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    Port Papua

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    I used to say that there are two ways to do Papua oud. There’s the Port Moresby, Chen Xiang Qi, Kyara Sayang way. Then there’s a much less well-known technique we used only in the beginning, before we became obsessed with chasing the green dragon of kinam smoke—the way of Green Papua.

    But there is a third way. A way to at once capture the creamy mintiness of Green Papua and still load a full cylinder of Port Moresby’s gunpowder green:

    Port Papua explodes with that aboriginal, wild, uncut and earthy aroma that’s served as a definitive guide to many an oud lover over the years, with a ripple effect on the oud world like few other ouds can boast of—then adds an avant-garde twist that pulls out the kinamic heart straight from Port Moresby.

    Smell the narcotic incense double down on its zen-scent ethereal earthiness. Oud that’s as pristine green, as rich, as minty floral as if you’re back in 2004, smelling Green Papua all over again—this time with arrows of the green dragon's fire piercing through the forest top.

    Port Papua dribbles sensuality with its burst of herbaceous fresh-forest fougère, and thanks to the veriscent PM-kinam liqueur at its heart easily ranks among the most pheromonal ouds. The pristine naturalness of the aroma exudes an almost aboriginal allure, alive and pulsating with the primal pull of just being in the open, shoreside by a lake. Just the two of you. 

    Ground costs for raw agarwood sure ain’t what they used to be over a decade ago. Not to mention distillation costs. Make no mistake about it, this oil should be selling for no less than $790. But I want this magical scent to be shared by as many people as possible. To enjoy, to reminisce, to bliss out on. And not in the least… to learn from.

    Port Papua was distilled from live and vibrant gyrinops, legally harvested, and incense-grade. It’s one of the most offbeat Papuan ouds distilled this century, which not only marks its rarity, but unlocks the door to a chamber of olfactory wonders few have ever explored.

    I never quite got to linking PNG oils until I tried Port Papua… I think it’s quite on par with Green Papua, nay surpasses it a long way by the sheer possessive power of that ‘gunpowder green note.’ It’s a note shared with Sultan Mustafa, not surprising as it’s part PNG. – Fahad, UAE

    Port Papua must be the way bigger older brother of Green Paupa 2014- although it is actually like half as old. It is greenness on fire-no smokiness just fire, and it goes for a long time. There is a powderiness that is for me a cross up between iris and " gunpowder green". I also find something somewhat relentless in its grip of beauty that makes me think if this is a tremendous example of PNG.  – Jeff, USA

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