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    Muana Zen

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    Several people have asked us recently about the best oud for meditation.

    The truth is, there’s no single ‘best’ oud to use.

    Yet, practicing meditators keep highlighting similar ouds they’ve found zooms you in (or out) faster, or that have a quality that ignites your focus (or absence of focus) more than other ouds.

    Many oud lovers who practice some form of meditation single out vintage Hindis, but there’s basically a consensus that Bhutanese hits the spot the hardest. 

    The problem is, where do you find Bhutanese oud? How many do you see on offer anywhere?

    That’s why we’ve received so many requests.

    It’s the sheer naturalness of the aroma that adds to its meditative appeal. You smell it and struggle to relate any memories with the fragrance. It’s so different from any place you’ve been to or any scent you’ve smelled, it evokes… nothing but a new experience. 

    Forced to describe this exotic bouquet, Muana Zen smells spicy warm, tobaccoish, and surprises you with a tingle at the top of your mouth, and the taste of its warm rooibos-with-milk aroma. The scent gets sharper a few minutes in and a red resinous, not cedar and not Palo Santo either, but a warm sandalwood aroma awash in a gentle narcotic sweetness flows over the zesty top notes.

    The best thing about all these scent notes? They come in one go. And they stay as one tone. The pitch may get sharper, but the notes don’t wander much at all. That’s one marvel that makes this oud totally Senkoh

    It’s this lack of change, the lack of needing to smell your wrist every 10 minutes to discover what’s next – pepper or champaka? – that makes it so well suited for meditation, as it provides that familiar focal point. Muana Zen oozes a one-drum “OM” from start to finish, and it’s delicious and exquisitely rich in aroma. 

    But you don’t have to be into meditation to fall for Muana. It’s one of the most replete oud profiles you can hope to cherish, pumped with flavor and a heavy primal pull – if you love Indian oud for it’s ancient, almost mystical fragrance, but could never get over the twang… this one's for you. 

    Honeybush twigs rolled in tobacco leaves whipped in crushed cacao and vanilla cream – and no tarpy bad-fermentation notes that kill so many Hindis. And through it all, you smell wafts of sappy nectarine peel for a refreshing kiss of sweetness.

    It doesn’t matter if you meditate or not – Muana Zen is an excellent addition to any oud lover's arsenal. Does it aid meditation? Well, if this doesn’t, I don’t know what will. At the same time, it’s a soulful, exotic and ‘serious’ fragrance you can wear anywhere. It blows the lid off of any mainstream leather perfume and makes a fool out of ‘oud’ colognes. It’s as rich as the most layered ouds, and Senkoh all the way.

    Absolutely tremendous; bravo!

    Completely unlike any of your other ouds that I've tried.
    Yak butter lamps burning in a room walled with ancient planks of sandalwood, a soft wind blowing through carrying hints of the herbaceous plants and pepper trees growing outside.

    Really remarkable: calming, clearing, inspiring - a truly beautiful oud in all senses of the word. – David, USA

    Most unique. Familiar yet peculiar notes to my nose best described as a very soft subdued curry note. Bay leaf. Ginger. Even curry leaf. Something mildly zesty like buddha hand or some imaginary yet to be discovered citrus zest. So subtle though. Other than that, the same muana note of red/black tea with milk, touch of wild honey and hint of vanilla. Clean. Pristine. Love it. – Rasoul, Canada

    Erhard, Austria

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