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    Papuya '02 - running low

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Imagine you could step through your front door into a fragrant cloud of Sultan Osman and find scattered whiffs of Sultan Beyaz─▒t sprinkled across your living room. A soul-stirring resinous aroma more austere than the spicier varieties of Indochina, earthier than any Malay. Olde oud that's practically impossible to get hold of now…

    Vintage oud chips that go back more than seventeen years, right to the frontier when the Papua New Guinea jungles were opened for harvest.

    This collection is partially sinking-grade. But, you might know my thoughts on sinking-grade: When it comes to carving agarwood, sinking matters – but if the fact that the chips sink in water doesn’t make them smell better, it doesn’t mean a thing.

    Sinking-grade is indicative of quality agarwood but doesn’t necessitate it. Sinking means higher resin density, so it does generally mean a prolonged burn, so gram for gram you’re getting more value than the same batch that’s non-sinking.

    But for me, the scent comes first. So, I’ve decided to tip the scale and not separate the sinking pieces and still offer you the non-sinking price.

    The scent seriously makes time stand still. Once you zoom into the aroma, you’re instantly absorbed and the only thought that comes to mind is, ‘where to find a smell like this today?’ Intoxicating.

    The chips themselves have been chiseled into smaller ready-to-heat pieces, so all you have to do is put a few on your heater and you're all set. Heating them at low temperature is ideal to experience the full aroma. The fragrance projects wonderfully at low temp, which gives you the chance to savor the scent of virgin Papua New Guinean gaharu from almost two decades ago up close.

    Few people will ever know what it took back then to access the jungle Papuya '02 hails from. The danger, the betrayal, the politics, riverboats and legs all black from leeches. Stories straight out of Heart of Darkness.

    That's why veteran oud men hold onto wood like this. Why I hold onto it. There's the sentiment, yes – but more than anything, it's the scent that throws you back all those years that really gets you. When it comes to true oud appreciation, just like Tigerwood Royale is a time portal through which you gaze upon a scentscape unlike any you've seen in new-age ouds, it's olde aloes like Papuya '02 that shares precious access to forgotten smells.

    My advice: get a packet to heat, and one for posterity's sake. This is your chance to own genuine pieces of oud history.

    It's unexpected not a typical Papua wood at all. It's sweet and fresh and floral. Definitely  a collectors item from my viewpoint. – Andrej, Croatia

    Papuya is to Anthole Nha Trang as Czar Ceylon is to Czar Sultan. It’s sunny, ambery and warm. It’s very complex that you wonder how it got it’s price and is a great surprise in oud burning rotation. I particularly love it during an Oolong session. It is like a returning loved guest. – Jasim, Dubai

    Papuya '02, so far I've just done a gradual increase in heat starting at just warm and ending up with slightly browned chips. All phases are excellent and the complexity of what's released when heat hits moderate levels, but you still have a lot of the early notes is really awesome! – Dave, USA

     The wood is great, nothing else in my collection quite like it. Such a mesmerizing bouquet on low heat and even if you’re being wasteful ;-), it works beautifully for scenting spaces and clothing. I’ll probably pick up a little more soon if it’s still available. Someone would have to be really green to complain about the color...these are serious little nuggets of crystallized resin. – Viggy, USA

    I needed a little cheaper wood but smell nice, and walla ...wwwow papuya ‘02 is just amazing, so rich with resin it was bubbling, and the aroma so lovely and beautiful that I couldn’t believe you guys sell it at this price (thank God I jumped and got 100 grams, I am ready and stacked for Ramadan inshaa Allah). – Jalal, Canada

    I'm very happy with Papuya '02 and the 80's Mysore, both are for sure the best agarwood and sandalwood I have. I have some Assam and Brunei wood from [...] and some Sri Lanka sinking chips from [...], all are pretty good but Papuya '02 is in another league for sure. – Dave, USA


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