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    Oud Ilyas

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Matured over nine summers, Oud Ilyas has aged into a full-flavoured Cambodi imbued with an ambergris hadrami-honey neroli muskiness reminiscent of its predecessor, Oud Ishaq.

    Oud Ilyas echoes the thick oudy core of Oud Ishaq and replicates its mellow cedar citrus body that stands in such stark contrast to the playful fruity profiles you associate with ouds from the same area. Using exclusively naturally infected organic agarwood to capture its astonishing aromatic complexity, if there was ever an oud that blurs the line between ‘wild’ and ‘cultivated’ Cambodis, this is it. 

    Oud Ilyas was never force aged (oxidized) to capture its luscious, aromatically dense aroma. Force aging oud is common practice to (falsely) market the oil as a vintage distillation. This oud gives you a $550+ fragrance with strong longevity and the same intense woody notes, as in Oud Ishaq, that are downplayed in New Age Cambodian ouds. 

    But hang on. 

    Is Oud Ilyas Thai or Cambodi?

    Politics tells us it’s Thai. Tradition tells us it’s Cambodi. Does it matter? The raw agarwood used to extract Oud Ilyas was grown on mountains split along a line, drawn with a ruler by a ruler on a map. As soon as you cross the border from Trat (Thailand) into Koh Kong (Cambodia), righthand steering turns left. But when it comes to oud, Koh Kong is in reality more Thai than Bangkok! Luckily for us all, scent transcends manmade lines…

    So, think of the scent notes that come to mind when you think ‘Thai’. Now, think ‘Cambodi’. Next… forget both. Think lemon cake, deer musk and maple syrup. Think frangipani linden flower cream tobacco heated sugar cane bee pollen powdery pine ripe sultanas vanilla. Oud Ilyas is an olfactory buffet, so feast to fatigue!

    Oud Ilyas is another powerful example of high quality Organic distillation giving us this gem. Beautiful and strange at the same time as a split personality starts with a strong thick syrup of prunes, rum, xmas cake full of sweetness, and after some time a cool air of menthol fresh lime / Michelia alba flower or cedrat fruit comes alongside as if you opened the window in a winter morning and breathed deeply.

    Great longevity and beautiful energy too... Thanks again for the experience because at the end of the day this is what it's all about...the travel from the first smell up to what our soul and senses reveal!! – Charalambos, Cyprus

    Reviews for the previous edition:

    Oud Ilyas starts with the same green piercing kinam-y note as Crassna Cha Experiment. This uncanny resemblance is highly surprising, as it is the exact scent one would expect from burning a high calibre Thai wood chip.

    After about ten minutes the scent becomes softer, more fruity and thus comes closer to the aroma of a good Cambodi oil. It displays subtle notes of white flowers and citrusy accords and plays between the notes of green tea and lime and the fruity and woody register of Cambodian oud. It also has the subtle notes of linden flower as Ensar has described. I also perceive a slight sweet hay note, and tobacco leaves drying in the sun. Ilyas is a very complex and savory oil, and is a nice example of artisanal Organic Oud distillation. – Thomas, Germany

    Cambodi lovers, this one is for you! Very carefully described by Ensar, this really does blur the line between wild and cultivated Cambodis, literally! Those who manage to grab a bottle or bottles, you will not regret this buy. And to mention it’s aged 5 years. In my humble opinion, this is one of the finest organic releases of recent times. – Adem, UK

    Deep golden honey in colour, taking a whiff directly from the bottle hints towards a traditional rich good quality aged oud with a touch of Hindi. Light golden barn notes are easily perceived, though not as strong or deep as Sulaiman lll.

    Upon first swipe, Oud Ilyas reveals itself to be more gentle than expected, sweet golden hay against a very slight warm barn note accompanied by gentle fruits and florals jostling for position. A distinct Frangipani floral and an aquatic feel comes to the forefront, followed closely by notes of juicy fruits making their presence felt. The early scent progression is very smooth with a wonderful creamy texture. After a while, pale Lilacs over light juicy Mandarin, Orange and Kiwi fruit with a hint of Lime zest. This is all so very subtle, Oud Ilyas feels like a very well rehearsed procession, none of the notes being more prominent than the next. There is a real portrayal of freshness entwined around these very smooth and creamy notes.

    There are many comforting and familiar scent notes in Oud Ilyas. Imagine the faintest touch of Borneo 50K’s minty sunshine magic wafting over a softened Oud Yusuf against a backdrop of very subtle creamy light golden hay, and you will get an idea of this scent’s signature. Absolutely beautiful. Oud Ilyas is gently mesmerising, and it gives a revitalising feeling. A genuine tonic for the soul. – Jim, UK

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