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    People's Sultan

    People's Sultan




    Imagine the delectable, aquatic glitz of Sultan Abdül Aziz for a fraction of the price.

    Sultan Fatih charged with the sencha vibe of Satori Kensho.

    A bottle of oud that will satisfy even those who moan and groan about the ‘high’ price of oud.

    Imagine taking your first whiff of the first pure kyen/New Guinea gyrinops co-distill in history.

    Now, imagine you could own a full bottle of it for half of what it’s worth……

    With all the fudged and false info that has crept onto the artisanal oud scene, and amateur distillers selling polyester priced as cashmere, we are obliged to raise our fists and protest the propaganda of the new DPROO.

    And what better way than to let these Satori frangipanied wisterias loose to tease your nose senseless. To smell those aquamarine top notes drift into a eucalyptus-green, sencha-smooth base, with the slightest citrus liqueur toned down further by a virgin Papuan earthiness that’s acutely akin to that of the most expensive Sultan Series oils. A piercing pine green yet ocean blue profile that injects the Sultan Series signature right into its aloes-incense marrow. All that for less than what FAR inferior ouds sell for.

    People’s Sultan should cost a lot more. In fact, it does. But we subsidized a massive chunk of the cost by doing wood deals on the side and funneling every dollar of our earnings into People’s Sultan—i.e. calculating our profit as your discount instead.

    We could have done any number of combos instead of kyen/gyrinops, most of which would give you a greater fusion of contrasts. So, why go to such extremes when we could have used cheaper and easier-to-find batches of agarwood, minus the mad logistics?

    Because: Imagine jade forged into an emerald. Green ‘ala green, with a cyanic oceanic incense tinge that no species of agarwood gives you on its own and no amount of tweaking can churn out. That’s why. Through all my years in the oud world, I can’t think of a better marriage than that of pure crassna kyen and NG gyrinops to give you such a quintessential Sultan scent.

    With People’s Sultan, our cost literally became your profit and you now have the chance to take a maiden whiff of a scent that has never existed until today. To own a groundbreaking, breathtakingly beautiful Sultan scent that’s worth much more than what you’re paying for it. Unless you’re doing loads of these crazy backroom wood deals, there’s no way to capture such a pristine, emerald-green New Guinea incense aroma without coughing up dough big time.

    Artisanal oud has never been cheap, and it’s rarer and more expensive now than ever. And it is running out. People’s Sultan is a glitch in the system. It’s your chance to buy low and smell high.

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    People's Sultan
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