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    Pink Timor - running low

    Price: $475

    The rarest Borneo Oud, pampered with pink lotus and a kiss from the queen of florals. Add the verve of aged Mysore sandalwood, and you've got a zesty, can't-get-enough-of-this tango that's got your chakras vibrating in unison to the swing of the cosmos.

    Pink Timor follows the blueprint of Pink Papua, and builds a palace on top of it. I made this edition for my own personal use, and used ingredients I would otherwise not have touched. The backbone of the scent is composed of Oriscent legends like Kalbar 3000, tempered with and the best Bourbon Khus I've smelled in my life……  that I bought with Sheikh’s Borneo. Imagine the kind of quality that makes you willingly give away your Sheikh’s Borneo to get this!

    With a luscious lotus heartnote, hand-in-hand with a lively fruity oudy basenote, you'd think you're tip-toeing atop a pond of lotuses, surrounded by pristine Kyara trees.

    Reviews of Pink Papua:

    The Pink Papua blew me away. When I took the first whiff, I felt like I had my nose right in the pink lotus blossom. I was amazed at how seamlessly woven it was. I wrote in my notes something about how smoothly each note synergizes with the next. I liked the Pink Papua best for that reason. I wrote to Ensar right after smelling it & told him he should insure his nose. He has talent. – Kev, MA

    To me it smelled clean and blue, something very different and more exotic than any mainstream or niche scent that I have ever smelled, and perfect for an everyday men’s signature attar. I had initially thought my sample must be Blue Kalbar based on the color reference. I got the sandalwood and thought that maybe pink lotus and the blue lotus in BK were similar, but there was no civet. Way, way back in the day as a kid in Brooklyn, I’d buy the oils sold outside of Masjid At-Taqwa after Jumuah. My favorites then were Egyptian Musk and Blue Nile. I primarily wore those until I started developing migraines from the synthetic musk used in so many perfumes, from the Creeds, Amouages, by Kilians Musk Oud, etc. PP is even cleaner, non-synthetic, excellent longevity and projection with a small swipe and non-cloying. I never thought I’d find something like this. – Lance, USA

    I have started to fall in love with your attars, especially Pink Papua and Borneo Zen. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but you are a true Alchemist my friend! – Chris, SD

    You know you’ve got me smiling. I am terrible at notes, but I’m going to guess a couple of odd bedfellows – pink lotus and Oud Emerald. Well, whatever it is, I like it! The floral note is unusually seductive and enticing. This is definitely a ‘come hither’ perfume – the topnotes of the oud and lotus combine to create an unusual and multi-faceted opening that is way more interesting than either of the individual elements. The floral note is very strong but there’s a very quiet earthiness in the background that gives it real depth and makes it much more interesting than if I were smelling the flower by itself. There’s something very bewitching in this scent. I think Ensar should sell it for Valentine’s Day. – Isabella, NY

    A beautiful blend of Borneo Oud with Pink Lotus. Very pretty and feminine, soft and delicate. The lotus is quite evident, and makes this such a pleasant parfum. The Aussie sandalwood mixes perfectly, and the notes are so seamlessly woven together. A beautifully crafted parfum, a favorite of mine, and the perfect gift for your female lover. – Neeshee, HI

    Perfect from the opening to the drydown, Pink Papua opens with fresh florals and hints of musk and a creamy wood smell that is addictive. – Dondre, Canada

    The opening note is vaporous with a powdery pink lotus smell. The oud, which smells like Merauke or Papuan, plays second fiddle in this composition and provides a vehicle for the floral notes to ride in. Personally, I think it is more feminine than masculine, more soft than rugged, more daytime than evening. This is a mukhallat with a Western palate in mind. Very well balanced, with no sharp or off-putting notes. – Hisham, FL

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