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    New Guinea Signature

    New Guinea Signature




    I’ve had a small strip on my burner for more than an hour and there’s no sign of the scent waning. Instead of the dead wood murky dank of so many Papuans, the scent is alive & cedar dry.

    On a low temp heater, the chips continuously emit a delectable crisped sugar sweetness that makes it difficult to pull your nose away. With the temperature dial turned up (or when heated on charcoal), the savory top notes fuse into a pollen creamy chord rich with a Lignum Vitae earthiness and the vanilla of Palo Santo. Turn down the dial for your next chip and you’ll discover a subtle fusion of soft oak and red santalum, all drenched in that warm crème brûlée caramel that oozes only from resin-heavy agarwood.

    The aroma is never cloying or wet – in many oud chips (from Kalimantan to Irian Jaya) you can literally smell the moisture. New Guinea Signature was harvested from wild, live gyrinops that have been fully dried, with a ruddy larch needle aroma you don’t get in even the most ethereal Borneos. Less jungle wet, more camping out on Machu Picchu, crisp mountain air tinged with a bite of shamanic liqueur.

    If you own a bottle of New Guinea oud oil, indulge yourself to the max with a chip bubbling and a swipe on your wrist. Don’t quite expect the blue-green aquatic profile in the heated version (only the coolness of the oil can give you that), but do watch out for the resinous undercurrent that starts to run stronger about two hours after application. Now take whiffs between your wrist and your burner to experience firsthand how incredibly the scents become one.

    If you missed out on Port Moresby Basic, here’s your chance to add a batch of wild gyrinops to your collection. In fact, the Signature collection is a notch more resinous than the Basic – and doesn’t cost you a penny more. One look at the resin strain tells you you’ve got mature, highly solidified veins of resin that exude an aroma that's far more than just top-notes-turn-to-firewood, with a rich herbal spiciness that’s completely lacking in those cheap moist-muddy Marokes. It all comes together in a scent that packs more than enough zen to help you zone out to Headspace, and at this price it’s the perfect every-weekend burn.

    My Papua days are steadily coming to an end… when was the last time you saw a New Guinea bangle for sale? How many Sultan Abdüs Selams do you know of? We’ve all seen it happen in Cambodia, Laos and China, so you know well that there’ll come a day when oud like this will be worth an extra zero.

    100% wild-harvested. No funny business. Just raw, natural agarwood. 

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