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    Port Archie - running low

    Price: $369 $335

    What you have here is an archipelago of origins from across Indonesia, including rare batches of Bintuli and Sumatran agarwood used exclusively for this Archie.

    The pleasure lies in how these regions play against each other to create a new scent entirely. You sense a touch of Kalimantan, but is it? Is that a whiff of Papuan petrichor or Brunei’s blue?

    The top note reminds you of anise but showered in oceanic green, as our forever-calculating minds start to wander and seek out a reason, a Latin phrase we’re not sure how to pronounce, a hint of copper or clove—

    Stop. Smell. 

    No doubt, detail can indicate quality… but doesn’t make the oud. My mentors know this. The Kodo masters know this. At our last Dubai OudFest, I heated some Vietnam Kinam for one of our guests (who happens to be Chinese) who reminisced about a previous Kodo ceremony with kinam in Tokyo. She held up the heater close to her nose, inhaled gently, then closed her eyes as she raised her head to the sky and exhaled with a sigh and a smile of deep satisfaction. She knows. 

    A GC/MS report of Port Archie will probably show a co-op of aquilaria malaccensis, filaria, gyrinops, beccariana, and cumingiana. Maybe microcarpa. Probably not sinensis. Will you pick up the nuances? Does it matter? 

    When you’ve smelled enough oud, you know certain smells just can’t be coaxed out of regular agarwood. You need the centennial trees and the hardened resin present, without which you’ll never smell the fennel-rich olde-oud liqueur such as you have here. 

    Port Archie bursts with deep wafts or resinous mineral-rich top notes, not salty, but layered in spice molded into a tapestry of dark-toned medicinal chords. The pedigree that mirrors the raw agarwood distilled is obvious, and it’s what will transport you as only the finest ouds can. 

    Because the first Archipelago (back in 2005) set such a high standard and its successors have lived up to its prestige, all of them have sold out fast. ‘Archipelago’ may be the most oft-requested oud, especially from old Oriscent collectors, and each edition has stood its ground to satisfy your Archipelago crave.

    This edition doesn’t just live up to the same standard of quality, it’s the most complex Archie we’ve put together to date — and the most unique. Plus, you're getting a bottle for basically the same price you would have 15 years ago! If you own one or more of the previous Archies, this narcotic profile makes it a must-add to your collection. Or, if this will be your first…… trust me, you haven’t smelled oud like this.

    This latest archipelago is surprising in many ways: First of all, it smells different each time you take a whiff. (Perhaps that's because it was made from many types of agarwood, and each time you pick up on a different one.) Next, it sneaks up on you. This doesn't initially seem like it will really alter your consciousness, but before you know it, it has. (In a very wonderful way.) Finally, again perhaps due to its complexity, it becomes more and more endearing, and keeps beckoning you to take another sniff. There is a world of scent to explore in Port Archie, and I can't wait to keep learning its secrets. – Hank, USA

    Again, thanks for the sample. This one is quite a ride, I mean the scent keeps on changing. But the main thing I love about this oil is its “aged” feel. I believe it's a rather recent distillation, but it feels like it has been aged for years! To the point that some of its notes reminded me of a sample of Encens Royal 1985 which you once sent me. So is this oil aged? Or is it because of the age of the trees from where the wood was used? Besides this ancient ER85 note, I get some red fruits that I would expect from a Cambodi, but rather dried fruits. And then to my big surprise, I found the dry down being almost like Green Papua! The longevity here is also amazing, as I swiped it before Fajr and could still clearly smell it after Isha.  Hares, Spain

    I find Port Archie uncompromisingly earthy as pure earth would smell like. Then it changes into another tone of earthiness, then another, then another, until it becomes sweet earth. I would place both American Oud and Port Archie as the Tigerwood Royale type. They are the same orchestra playing different symphonies.  – Ikhwan, Malaysia

    Port Archie is another gem. Although it didn't grow that much on my skin. I don't know why I smelled henna in it in the beginning. I felt this one as not a loud oud and a very subtle one. This is the easiest of the three frags to wear and probably my favourite among these three. Thoroughly enjoyed it. – Adeel, Riyadh

    How much oud lovers enjoyed previous editions of Archipelago:

    The Archipelago is stunning! – How (on Earth) did you make this? It has to be the ultimate ‘something for everyone’ Oud creation. More in this style would be another dream come true. – JS, USA

    It’s like a younger version of Kinam Rouge! – Kevin, USA

    The Archipelago is careless and easy to wear, it went on fruity and became a bit musky. – George, USA

    I kept thinking ‘How did Ensar distill this? The price is far too low even without the discount!’ – MI, USA

    Okay, this oil is a dead giveaway by Ensar. If the price was 4 times as much, I would think it was a deal. Sweet vanilla wafting in and out of medicinal Kinam, occasional green notes there as well. This is a star. I love all my oils but this one has a special place in my collection and easily the best oil for the money I ever bought. Talk about exceeding expectations! Ensar, thank you so much for this oil. It is a treasure! – Phil, USA

    Archipelago is a Picasso (cubism period). This distorted Borneo wants to be Pretty and Dark simultaneously. I struggle to categorize it. This one is for Scent Junkies. Let’s sit around the table, and discuss this creation all afternoon long. – Curt, USA

    The opening I smelled barnyard but I said no way, and I smelled again and it seemed it was Kyara or Kyen. I smelled again after a few minutes and truly smelled the smoky vanilla and something sweet like some ripe tangerine? I smelled again and was reminded of the Satori Kensho and Jing Shen Lu? Where is the greenness coming from? How’s that possible from an Oud? I am so happy to have this treasure in my small collection and I know I will cherish this for a long time. Thank you again Ensar for a beautiful piece of Art! – Shaykh Abdul Wahab, USA

    Xiang Liao Ling had an extra ticket to Burning Man, so he invited his hot cousin Green Papua. One thing led to another and well ummmmm… there’s some things you just don’t talk about in polite company. So anyhooooo, our little Archie was sent off to a very good Montessori boarding school, far far away where no one could find him. They even told him he was adopted, poor guy. But he learned to study very hard and became a very smart, refined young lad who never offended anyone. There have been whispers that say he might even be related to the Jing Shen Lu’s, since they have that crazy Uncle that likes to get drunk and sleep with the natives, tsktsk, but don’t tell anyone you heard that from me. Our little Archie became a very successful exec in Silicon Valley, you can see him driving around in his Lotus Tesla sometimes. You always know it's him, he’s umistakable because his license plate says ‘TOP KEK’. – Tuff, USA

    I just received my Archipelago now and just tried it ten minutes ago and what a pleasure! It’s really out of this world, maybe I will add high quality Borneo to your description! I am not so good at describing oils, but at this moment I am surrounded with a Cloud of Aroma that I can’t describe! It’s so beautiful and strong, thank you my friend Ensar. – Jalal, Canada

    One hour now and lots of fresh cut vanilla beans! AMAZING. I have to say something, and I swear it’s the truth: Out of all my oud oils this is the best oil I have at this price and I would pay double this price if someone introduced this oil to me. Again, I am a neutral guy trying to keep a low profile, and this is just my opinion. Thanks again Ensar for this gift. – Jalal, Canada

    The Archipelago arrived safely. I spent a considerable amount of time taking alternative swipes from Archipelago and Green Papua, asking myself the question about which one came first, the chicken or the egg… Both oils have something that triggers some kind of homesickness to me although I have never been to Irian Jaya or Papua N.G. It is difficult to say which one I prefer. I think Green Papua is wilder, more versatile, explosive. Archipelago is sweeter, more mature and balanced. – Costas, Switzerland

    Today I received the shipment and tried Archipelago 2008. All I can say is BRAVOOO... This is the pinnacle of Papuan ouds... This is really a masterpiece capturing the best of Maroke 2004 and Port Moresby worlds. – Abdul Aziz, Kuwait

    Such a sweet, rich, exotic fragrance... and the price is right, too! This is truly one of my favorites, and I wear it often. – B. Ali, CA

    I love the nuanced, flowery quality of the Archipelago, and its affordable price will allow me to wear it regularly. – L. Nichol, NM

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