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    Oud Zachariyya - running low

    Oud Zachariyya - <em>running low</em>




    Many people who have stepped into the world of oud in recent years have probably not smelled oud like this. They’ve smelled approximations, ouds that ride off the reputations of oils like this – but when you zoom in, are only distant echoes.

    A couple of old timers have a bottle already because for some connoisseurs this is as good as oud gets and they just wouldn’t accept anything less. So I happily obliged, knowing how they feel. And now after almost a decade, it's finally available here…

    Given how far modern renditions that try to capture this precious profile have digressed in recent years, I thought it’s about time we stop, pause, and rewind… to the days before even Oud Mostafa No 1.

    Wild harvested raw materials from the Nagaland border of Burma, this was our first distillation from this rare and highly prized jungle. It’s not just that this is 100% wild Burmese oud, aged for 10 years. It’s the grade of wood we used to get there, ten years ago. I haven’t been in Burma in about 3 years because of the letdown during my last trip. I didn’t distill a single drop – didn’t bring back with me even a single chip. It’s just not the caliber wood you got years back…… the kind that made it possible to disitll Kyara LTD & Oud Mostafa No 1.

    First generation Burmese agallochas are extravagantly rare now, and cost a truckload more than what they used to. There’s lower grade stuff, farmed wood, etc. available. But not Oud Zachariyya caliber raw materials.

    The smell is pollen rich, amber animalic balsamic resin heavy like Oud Idrees, with punch enough to match Oud Khidr. Is it a barny Burmese? Elegantly so. Not the stinky, cheesy white wood acrid gunk you find all over. Close to a decade's natural aging has long since smoothed out any lingering fermentation twang, leaving you with full bodied, spice-laden, warm Burmese agallochas like you just don’t find today. 

    Note: We launched Oud Mostafa No 1 (one of the most praised ouds of all time) about 6 years ago… for $550. Oud Zachariyya was distilled from the same caliber raw materials and is two years OLDER… selling now… for $479 (or even $399 / 2.5 gr) as part of our Gong Xi specials. Enjoy your bottle(s) and thank us later… :)

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    Oud Zachariyya - running low
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    Here's what other people are saying about Oud Zachariyya - running low

    I would have to put Oud Zachariyya at the top of my list. If you don’t have this oil I suggest you look out for it. It beats Sulaiman III in my book. – Taher, UAE

    Creamy hay and tobacco type barnyard with a ripeness aspect. Incense. Resinous chips on a burner. Sandalwood. Warm spicy fruits Assam style. A dab of powdery tea. Drydown reveals a touch of florals and more powderiness. The barnyard is mostly tobacco now plus there’s a little citrus peel. – Curt, USA

    I have a little story for you. I wore OZ Saturday and was so pleased: the barnyard was more dairy than leathery, and it was potent, with incense and dried fruit in the deep, deep drydown that didn’t seem too sweet. On Sunday, mainly to compare the fruit note, I wore a generous application of the formidable Sulaiman III… and I had trouble detecting it! My Hindi binge has afflicted me with a classic case of olfactory fatigue. So I’ve been abstaining from oud oil (yikes!) to reset and recalibrate the olfactory receptors. I am eager to wear another dose of OZ in a few days when I have a clear palate!

    I can report that on first wear and despite impaired sensitivity, I enjoyed OZ tremendously; it’s not the ‘beast’ of my fantasy world but it’s magnificent in a more refined way. It’s not as gentle as Nuh and not as towering as Khidr, so it has its own special place in the barny oil spectrum. Will report back again after my next wear of OZ. – Jen, USA

    This oil is truly a benchmark and sets a standard to which all other classic Oud Al-Hind should aspire. It has a strong, clean and clear fermented top note indicative of a hygienic soak but nothing remotely offputting. Rich, dark tobacco reminiscent of the wrapper of the finest Cohiba Genios Maduro 5 cigar. Then hay, hints of Assam dark fruit and the slightest tinge of cacao nib. Smooth. Similar in scent profile to Taha’s Shano Shokat while at the same time having a completely different signature. Deep. The shape shifters. – Lance, USA

    The scent of old wild resinous oud, with Indian characteristics. The animalic notes dominate initially, with dried tangerine peel and spices simmering in the background. There is a slight bitter undertone, echoing tobacco and tea. This oil has a mellow and rounded scent profile. A rich and complex scent that is calming and meditative. Not as raw as Oud Sulaiman III, but equally redolent of antiquity. – Kenny, UK

    This Zachariyya is certainly in a class by itself. The feralness is to me more like a Hainan oil rather than cows or horses - and then it hit me that this was more a Burmese tiger, but only a kitten in that sense. I have samples of other Oud like this, but in my opinion they merely touch the hem of his sleeve. This is in its own category. Licorice, citrus, pollen, powder, a tint bit of fruit but not sweet, at once both calming and exhilarating. Very, very smooth with a uniqueness of character along the lines of OM5. I can say I definitely would never had known what I was missing without this. Bravo Maestro.

    P.S. I think that Sultani 90, Suriranka Senkoh, and Zachariyya should be sold together as a "Trinity Of Oud" set. These oils go to the moon and beyond. – Jeff, USA

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