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    Osyris 1999

    Price: $159

    A large chunk of the batch went into Santal Sultan. As for the rest… just looking at these gorgeous cuts… Would you have ground them all up?

    Instead of ending up in the boiler, sculptors, miniaturists & craftsmen all gained access to a priceless carving treasure. You name it: beaded bangles, malas… pen holders, rosaries, coasters, or a raw piece of rare Tanzanian Osyris, showcased right on your office desk! Each cut is rock solid and ready to take shape in your hands… or retain its amazing natural shape. The centennial trees these pieces were collected from were harvested 18+ years ago.

    I can already see how for some diehard Santal mongers a piece will double up as a living room ornament and longterm stash of burnables. If you own a bottle of Santal Sultan, I highly recommend getting a memento of the distillation material for a close-up of the oil’s origin…

    Each piece is so ambient, you can actually smell the heart of Santal Sultan straight up. When heated… scrumptious cedar spice that literally makes you want to lick the hotplate. A sweetness that’s more thick yellow buttery than the white creamy notes of the Indian and Papuan varieties. Miles more peppery, nutmeg-y and red than even the darkest-hued Aussie harvests. The fresh-from-the-oven lemon meringue patchouli-chocolate aroma makes you drool like a kid in a candy store.

    That doesn’t mean the scent’s pure sugar. A raw amber animalic leathery thread runs through the buttery spice to make it at once soulful, serious and super soothing. Want to know why mystics have been lighting up sandalwood since the beginning of time? Why there are monasteries built of sandalwood? Meditation niches carved from it? Gently inhale this Tanzany vapor before crossing your legs in Gratitude and feel how the scent guides your thoughts. Not to mention… indulge in a whiff after work, 30 min before hitting the sack and see what it does for your sleep.

    The melting caramel citrus doused in clove-rich spice makes you so tingle-in-your-cheek mellow, time itself dissolves for a moment. And because this is solid carving-grade heartwood, even with the smallest piece you can delight in enough kōdō sessions for life.

    (Tip: heated at higher temperature, the spicy notes will dominate. I recommend you heat it gently to also dig into the mouthwatering butter-cake sweetness.)

    The cuts come in varying sizes and are priced per gram (simply select the options you like from the dropdown menu). You might be thinking of getting a couple of cuts as a set or one or two matching pieces. Either way, if you’d like to find out about a specific size or weight, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to send you additional info. 

    I’m sure you know how uncommon it is to find 100+ year-old sandalwood trees – and that you’d have more luck finding vintage Mysore logs than solid 100+ year-old wild red heartwood slabs that grew next to the Kilimanjaro. So take a break – even from your Mysore! – and feast your nose, your chisel, your artistic eye on this:


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