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    Qi Nam Khmer

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Distilled from the largest incense grade chunks we've ever thrown into the boilers, including some wood from our famous 80 year-old Khao Yai tree, which sold under 'Oud Wood' last year for $15 per gram.

    Qi Nam Khmer will never come again, and I myself had no idea what a true incense-grade Cambodi could smell like, until I laid my nostrils on Khmer.

    Although the yield was supposed to be about 13 tolas, the last 8 tolas got burnt during distillation ‒ a most unfortunate loss...

    I wanted to tell you that Qi Nam Khmer is the most exquisite scent I've ever experienced! It soared beyond my high expectations. The whole bouquet opens the moment you put a drop on your skin, and it is beyond beautiful... ‒ Ronda, CA

    Qi Nam Khmer is so deep and luscious. It vibrates on many frequencies and smells compellingly like burning wood, possessing that peculiar smoky velvety haze of narcotic kinam incense. Kyara Koutan is a beautiful oil, but I have to agree, Qi Nam Khmer is more remarkable. ‒ Andrej, Croatia

    Where does Qi Nam Khmer fit in the Agarwood picture? I would say that it lies in the heart of the Golden section! It is that Magical number that is so familiar yet so rare and elusive. A friend who smelled it told me that it is the best smelling Oud they ever smelled. Whether that is true or not is subjective but what is factual is the blind dedication of the guys at Ensar Oud. I simply do not know of anyone out there taking this much chances to produce something so unreal and so beyond, when it is so much easier to sell this as incense wood and pile on the profit. I posted a review about it a few weeks ago but I was unsatisfied with the review because I felt it did not do it justice. What kind of words and adjectives would one pen down to convey something that is not physical? A poem would be most appropriate, but I am not a poet and hence my frustration. It is a multifaceted oil, like reading Heart of Darkness for the first time; so many things to digest and comprehend. I will keep attempting to find a way to describe this oil. ‒ Hisham, FL

    It truly is incredible, Masha Allah! For me, the opening is as if the wood chips were being burnt right there on the spot. I've never experienced anything quite like it before. From there, it takes me on a beautiful journey which ends with the most pleasant of fruity accords. I've only tried it once, and I'm sure I will experience so much more the next time I try it, but I'm considering putting this one away for 5 years, or 10 years, or maybe even longer and reaping the rewards. I can only imagine how amazing this oil will be after it has had a chance to age. Thanks so much again for allowing me the honor of receiving such beautiful work. ‒ Sultan, IL

    Allahu Akbar! and Masha Allah! were the first words that came to my mouth when I was able to comprehend what I was smelling from that tiny vial! May Allah make it a harbinger of better things for me and you in the Hereafter and in this world! You were not kidding or exaggerating when you said that this is probably the best Cambodi by far that you have produced and I can see why you would prize it accordingly. Whoever the distiller is and whatever you have done in terms of the stock going in, you did not disappoint and you definitely raised the Bar by a few meters! Now, I have to sit here for the next 4 hours doing the mundane like evaluating the contractor's bid and what he left out and all I can think of is this sweet smell rising from that spot on my index finger where I dropped a tiny spot lunch time. Can't wait to get home and spend some time with this Oud. Jazak Allah khayran, my brother. ‒ Hisham, FL

    It will remain engraved in my brain until they put me into the ground. ‒ Bryan, UK

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