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    Sultani 1990

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Book a ticket to Tokyo or Shanghai. Run yourself into a maze through the mighty Emirati malls. Scour eBay, AliBaba and Facebook until you’re seeing double. That’s what people do to find oud like this. Go through lists of distillers sponsored by fellow vendors. Do whatever you need to do… and let me know how it goes.

    For all the hunting, the back-forum PM-ing, WhatsApping and marketing campaigns to bring back the golden days of oud, the results have been miserable. The 150 year-old Cambodis turn out to be force-oxidized plantation oils, and those old Malaysis make you wonder who let the wet dog in. Show me just one actual high grade Maroke muattaq.

    Let’s face it, most of the old ouds out there just smell old. Dusty, sunned to death, all the tasty twang sucked out of ’em. That’s if you even find ’em. You’ve heard of the Thaqeels and Kalakassis, but name a couple of real oldies? 

    For all the talk about ancestral vaults, secret distillation textbooks and ancient traditions that my grandfather was never privy to, I have yet to see another Oud Sultani 1990 emerge from these vaults. For all the ‘artisanal’ oud (for cheap!) said to be so widely available, I have yet to lay my nostrils on one of these bargains. 

    Collectors reminisce about the old days, how they wish they’d stocked up when the golden oldies were still going for $550, ten years ago. Ahem. If you came to oud through the Oriscent arch, this vintage Sultani is a one-way ticket back in time, price and all.


    There’s a reason Oud Royale 1 was a Maroke. It’s the same reason Arabs are crazy about Maroke wood. That inimitable note of resinous agarwoody decadence simply cannot be coaxed out of other strains of Aquilaria. Even the China Market capos know the notes of my oils, and they refer to it as the ‘Sultani tone’. If a piece of wood has the scent characteristics of Oud Royale 1, they immediately jack up the price, saying ‘This one has the Sultani tone.’

    I’ll be the first to admit I can’t make this oud today. You can’t replicate 27 years of natural aging. You can’t breathe life back into the G-gen trees two meters down in the mud. You can’t un-carve all the beads and trinkets.

    Here is regal, vintage agarwood liqueur that’s dry as vermouth and red as rooibos. Oud that was cooked not in copper or steel but crafted by antiquity, and aged three decades for good measure. 

    1990 has got that mellow medicinal profile only ooold aged ouds throw at you – that tingling of heavy resin that lets you know, before anything else, that you’re smelling the best oud from back in the day. You’re also paying no more than what you would have for a bottle 10 years ago.

    Don’t be surprised if you mistake this for a vintage 1970s Pursat. You’d never expect the piercing deep red note in what ought to be a darker jungly shade of Marokean blue. And the penetrating red keeps firing right down to the dry-down, which in the most uncanny whiff pinpoints the spot where Oud Royale 1 once stood.

    Oud Royale 1985 sold out in a whiplash, and we don’t predict this oil will be around very long. To ensure you don’t miss out, we recommend you order yours today.

    All natural and chemical-free. Extracted by traditional means, without the use of synthetic chemicals. This oil does not have an expiration date. It will only improve as it ages. No ‘gassing’ required.

    One of the first ouds  I wore, and this I am also clearly buying a bottle: it’s complex, wild, multidimensional, ancient, metallic, powerful with a slight sweetness but mostly an animal-sensorial-sexual body. – Danny, Canada

    I just placed an order for Sultani 1990. I could not resist a second bottle – I feel this may be my “desert island” oil. I’m watching your new video, and how can anyone who has experienced your oud oils just not smell the difference to begin with!!! Additionally, I just don’t get the new style of oils around. They do not “move”. Thanks again for all you guys have done and continue to do. – Customer, USA

    Sultani 1990 is a superb Maroke Oud. It is green, but not the lighter green of Green Papua, but a deeper earthy intense green of the denser jungle. It makes me feel like I’m on a journey to the center of the Earth, deeper ever deeper. – Hank, USA

    Il me fallait du temps pour en saisir la complexité et subtilité. Aujourd’hui, la finesse de cette huile s’est imposée à moi. Le cœur du bois, puis de façon subtile, une note de Roïbos, de bergamote légère?? pointe régulièrement son nez. Complexe, changeante, superbe également... – Jean-Marc, France

    Absolutely amazing oil and very complex. Reminds me so much of the Oud Royale No 1, which was btw also a Maroke. Thank you so much Ensar for such an amazing oil. – Abu Zahi, Jordan

    The Sultani 90 is most fabulous. She is indeed a Sultani – beautiful and elegant. Her sillage wraps around you and graces you from different directions at different moments, and if I am still enough I can hear her quietly singing. This has to be one of the most (if not THE most) perfectly antique and “completely arrived” ouds I have so far had the good fortune to wear! – Jeff, USA

    If you love the core DNA of Merauke oils,
    If you want to get a glimpse of the oceanic vibe of PNG Sultan series with less seaweed,
    If you feel that the smoky incense of OR5 was too harsh,
    If you like the wet dark jungle of Malay Incense but the animalic spirit within was roaring too loud,
    If you cherish the aged balsamic oud liquor type of oils like me…
    Then this oil might serve you the best. This is OUD in my dictionary. – Ammar, USA

    Sultani 1990 this evening. I feel unworthy of this oil. It is grace, it is elegance, it is grandeur. Old school style. Hats off to the EO team. Heartfelt gratitude to Ensar. – Philip, USA

    I think that Sultani 90, Suriranka Senkoh, and Zachariyya should be sold together as a “Trinity of Oud” set. These oils go to the moon and beyond. – Jeff, USA

    I cannot even put words for the experience of the Sultani 90. I am that gobsmacked. It’s like gazing at my own reflection in a slab of highly polished, beautifully veined black marble or like a single thread of sunlight barely illuminating the darkest forest. And indeed the scent is like a slab, cool and monolithic but oh so elegant. I applied a single dab – tiny – to the inside of my elbow and it was still going strong when I awoke this morning. I love this scent already. It is more refined than something like the Green Papua – less wet, minty jungly – and not blousy in its medicine and incense like the Jing Shen Lu (I do ADORE those top notes, don’t get me wrong) – but more balsamic and fermented in its heft. A very different beast. Wow-sir. And perfect for the fall and winter. It blossomed a bit in yesterday’s humidity. – Chris, USA

    This is an oil that belongs to a bygone era, and it has readily displaced TW95 atop my list of “Duplicate Bottles Allowed.” Ever heard of an oil being described as “agarwood liqueur?” Well, this is the perfect embodiment of that. – Curt, USA

    A regal or royal Maroke indeed. A deep, royal camphorous opening that I could only draw similarity to from TWR. The Maroke notes bloom from underneath with a steady longevity, with tides of that “royal note” cresting now and again. I find the dry-down in this really gorgeous, and its arc very long lasting before descent. This is the fourth Maroke I’ve ever tried and is a must for filaria fiends. – Stefan, Canada

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