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    Port Moresby Privée

    Price: $350

    There are days when deep blue-green chords of marmalade-infused fruit jam strum strong. Sometimes, you’re drinking a amber-camphor cocktail. Other times, notes of vanilla and cinnamon pierce through much sharper.

    With a batch of premium wild New Guinea agarwood like this, you get caught up in an encrypted fragrant cocktail impossible to decipher. Unlike with West Papuan (Indonesian) oud chips, where the scent profile is more monotone, these chips seldom introduce you to the same topnotes twice. This aromatic madness makes Port Moresby Priveé the perfect batch to have lined up when a group of scent junkies from different frag cultures get together.

    Until now, I’ve kept this batch in my private agarwood stash, wavering about the prospect of selling because I know it’s not the kind of wood you get your hands on very often. If you’ve got the right connections you don’t have to look too far to find decent Malaysian or Indonesian agarwood. But try sourcing pure New Guinea of this calibre and you soon find yourself lost. This is ultra fine raw New Guinea agarwood at its most fragrantest.

    The Gyrinops wood is sweet, and very reminiscent of my first encounter with oud so many decades ago. – Michael, USA

    Wow! Such a beautiful aroma! For me, it’s right up there with Papua Imperial because it has something that really distinguishes it from other agarwood. Papua Imperial has that incredible cooling, menthol aroma and Port Moresby Privee has an incredible fruity aroma. I’m talking about rich, dense, almost overly-sweet fruit jam. The kind that you can only have a little bit of because it’s waaaaay too sweet. I find that a lot of agarwood tends to be very similar in that the aroma is a general sweetness, but nothing extra that sets it apart from others. Not so with Port Moresby Privee or Papua Imperial. I’m for sure going to pick up more. – Steve, USA

    The wood... subhanAllah... this is perhaps the most complex and rich wood I have had the pleasure of smelling... It just made me want to pick up the port Moresby oil.... It’s on my radar... every time I burn some of the wood I picture swiping the oud on my arm and discovering how deep my breaths can possibly go. – Taher, UAE

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