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    Pinoy Privée

    Price: $250

    Filipino agarwood is the new Vietnamese. Like with Malaysian harvests, agarwood from the Philippines is being brought into barren oudlands like Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam to be sold as local. 

    Whatever you pay for oud wood straight from the jungles, no matter if it’s Mindanao or up north, operation expenses double your costs. Despite the increasing costs, it’s still worth selling Filipino wood as wild Guallam because even if you were to find Guallam, it’ll cost you more.

    That’s why everyone’s got their noses in slingshots working overtime to train their noses to know the Filipino oud smell. You don’t do this just to beat the cheaters selling them Filipino agarwood as Laosie or Vietnamese either…

    The reason oud dealers are able to play the doppelganger games is because the Filipino profile is wonderfully diverse. Some areas mimic the Borneo aroma, others Indo-China, notably Vietnam and Cambodia (the latter also fetches a premium as a result.) 

    Some batches are cherry-dry like Kalimantan, some with a spicy Cambodi warmth, or red varieties of sinensis, while some parade wafts of curry stew I haven’t smelled before. 

    Then there’s the scent that’s unique to the Philippines, yet with a Vietnamese strain that’s cooling, softly piercing with a narcotic bitterness that's signature Guallam.

    That what you’ll smell here. And this is the scent that’ll hit you when you slather on a swipe of Pinoy LTD.

    Not everybody needs to pick up the subtle differences, of course. All you might want it for is to fumigate to your heart’s content. Priced and sliced for easy, frequent heating, Pinoy Priveé lets you snap off a sliver and bliss out to the scent’s petrichor freshness, oozing a resinous cool that, especially at low temp, will last you hours. 

    So, savor the scent as a benchmark, or for its narcotic, anxiolytic calm. Either way, this is oud wood at its finest. 

    We’ve gone through many batches of Filipino agarwood, and went out of our way to bring you the best Filipino from an olfactory standpoint.

    Sure, there are much blacker looking pieces, or those baby nugget sinkers showcased all over the internet. But like with all the batches I offer, looks aren’t a thing for me. It’s not about black or sticky or about how fast a chip sinks in water. 

    Most of those pitch-black fast sinkers smell like pot curry, sundried tomoatoes, or old turmeric. Some big solid slabs smell like…… almost nothing. So much so that it’s been a huge risk for China market brokers to invest in six-figure pieces because of these funky smells — or no smell at all.

    We don’t want agarwood for its looks. If you want looks, better check out the bangles and rosaries. When it comes to oud chips, we want agarwood for the WAY IT SMELLS, and for the ecstatic experience you go through when smelling the finest oud fumes emitted from your heater. And for heating, this is the highest quality agarwood you can get from the Philippines.

    Remember kinam: when you get kinam that looks like cheap kyen but it lets you bliss out to its narcotic aroma that’s worth $1,500 a gram, it’s far superior to the blackest, densest, hardest, resinous agarwood that smells like hardly anything, against a backdrop of tomatoes and biryani.

    (That said, speaking of resin — this IS sinking-grade agarwood. So, don’t let the looks deceive you.)

    The curry kind is way easier to find, and mostly looks a lot ‘better’ if all you’re going by is looks. But to dig out a strain like this that echoes the rarest Vietnamese batches...... — that takes a lot of doing… and makes all the difference. 

    I’ve been hesitant to offer Filipino wood because of his challenge. But I’m happy to put my name on a packet of Pinoy Priveé knowing that it’s the most soul-stirring chips of its kind — a scent that cracks open the heart of Pinoy LTD as it emits fumes from another world entirely. 

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