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    Olde Tonga

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    I can get rather sentimental when it comes to sandalwood. There’s a soft spot in every perfume lover’s soul for quality santal. When it comes to extinct varieties harvested on tiny islands that have since gone underwater, that soft spot can get… even softer… to the point of not wanting to part with it ever, for neither love nor money.

    I have a batch of premium Tonga sandalwood oil that will never see the light of day. Simply because it is impossible to replace today and it bears historical significance. Mysore? Sure, I’ll pour ounces of Santal Royale into a premium Oud Parfum if I feel the blend would benefit from its alchemical properties. But Tonga? These logs are almost archeological in their significance to a sandalwood fiend. Distilling them into oil would be sacrilegious. Carving them into beads, criminal. They ought to be kept and cherished for generations as a natural wonder never to be seen again.

    I’d proudly display a piece smack in the center of the table… but holding such rock-solid santal and seeing how many beads you can carve out of even the smallest piece can really get your creative juices flowing. I wouldn’t object to carving miniatures out of them that you display for posterity’s higher sandalwood studies. Anything else, I’d recommend you consider using Mysore or Indonesian varieties, which are more plentiful.

    If you’re not into displaying vintage rarities or indulging your artistic other, how does a lifetime supply of a monk’s go-to Nirvana vapor sound? No doubt, Tonga sandalwood ought to be approached with the same deference and economy you’d chisel shavings off a kinam nugget. With none of the glue or the additives found in sandalwood incense sticks (yep, even the expensive ones), here you’ve got one of the most delectable variations on the santalum scent in its purest form. A delicious buttercream aroma with an elegant citrusy-floral vibe, and a tangible aura of calm that sets over you. Grace your burner with a few slivers come time to unwind, and you’ll see why I feel the way I do about my Tonga sandalwood.

    We have an assortment of sizes available, depending on your degree of addiction. As decorative ornaments, I recommend a fat chunk—but then again, a set of smaller pieces can be beautifully arranged.  

    Note: Sizes and shapes vary, orders will recieve the equivalent in weight, or more! 

    It’s truly divine. One of nature’s fragrant masterpieces. – Stephen, UK

    We celebrated my 47th birthday yesterday and all of this recent Oud madness opened my wife to also accept again to burn some wood. So did we with the Old Tonga as well as some old Oud woods of mine. I must say everybody loved them and Old Tonga piece of wood looks like an almost unlimited amount to chip burn and enjoy ! Everybody yesterday loved everything they tried. I love sharing incredible sensations and experiences and Bingo, oud is an endless opportunity to share and be amazed together. – Sebastien, France.

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