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    Midori Qi

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    Because you’ve just got to have a Borneo on your palette. Dried pomegranate seeds, Horlicks ice cream, clusters of cloves and cinnamon (smell it an hour in), this is a dark fruity, spicy aromatic orchestra tied together by incense-heavy heart notes.

    With little of the vanilla-dry, cedar-y sweetness many of my previous Borneos had in common, you instead imbibe Midori’s blackberry deep-sea blue. Here’s where ‘top’ notes aren’t top at all. An aged resinous blue that’s miles from the golden sunshine that makes many Borneos ever so playful. Midori Qi is serious – and way less linear than mainstay Kalimantans. Prepare to dive down deep.

    With Borneos, there are the dry woody profiles, and the wet herbaceous Kinamantan-ish profiles, and Midori Qi is definitely the latter. Open, airy ozone and petrichor, a freshness above the canopy of temperate mixed-broadleaf forest complete with fern-like undergrowth,just beneath the fougère is dried pine-needle astringency as if to claim relations to Chugoku…

    For a jungle mood and forest feel. Rain fresh, deep tropical chant, Pacific blue. 100% wild. And aged three years.

    I see Midori Qi being a hit with the Borneo-loving crowd - that oil has some serious character! – Josh, USABoy do I love that Borneo. Only having had the small sample prior, I used it sparingly, but a good big dab on the back of my hand – just lovely. So clean and fruity/woody. I know some of the hardcore old-timers are over the Borneo berry stuff, and I too enjoy a good complex Hindi, but sometimes those easy breezy fresh woody oils just hit the spot. – Ben, USA

    Lovely opening like Archipelago. Green forest floating over an ancient lake. Old wood logs with core resin. Silky incense vapours. Dry down has Chinese Orange peel with camphoric undertones reminiscent of Green Kyara Oils. It induces mental peace establishes serenity all around you. A gleeful Zen Mode oil. I get the nomenclature now. Qi indeed. – Nikhil, India

    It is wood-centric to me, similar to Tigerwood 95 but with a bit of the high notes of ORSL. – Kswer, Canada

    A truly wonderful straight-up Borneo. A little fruity with cinnamon-like aromatic spice on an incense/laquered woody base. Straight-laced and easy to wear. – Customer, USA

    I see Midori Qi being a hit with the Borneo-loving crowd – that oil has some serious character! – Josh, USA

    Along with SS and OZ, it’s one of my favorites so far. Although Tigerwood 1995 and Oud Sultani 1990 are no slouches either. – Ben, USA

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