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    Royal Agar Kit

    Royal Agar Kit


    We have something that’s going to rock your olfactory world. 

    Exquisite unreleased oud oils. Precious sinking-grade aloeswood. A low-temp burner just for you… This is the craziest oud kit you could possibly find. 

    In just this one set you'll traverse six different jungles. From spicy Hindi and sweet Borneo, to luscious Aceh oud chips, it's an oud-venture like no other. 

    Whatever the occasion — an Eid present for your loved ones, or a smokylicious delight for yourself — we’ve put this together so that you can experience oud like it's meant to be experienced. 

    Just take a look at what’s in the box.

    The Burner

    From decked out mabkharas to simple electric heaters, I’ve used just about every burner you can imagine. The delicacy of burning oud sent me globetrotting across the world to find a burner that met both the technical and design requirements needed for heating rare aloeswood chips. A good burner is gentle and precise, allowing the subtleties of your wild aloes to ooze from the resin into whispers of smoke.


    With this kōdō burner, you never have to worry about over-heating your oud chips again. Its ceramic body allows even distribution of heat, with an adjustable temperature dial that lets you crank up the heat when needed, or tone it down super low key to capture the subtlest top notes that otherwise always get scorched. A safety button affixed at the bottom means that if the burner ever tips over it'll automatically shut off.  

    Enjoy the medicinal and meditative qualities agarwood is known for… all on a stylish burner you can keep on display.

    The Chips
    (5 gr each)

    Papua Shizumu

    If you want to know what 'sinking-grade' oud is all about, slice off a sliver if this. Dark plums. Burgundy red, oak, vanilla, pollen powder. Papuan agarwood packs less playful fruitiness and way more deep green jungly oopmh.

    Aceh 2001

    A super rare vintage batch harvested 16 years ago. These chips are ideal to show you how unique regional oud profiles can be and they give you a fantastic intro into agarwood incense burning, with that quintessential oudy warmth you get in fine Indonesian oud. The variety of notes makes these chips ideal if you're new to the world of oud, and even more exciting to seasoned connoisseurs.

    New Guinea Signature

    On a low temp heater, the chips continuously emit a delectable crisped sugar sweetness that makes it difficult to pull your nose away. With the temperature dial turned up (or when heated on charcoal), the savory top notes fuse into a pollen creamy chord rich with a Lignum Vitae earthiness and the vanilla of Palo Santo. Turn down the dial for your next chip and you’ll discover a subtle fusion of soft oak and red santalum, all drenched in that warm crème brûlée caramel that oozes only from resin-heavy agarwood.

    The Oud
    (.25gr each, in regular sample vials)

    Midori Qi (exclusive & unreleased):

    Because you've just got to have a Borneo on your palette. You’ll journey with this fragrance - from dried pomegranate seeds to clusters of cloves and cinnamon, this is a fruity and spicy aromatic orchestra tied together by an incensy eucalyptus green. All, with that hallmark woody Bornean drydown.

    Khmer Xtreme

    Finding oud oil like this today is practically unheard of…it’s Cambodian, it’s wild, and it’s cooked exactly like it was when Cambodian oud reigned supreme – in a copper pot, with a splash of the finest Cambodian water,… and to spice things up you're also getting a whiff of the legendary Kambodi 1976 in here!

    Resinous Koh Kong heartwood rich in leather and tobacco ooze gently on your skin and through your olfactory senses. It’s dark fruity, oud-y and downright addictive! 

    Assamugo Senkoh (exclusive and unreleased):

    Here you've got a lesson in the pure scent of agarwood oleoresin. A super rare co-distillation of from the China/India border. The scent is minimalist, and all-out resinous. This will be your go-to reference for any and all Indo-Chinese ouds you'll smell down the line.  

    If you’re new to oud, this set is the perfect introduction to the world of oud, and if you’re an old-timer, you’re about to smell some of the finest unreleased oils in my collection. But, this special price is available for a limited time only. Get your Royal Agar Kit now, and prepare yourself for unforgettable exotic journey.

    Note: The Royal Agar Kit cannot be reserved. It will be offered on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last. Furthermore, we are unable to break up the Kit or modify it in any way. To ensure you get yours, order now.

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    Here's what other people are saying about Royal Agar Kit

    Ensar Bhai's new Ceramic Burner is a godsend to enjoy Kyara and Sandalwood. It does its job like it should. I still prefer to burn my agar on the coil burner because I have less patience. But I burnt some Kyara today and it was a wonderful experience. Highly recommended. I could only smell Kyara and no additional unwanted notes. Some of his oils do carry Kyara profile. No kidding. That sweet clean purifying smell. – Nikhil, India

    Aceh 2001

    The Aceh 2001 chips are awesome!  The batch I received had many small chips, so myself and the others that split the order will all have multiple separate chips to sample - and the good news is that there are all sorts of different scent profiles among these chips. There is the spicy, sweet, earthy, salty varieties for sure - very different scent profiles, but all are excellent. This batch of chips is a good example of why not to judge agarwood just by how resinated it is and/or if it is sinking. The Aceh chips are nice looking, but they feel light and generally don't have the look of those black, sinking grade type woods - but the quality of the scent is excellent, which is all that ultimately matters for the end user... – Josh, USA

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