sandalwood I have ever smelled. It's miles beyond any modern sandalwood I know of, whether plantation raised or wild. It even far surpasses Ensar's exquisite Mysore 1984. No other sandalwood I know makes a totally satisfying stand-alone perfume, but Santal Sultan is as good as Shalimar and likely as rare as kyara. Once in a lifetime stuff. – Larry, USA

    Such a wonderful sandalwood! Satisfyingly creamy or milky, but not heavy or greasy, there’s a spacious feeling about this smell that envelops the wearer. – Stella Diver Flynn, France

    Santal Sultan is truly sublime. – Beverly, USA

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