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    Oud Royale: Maluku

    Price: $1,167

    We knew from the get-go that the yield would be terrible. But this particular batch of vintage Maluku agarwood cost a fortune, more than most batches of similar quality, and the decision legitimacy tempted your sanity: is it really worth it?

    I say worth it because you’re about to potentially spend your retirement funds to buy agarwood chips to distill an oil that could never make back the money you spent on the chips. Logically, it’s a no-brainer: don’t distill anything. The problem is the artistic impulse

    Here’s how it played out. We ran the flame only once to see exactly how terrible the yield would be. After we collected the oil, we sat down and did the math. Sometimes art needs leverage, but at that stage, money was tight and doing a second run would have killed us. 

    So, we didn’t. We pulled the plug after one go, and this is all the Oud Royale: Maluku history would ever record. 

    I’ve been selectively offering this Royale only privately, but wanted to share this extraordinary oil to celebrate Cyber Monday and 15 years of decisions like this: to distill or not to distill!? 

    Agarwood of this caliber could only get cooked one way – Oriscent style. Maluku agarwood is generally considered red resin agarwood, with its unique breed of spiciness. In oil form, you smell a creamy body lacquered in spicy red incense of Malukuan aloes branded with the medicinal powdery purple note signed for by our kyara wizard’s hand.

    Oud doesn’t – cannot – get better than this.

    I got Kyara LTD mixed with some Purple Kinam in the opening and the mid. At the base, I got the same smell as the Royal Maluku oud wood heated in my Kinam heater. It's a spicy, sweet smell with some jungle mixed in. All I can say is WOW! I will enjoy that one for many years to come. – TJ, USA

    The minute you take your first whiff of this oil, you understand why it's on the Oriscent (top-of-the line) page. I don't want to stop sniffing it!  It has a depth of scent and a complexity that is far beyond that of most ouds, while being perfectly crafted and phenomenally and amazingly exhilarating. Its green siren picks you up and takes you deep into the forest, until you are merged with the trees, the wind, and the earth. Its aroma is beyond my ability to describe, dark and yet vibrant, complex and yet integrated. And it is far and away the best dark oud I've ever experienced.

    How does Ensar keep crafting such masterpieces? It's one of the greatest of all of his creations. (I rarely say that an oud is a real bargain, especially in this price range, but it really is.)  – Hank, USA

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