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    Mavera Sacra

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    From the mountains of Tibet to the Temple of Solomon, thousands of years of spirituality and mystical experience attest to the mystique and appeal of frankincense. Add to that scientific studies showing potential anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, and suddenly even modernity finds itself extolling the virtues of this ancient aromatic.

    This fragrance is devotional. It’s no wonder frankincense can be found in sacred places of every description around the world. Even in its name “Frank incense” (pure, exquisite incense) you get a whiff of the ethereal. 

    In all my years working with frankincense, this is the most exquisite sacra oil I’ve smelled. When it comes to frankincense fragrance, you cannot trump this. The fact that its medicinal quality is on par with the quality of the scent (there is no resin that’s higher grade than the tears used to juice this oil from) lets purity and maturity come together in the finest frankincense aroma… and at the same time ticks off every box on the list of healing qualities. 

    The scent is beautifully perfume-y. Wear it neat or diluted into a carrier (like argan, fractionated coconut, or jojoba oil) for a super pleasant citrus aroma wafting around you.

    Seriously, I haven’t smelled frankincense oil with such piercing clarity, the scent of fresh sap from pine bark crushed into a powder of orange blossom, clementine sweet, engulfed in that age-old signature of exquisite incense.

    Highly recommended.

    The Frankincense is excellent - in smell and quality, so superior to any other Frankincense oils I bought in the past.  – Hanna, Australia

    Mavera Sacra is terrific, its scent is clear and pure as the ring of a perfect bell. It is perfect for clearing the mind and focusing the heart.  – David, USA


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