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    Oud Yaqoub

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    This is the Oud Sultani of organic oud. The pinnacle.

    When we distilled the first Oud Yaqoub eight years ago, we harvested a moribund crassna that was 60 years old at a time when the norm was agarwood trees getting cut at 5 – 15 years old. The infection in these pre-maturely harvested aquilarias was about 1 – 2 years. In Oud Yaqoub, 5 – 6 years. 

    Today, the norm is still 5 – 15 years, but cutting trees at only 2 – 4 years of age, with an infection that’s often less than 1 year old, is fast becoming common practice.  

    As the trees are cut at younger ages, with a lot more, and more potent, inoculation games going on to make distilling oud from such young trees at all possible, Oud Yaqoub’s successor hits back hard against the system.

    This Oud Yaqoub is the direct result of an environmentally conscious oud community. Every bottle of Organic Oud you bought, every Oud Yusuf and Czar Ceylon and Oud Extraordinaire has made it possible to reach this momentous point in the history of oud. 

    Oud lovers of the world, what you have here is the first Organic Oud distilled from 100% sinking-grade cultivated crassna. It took trees 40+ years old a full decade to produce sinking-grade resin. That’s 8 to 9 years longer than the resin in 90% of all ouds produced, anywhere

    It might come as a surprise to find out that these sinking-grade chips sell for MORE than wild oud chips of the same grade. Think about it for a second, though, and you see why.

    Sinking-grade Organic Oud is rarer than even wild oud! There are literally only a handful of trees that have ever reached this stage (including the tens of thousands of oud trees currently standing) and it takes massive investment and high risk to make it happen.

    Speaking as Ensar, the oud lover, few things have made me more proud than to see us reach this milestone. When we first started pushing for Organic Oud cultivation, so few people got on board and fewer still supported us at ground-zero, that I never thought this day would come.

    We would joke about it: “Imagine we’d get sinking-grade chips from these trees…” after 75% of the saplings planted on the farm didn’t even survive the first year, and everybody around you was waiting for their ROI cutting trees that were 8 years old (the promise of those big agarwood companies marketing to farmers). 

    The chirping of birds, a symphony of stars, the hornbill’s beauty against the backdrop of a tiger’s roar — that’s the price consumers have happily paid for perfume made of laundry detergent and barbed-wired walls and giant malls that make you forget the the rainforest, its rivers, and its peace.

    Oud Yaqoub shouldn’t exist. Didn't exist — until today. This proves that there are still people who care; about breathing in the scent of grass and jasmine and not inhaling C-10 and 2-4 hexadienal courtesy of air ‘fresheners’ installed everywhere, from the doctor’s office to the pharmacy.

    So, this one goes out to those not just in search of niche and natural, but an artisanal fragrance.

    Oud Yaqoub is a Senkoh oil for half the price. The scent’s frankincense-citrus sweetness is pristine and flows with a resinous aroma that strongly echoes wild oud chips heated at low temp. It’s a pleasure to wear, addictive to dig into, and one of those oils you don’t want to let your nose get away from. 

    Many turn it into an either-or, but the age of the tree and the age of the infection go hand in hand. The perfect point is to distill mature resin from a mature tree — exactly what you have here. And that’s why you can capture an oud fragrance like this. 

    Oud Yaqoub is both a tribute and an upgrade to Oud Yusuf’s legacy. It represents every distiller’s dream, and every oud lover’s delight. And the beauty of it? A bottle won’t cost you a penny more.

    In fact…

    As a token of thanks for the support we’ve received over the last ten years to bring organic cultivation this far and make such high caliber oud, enjoy this big discount when you order your bottle of sinking-grade Oud Yaqoub today and be part of this historic moment in the story of oud. 

    The miraculous Yaqoub arrived on Wednesday, really stunning it reminds me of Yusuf at first, but then (on Oud Maps) the avenue goes to crossroads and the crossroads lead to footpaths and suddenly there are meadows, trees, hills and a lake.

    From morning to late afternoon is a matter of seconds!
    Brilliant spices, cloves, pine needles, spruce, fresh bread... – Erhard, Austria

    Oud Yaqoub is absolutely amazing.  Beautiful, pure opening that has amazing evolution over time.  It is truly a stunning oil.  Honestly, I'm considering just buying another bottle or two of Oud Yaqoub and holding onto them. – Anthony, USA

    Oud Yaqoub strikes a balance between pungent and beautiful just perfectly. It is definitely oud - but is among the more prettier smelling. I smell flowery freshness within Oud Yaqoub. – Jeff, USA

    I’m liking the overall profile, it’s not a dressed-up Thai (auxiliary notes), so you’ve got oleoresin mano-a-mano. There are inherent notes of tropical fruits and nectar, together with a touch of oudy incense. Dry down morphs the fruits into florals.
    My nose is literally glued to my wrist with this oil, I can’t stop sniffing.– Curtis, USA

    My problem is that I do not seem to possess the highly developed olfactory association cortex of many coffee, wine and perfume connoisseurs.  I wish I could say things like "notes of Danish prune marmalade, suggestions of vintage carriage upholstery, with a hint of rain-soaked partridge feathers..." but all I seem to come up with is words like "fruity," sweet," "floral," and "incense".   

    In an effort to overcome this deficiency I tried to compare Oud Yaqoub on the left hand to Oud Yusuf on the right. Oud Yaqoub definitely has a fuller, sweeter and more complex aroma, and lasts considerably longer than Oud Yusuf.  I keep trying to find words to describe it, but the olfactory association cortex again fails me.  There are notes in the middle that remind me of something spicy- clove? wintergreen?  cardamom? It dries down to a more traditional incense-y, oud scent, but it holds onto that fruit/honey/spicy fullness for a long time.

    Oud Yaqoub is imminently likable, and the more I smell it, the more I like it. But I am equally excited about it because of the critical need for sustainability in the realm of plant products.  Our misguided and greedy species is so rapidly demolishing the natural world, that anything which reduces pressure on natural forests is really important.  Oud Yaqoub is a wonderful creation. – Michael, USA

    A creation of the Organic Path which Sidi walks on. In the first sniff of this liquid Gold i can remember Oud Yusuf and Bliss Du Boche the floral notes are so pure in this it feels like I am steaming flowers, figs and Alphonso Mangoes in a pot and the air is filled with the essence of fruity and flowery punch.  Raziq, Dubai

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