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    Oud Dhul Kifl

    Price: $235

    Invite ten experienced oud connoisseurs, blindfold them, and give them each a swipe of Oud Dhul Kifl. Then ask them: ‘Wild or Cultivated?’

    I bet you that ten out of ten would go with ‘Wild. Definitely wild.’

    Before you’ve even had a chance to let the oil touch your skin, you’ll already know that this is no ordinary Cambodi — flip over the bottle and you’ll see what I mean…

    Thick like honey, and as delicious, you’ll be stuck smelling the drop at the tip of the dipstick in amazement. Then, when the velvety feel meets your skin, it’s all charisma. Deep. Mellow. Oud with story to tell. 

    Thick = oxidized = a very bland fragrance branded with a noticeable note of dust: a formula that holds true for the most part.

    Not Oud Dhul Kifl. No oxidation. No dustiness. Instead, a powdery pipe tobacco lining, with an ultra laid-back mood at its heart. Herbaceous, yes. Fruity, you bet. But don’t think apple or citrus, nor mint... rather, a thick woody cherry jam runs head-first into a subtle sweetshrub-laced spiciness that makes your mouth water and your nose scream for more.

    To test the true grit of this oud, try this: give your right wrist a swipe. Go about your day in any which way. Maybe go out for a walk... or rather, go for a swim! After a few hours, smell your wrist again. Now, give your left wrist a swipe. Go back and forth, right wrist to left... you’ll hardly notice the difference - the top notes are in complete harmony with the drydown. Incredible!

    This updated rendition of Oud Dhul Kifl shows you how far Organic Oud has come. Layers of lush tobacco drenched in agar syrup, fumigated by burning oud chips spells out O U D to everyone who craves a classic, bombastic burst of resin, incense, molasses, and that signature Cambodi zest from yesteryear.

    Strong motor oil profile, which surprised me. Almost in the world of gasoline top notes. I feel like I know some people who would love that. Along the dry down I really started to like it. Behind it is a slight mint and tobacco. Very unique. Quite like a spicy version of Port Archie. Extremely fragrant and long tenacity. Even after a shower I was left with an earthy pepper natural aura. Astounded how long this is lasting, huge bonus. – Jimmy, USA

    Oud Dhul Kifl is so fantastic, strong resinous and raw for my taste... and what I mean by raw is that from the first few minutes you get hit from a dirty, sexy, medicinal-like Indian Oud blast of wow and you have to stay calm from the WHAT?? Is it so strong and hard this boy? But after 10 min of that show I can detect a sweet red Ruby something but not rose or patchouli.. it's like ylang ylang.. and it's an excellent contrast..there is a tobacco sweetness that I like so much and as the excitement fades it gets a little bit sweet red dusty almost as if I wear musk with sandalwood :) ??definitely not for meditation this oil! But excellent!! – Charalambos, Cyprus

    The bliss of jungle, I can feel the smoke in the air with a bit of chocolate burn in it after few min of application I get the real notes of ancient Oud stored and used very rarely with a glimpse of Aroha Kyaku in it. – Raziq, Dubai

    Oud Dhul Kifl, being my first pure Oud to smell, is very new but immensely happy that Ensar Oud is the first to let me know that privileged smell. – David, Spain

    Reviews of the previous Oud Dhul Kifl:

    Now this I like! On first appearance the thick, very thick, dark consistency has my attention. To me not the most complex of ouds but the rich dark fruity jammy notes against lovely moist tobacco has me hooked! Beautiful. – Jim, UK

    I would recommend Dhul Kifl... oh, that’s one of my favourite types of oud... Thaqeel type... super thick and juicy. An oil that makes you feel happy just by looking at it. Well described as well, dark cherry, pine, tobacco... all are there. – Adam, UK

    Dhul Kifl starts with a wonderful resinous pine-like aroma. The scent is clear and piercing like freshly-cut wood. Then Dhul Kifl displays a pronounced woodiness and a balsamic sweetness reminding me of linden flower. Yes, Dhul Kifl comes close to the famous Oud Ishaq (now a Legend) in its floral sweetness.  However, Dhul Kifl is, at least to my nose, more mature and presents its notes slightly subdued (as compared to Ishaq). A citrus-y accord unites with tobacco and cedar riding over maple syrup and fruity notes of apricot jam… the scent profile is close to the scent of Thai chips, with wonderful spiciness and sweet fruitiness riding atop a resinous wooden accord that will have your nose returning to your wrist every other minute. This is an oil you will want to have in your collection, and one you will enjoy wearing several days in a row. – Thomas, Germany

    I have in the past mixed a Cambodi oud and tobacco just to get that beautiful juicy and fruity pipe tobacco aroma. Dhul Kifl perfects that rich aroma and takes it to a different level. With winter coming up this oud will be my companion every day. – Faheem, UK

    When I opened Oud Dhul Kifl, the smell of aged Oud could be detected in a heartbeat. The oil is extremely thick, pungent & unique. If you turn the bottle upside-down, it takes 4 seconds for the bubble to swim to the top. That’s how thick it is. I own many varieties of Oud, some of them aged over 10 years. Oud Dhul Kifl blows them all away. When I first put it on and rubbed it on my skin, the smell was extremely potent, deep and humid. A beautiful, bold scent. I went on with my day, and after making ablution the smell would turn sweet and spicy with a woody essence. After a while the oil brought memories of my grandma's village in Bangladesh. I felt that I was In the rice paddy fields on a hot humid day when people are burning incense before salat... That burning of sweet incense with hints of tobacco & oud in the air, going through the rice paddy fields . – Ish, Canada

    Very thick tenacious oud. The dark mysterious color matches the scent profile very well. At first it starts as sharp/ foresty with some fecal notes. In fifteen minutes, it turns into resins. A lot of pines. The fecal note calms down and plays around the resins and pines. It lasted almost over 12 hrs on the skin and more than 48 hrs on the clothes. It is a joy. – Faisal, WV

    To me Kifl has a touch of that wet, plumy, resinous pipe tobacco. – Adam, UK

    Tom Ford eat your synthetic heart out. This is clearly what they were going for but they didn’t quite get there. This is smart & sharp. A clean crisp medicinal that so many perfumes and colognes seem to be trying for but always get wrong. This strides the fine balance between cool and warm. Comforting and Woody this has many familiar elements and layers that are revealed in time. Imagine the scent of Raspberry Butter stored in a Cedar chest. Very special and easily one of my favorites! – Robert, CA

    WOW! Today I picked up my vial of Oud Dhul Kifl and noticed that it had gotten darker and when I lifted the vial horizontally towards the light so that I could get a better look something amazing happened, the oil did not move. My eyes lit up when I saw this. I thought, could this be transforming to a Thaqeel (heavy)? Indeed it has and the oil has become stronger, projecting itself more. Still has a bright opening as if some one has opened a maple syrup jar with a leather covering. Then I feel like I am walking through a wet maple grove with a bakery tucked into the corner with a plate of fresh home made grand flacky biscuits with apricot jam and butter melting away on the biscuits hot surface. With every breeze the wind brings the sweetness, butteriness of the biscuits with an apricot jam. My nose can't help but follow! I'm hungry. – Abu Ayoob, USA

    What really can I say for Oud Dhul Kifl?... First time in 33 years of my life, one oil made me feel very shy! I can't describe the feeling. I just take a small sniff and directly the feelings made me close it, I feel that inside this tiny bottle was a personal private moment of me and I feel even jealous of the Air to touch it. – Nikolaos, Greece

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