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    Oud Royale

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    Oud is going through an identity crisis. The current spike in experimentation, driven by a lack of decent wood to distill, has resulted in a wave of linear, ‘thin’ smelling oils that resemble cedar and argan oil in their simplicity more so than agarwood.

    If you want a single note oil, buy lavender. A ‘clean,’ anemic profile? Check out rosewood. But if you crave Oud and that timeless profile of Oud Royale fame, then I’ll let you in on a little secret: Oud is not one smell.

    Just like purple doesn’t make a rainbow, a single note aroma does not make Oud. Oud is not one note. It’s not even a chord. Oud is a symphony that flows from crescendo to climax, with a hundred movements in between. So why mute the violins? Why ‘fractionate’ the oboes and cellos away and leave just a lone trumpet to play out the whole shebang?

    Oud Royale is the union of a thousand miracles. The decades-long maturation of kyen morphing into seah… resinification as it gradually thickens from oil to oleoresin to hard, undistillable resin… the marriage between oleoresin in a branch, heartwood from the trunk and the famed ‘anthole’ wood from claw-shaped roots. Serendipity’s soil and the angle at which the woodpeckers pecked… and yes, even the nibling of those Ceylonian ants.

    When the rain started and didn’t stop, I thought this would finally be it for EO in Ceylon. Crossing over cracked bridges to get to the villages hit by mudslides, roads turned into rally terrain. Sourcing wood for months – half a kilo here, two there. Meetings at midnight. (Try cold soaking with constant power cuts.) Rushing to the emergency room at 2 AM in a district where dengue had hit 18,000 cases in six months…

    Imagine you could go back and do a Sri Lankan rendition of Oud Royale 1985. Imagine going back thirty years to distill virgin Walla with a blank check. Before folks were screaming copper or swearing steel; ceramic soak, cold soak, no soak, Pyrex or plastic. That’s what you’ve got here.

    And you’re even getting the old Royale pricing. After literally moving to Sri Lanka and living by the distillery for three months, our mission would be anything but complete if we couldn't get you the absolute best pricing in the world on the absolute best raw materials Sri Lanka had to offer.

    Despite the floods, the hiked costs, the kachara chips that now lay lost, buried under mud for future generations to dig up. Here’s your cross-country collage of all things Walla Patta – from Sinharaja to Ratnapura to Matara, for a Royale I haven’t been this excited to launch since the one that started it all.

    This oud lets you fire a full metal jacket. To indulge in a Sri Lankan oud that roars, unabashedly drowned from top to base in oozing walla incense. When you smell it, you know you’re smelling oud of a caliber seldom met in our day. When others smell it, they won’t ask: ‘Is that a sandal infusion?’

    The scent hypnotizes you with its resinous austerity. Rich layers of spicy oomph to keep the most accomplished oud junkie peeling at the core to reach and relish its resin-sweet depths – and so exquisitely beautiful I can’t imagine anyone not being taken by its aquamarine rainbow.

    Don’t expect any airy-fairy, top-heavy fruit punch, stripped of agarwood’s raw oudy core. If this is going down as a Royale, you bet it’s going to have Ensar’s signature in there, in bold.

    The blue-green ocean nectar juiced out of high-grade gyrinops tickles you on both cheeks. The scent’s scintillating zen pulse beats back and forth in a mantra chanting ‘Champaca!’ with its irresistible sea breeze, mimosa blossoms dangling above.


    Oud Royale is very green/minty/sandaly and has a very nice cooling effect, a bit like what you get from mint gum. Like the olfactory version of joy. – Faisal, Ireland

    What a marvelous new incarnation. This has risen to the top of my list. It is of course completely different from OR 1985, but stunning in its own right. I especially like its longevity. – Lee, USA

    My previous experience with Sri Lankan ouds had left me quite disappointed. The ones that I’ve gotten in the past were nice smelling but all smelled the same, with very little complexity, very little uplift, and not much Oudiness. So I couldn’t wait to see what the master (Ensar) was able to achieve with the same woods. And I was not disappointed.

    Suriranka Senkoh has a depth of woodiness that far exceeds the simpler Sri Lankan oils, and is like a journey into a deep forest jungle with layers upon layers of scent, including earth, must, exotic resins, and ancient trees. Oud Royale, on the other hand, is the embodiment of mastery and finesse. Imagine the qualities of the above Senkoh refined to the nth degree. This is a phenomenal Oud – an amazing achievement – that shows that Sri Lankan oud, in the hands of a true expert, can compete with every other top oud on the planet.

    It is extraordinary in every way: from its perfectly orchestrated set of scents to its remarkably impressive ability to expand your mind, its supreme subtlety and depth, and beautiful marriage of every element of Sri Lankan Oud. It completely deserves the name Royale. – Hank, USA

    As for the new Oud Royale, quality wise it is overwhelmingly good. The incensy-ness is just huge, the indescribable floral element that arises is so perfectly seamless with the incense that it just makes me soar. The sweet bitterness which I adore is perfection too, and the way it lines up with the oh so Oudy, resinous base is what at times so closely resembles a tip-top Malinau such as Borneo 50K that it shatters me. Sri Lanka? Who knew? Just amazing – more so than I considered possible. – Jeff, USA

    Today I received the beautifully crafted Oud Royale (Sri Lanka).

    ‘Ahhhhhhhh!’ and ‘Ohhhhh ya!’ came out after smelling this magnificent Oudh. Oh my gosh, this oil is of some different breed! When I opened it, I smelled Sinharaja X and said, wait a second, it’s there but not there. Next, I smelled Kyen, that too was there but not hitting very hard. Next, I smelled Sultan Salman but again that came and went. 

    I began wondering what other notes will come out. After 3 hours or so, the oceanic sea breeze started coming out. The incense Walla Patta notes are just so dang delicious that you feel like drinking the bottle up. The Oil also has Ensar’s signature on the front middle and end notes, being very unique and different. Bravo Ensar for this magnificent Oudh. The name is very appropriate for this oil to be named a Royale. – Shaykh Abdul Wahab, USA

    My Oud Royale finally made into my grubby little mitts. I have had the blessing to possess several other Walla Patta oils so I have a pretty good sense of what they are and how they tick. I was not prepared how great this oil is, especially for the price. Unmistakable Sri Lanka oud but different. Like Ensar’s other oils, richness of the scent is a characteristic of this one, but… it kicks up the richness a level or 2. This oil has a lot of heart and base emphasis, while not sacrificing the top. Some Sri Lankans shine because of their ethereal breeziness and oceanic airy notes. This one does it with a Walla Patta oudy thickness. Absolutely a beautifully integrated profile with no funky or off-putting vegetal notes. A really tremendous achievement. – Phil, USA

    Interestingly a few months back, I mentioned to Ensar that it was going to be very challenging to match Oud Royale 1 in terms of its sheer ‘oudiness’. 

    ‘Wait till you try my latest Oud Royale SL...’

    To be honest I was skeptical at that moment but now I stand corrected. – Melvin, Singapore

    I can see why Ensar named his new Sri Lankan oil Oud Royale. The latter will likely age to a similar caliber to its predecessor. Sadly, few folks would probably fully appreciate it.

    Bravo to the master of raw oudiness. – Ammar, USA

    I recently swiped "the" Oud Royale No 1. I can detect a considerable facet of Oud Royale 1 in Oud Royale SL.

    ORSL was probably juiced with the Taiwanese Wizard's technique kept in mind. The result........ a narrow banded resinousness, with oudiness as its focal point. It delivers a smooth performance alongside a modest incensy backbone. During drydown, a yummy piece of sweet candy enters front stage, and as I relish it for several moments, exits gently backstage. Post drydown defaults to a mix of other Walla Patta notes, but is of no consequence... the show ended at drydown. – Curt, USA

    Oud Royale Sri Lanka baby. 

    I have had lota exposure to lota different walla patta oils, tinctures and agarwood chunks and chips from various suppliers. This oil somehow comes across as an embodiment of all those scents in one. 

    I get the ethereal green blue oceanic subtle beauty of Suriranka Senkoh. But I get that supe frosty minty very green hirta in the mix too that is quite clear. Mango skin papaya and dried mango, but in a more integrated and less overt style. I get the cinnamon and orange peel vanilla ice cream notes of Malinau oils as well as Sri Lankan oils. There is a toffee caramel sweetness and a super high resinated walla chip on the burner at medium, plus notes that becomes more front center after 30-45 min post application. Best walla patta chips I have come across so far. Thick resinous tiny crystallized nuggets. This oud heart has those chuncks on medium, plus heart note. That classic bitter green gently medicinal mind buzzin Ensar signature in oils like Kinamantan, Port Moresbey and Sultan Abdüs Selam is also present here. Like a gin and tonic kind of bitter medicinal note but one that actually tickles the mind.

    This is as much of a medicine, and mild to medium strength psychoactive oil, as is a great scent. I am experiencing out of body like experience. Seeing myself and my surrounding from a bird's eye point of view. I.e. in a complete present moment meditative state. – Rasoul, Canada

    It has been interesting for me since I have applied it daily since I got it. The second day, the oil was different than the first, and today it is more like the first day. Not sure what’s up, but I suspect it has something to do with skin chemistry, surgery scrub days, etc. Although the travel shock, temperature, and environmental acclimation may also be at play. The second day the oil took on a much more cucumbery element than the first day. More bitter, less sweet. Today, those notes are very, very toned down and a beautifully rich and deep walla patta incense prevails with an integrated blue-green sweetness. The drydown has been beautiful. This is definitely a more oudy concoction. Definitely high-quality wood IMO and I suspect it will improve with time. No proof of that, but it just feels like it will. Those looking for the more airy and delicate Sri Lanka experience may not prefer this one. Those that are looking for a walla patta with some balls, this will do just fine. – Phil, USA

    Take a glassy fast sinking Walla Patta chip,
    snap it in half,
    smell the aroma,
    Oud Royale Sri Lanka – Curt, USA

    The Royale is an exceptionally good oil, and again I think severely underrated. The depth and integrity of heart is more vigorous than any other walla patta oil I have ever smelled, and unlike most oils from the region which have a pacifying and uplifting effect, this has an intensifying and active quality which I adore. One can only imagine how incredible this oil will be with aging. It is also the greenest high-quality Sri Lankan I have smelled, with an undercurrent of pennywort and freshwater moss – if there is any fruit it is more like pear than the guava or papaya of other Sri Lankans. The slight bitterness of the green gives it strength and the cool sweetness gives it elegance, and the overall effect is like a river of walla patta cascading through the jungle. – Raaid, UK

    ORSL is a beast. A wild beast but one with grace. Like a tiger. A lion. Powerful but with elegance and nuance. Tons going on here. Massive oil with huge and I mean gobs of all the top mid and base notes. All the way to the finish it remains powerful. A very oudy oud. This ain’t for the newbies or faint of heart. He is a hulk. Chiseled and like each muscle popping out a scent pops out. – Rasoul, Canada

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