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    Olde Hind Attar

    Price: $250 $199

    A duet of Meghalayan and Karbi Anglong ouds, each aged for nine years, topped with frankincense, all lacquered in Siberian musk and olde Mysore.

    This is the most traditional attar — oud, musk, sandalwood — like they don’t make ‘em anymore.

    Imagine the primal earthy air, the wild spice punch of old-school Indian oud… varnished with the cannabis-like sweetness of lavender, and polished by the rich buttery cream aroma of vintage santalum.

    The two rare Hindi ouds are both so serenely mellow after almost a decade stowed away that they pack all the old-world Indian muscle without any cloying fermentation notes. You won’t track down oud of the same class, from these remote jungles, both aged for so many years, oozing together in distilled Mysore granules from the 70s steeped in musk.

    There’s something about strong, heavily spiced-up Indian oud that’s matured long enough and then left to be tamed by the dry-spice aroma of sandalwood that makes you believe these two are aromatic soulmates.

    For an artisanal rendition of a classic Indian attar, this is the one to get.

    Order 12 gr and you'll receive a FREE full bottle of your choice from the following:

    5 ml Boswellia Biblica
    5 ml Mavera Sacra

    Simply let us know which one you'd like in the comments section during checkout and we'll do the rest. 

    Now I taste it and cannot stop. It enriches my olfactory experience with its bemused scent that relieves my mind. The smell is so rounded and harmonized as an accomplished musical chord. At the same time it tranquilizes and uplifts. It is a real masterpiece. Your scents give me something that anything else cannot provide. – Milan, Slovakia

    It’s a beautiful attar. It has the Indian oud base, but then is strongly contrasted by lavender and citric notes. It’s very fresh, you could wear it easily at the beach during summertime. – Andre, Portugal

    This one I smelled many times while living in Dubai but could never seem to find. A wonderful "honey hay" oud note at the beginning. That grassy Indian oud smell, quickly joined by a soft yet spicy sandal/lavender. Very comforting – I could see myself wearing this before sleep when I am stressed out, or first thing in the morning when I need to calm myself before the day begins. – Matt, USA

    Have I been good enough in my life to deserve to smell such sublime parfumes? There is a spirit in these bottles for which I have a deep sense of dévotion and gratefulness. They are of this world and yet of another world. Pure love, pure magic. – Antonin, France

    Here is my (humble) take on the scintillatingly interesting and beautiful Olde Hind. This is a handsome man who wears lavender neat. He also smokes ravishing tobacco. Lavender and cigarettes...a selling point? It certainly is for me. I love this very unique Attar. Thanks Ensar Oud! Yet another legend... – Beverly, USA

    I'm totally amazed at the beauty of the Olde Hind Attar. It's instantly my favorite of all your perfumes and attars. It’s so unlike the many Oud Lubans to be found out there, I think due to the exquisite ouds in it. And they’re not hidden—I think I can pick out both of them, or maybe just the Meghalaya, a beautiful oud. The deer musk kicks up the lovely sandalwood (which is obviously Mysore.). This is a beautiful attar, a tiny bit of spice, not heavy, easily welcome to Western tastes. A pleasure. – Larry, USA

    I am really impressed with the new attars. They are all well done. My absolute favorite is the Olde Hind Attar. The combination of the Indian oud and sandalwood is simply amazing! – Travis, USA

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