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    Royal Kinam

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    If any oud is fit to be worn by a mystic, this is it. Extracted from rare Hong Kong agarwood, it boasts the fragrance of the most precious aromatic on earth: Kinam.

    Sharpshooting snipers guard the jungles where kinam is found, by night and by day. They seldom sleep. If any unfortunate soul should stray within their boundaries, they are instantly shot.

    Kinam is a scent which even money can't buy, and kings can't always attain. Rarer than large diamonds and pure platinum, kinam is the costliest substance on earth. And it is wood, a type of agarwood.

    Fortunately for us, the Japanese bigwigs that regulate the trade of kinam have been fooled into believing it only comes from Vietnam. It doesn't occur to them that the scientific term they use to identify kinam – Aquilaria sinensis – denotes another origin for their coveted incense: China.

    From the woods of Hong Kong, bordering the tropics of Guangdong, comes an oud that exudes the green unearthly breath of rare 'Chinese aquilaria'. The airy spicy notes of green kinam permeate this fragrance from first to last. Far subtler than regular aloeswood, it breathes a scent which poor monks would pay dearly to acquire: the scent of Nirvana.

    The Royal Kinam... Sweetness unsurpassed. The terms medicine, leather, barnyard and any other of that ilk do not exist in its lexicon. Indeed the only Oud it is reminiscent of is the Kyara LTD. For fans of the latter this would be a breathtaking variation. Where Kyara has an intense cinnamony slightly smoky bittersweetness, Royal Kinam has a warm diaphanous floral sandalrosy sweetness with a white woody dimension permeating through, adding to its tenderly bejeweling effect. As it settles snugly on its new carrier it leisurely unfurls to display the extent of its glowing radiance upholding the fidelity of its fragrance. An Oud I'd want to grow old with. – Sheraz Sheikh, Toronto

    It's the closest to Kyara out of all the Ouds I've experienced. A lighter, more playful kin of Kyara. The 'white woody' and 'glowing radiance' descriptions are to me interestingly on point. It's very airy (I think someone I came into contact with, while wearing it, said that I smelled like air). It radiates like menthol without its scent. It's sweet for sure. It's like that. A sweet, piercing, steady ringing, surrounded by a more subtle Kyara-like energy. I think I wish it lasted longer, but I would need to confirm this. It is definitely one of the few interesting scents I've ever laid nose on. – Hasan Ohridi, NY

    The joy of its scent is a most beautiful addition to my blossoming Oud collection. – James John Gordon, Denmark

    Phase one
    Sitting alone on the bank of a pond before dawn. The air trillingly reverberates with the beating of hummingbird's wings. In the distance I hear the single note of an oboe – clear but modulated through the reeds. It is a note at once mellow and nasal, languid yet uncompromising. The heart of a tree is jabbed, its resin caramelized in the sun giving off a burnt sweetness, thick and syrupy, dark and crystalline. The smell is moist and damp like a mound of ambered tobacco. I bury my face in the curing leaves and inhale the gummy sweetness.
    I smell the licorice of the Mediterranean, the thirst-quencher of King Tut – the root snuggled into the fertile soil, oozing pithy sweetness.

    Phase two
    The pond's face is kissed by the sun. The sun lights and flies on its surface – never absorbed, only skimming the water like a child's toy sailboat. A young girl lifes a simple flute. Its melody buoyantly rides the flipping breeze. Faint iodine. Molasses.

    Phase three
    The girl still plays as she walks slowly home. Her tune is so soft I can barely hear it. The night-blooming flowers have unfurled their petals, perfuming the air with a delicate sweetness that lofts the last glow of the day. I close my eyes and feel the coolness of the moon suspended in silvery luminescence. Round moon, silver petals, sweet mist. I close my eyes and dream of……………

    Subdued eucalyptus note over a caramel/licorice-like tobacco-y sweetness. Menthol gets softer and the fragrance gets lighter, leaner and softer. Finally a light and airy cool sweetness remains. – Isabella Lee, NY

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