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    Legends Sampler

    Price: $830 $599

    Some of our ouds come in very limited batches, or they simply sell out before you’ve had the chance to get your hands on a bottle. Or, you’ve just recently stepped foot into the world of artisanal oud and wish you could get a whiff of one of those oud legends you keep hearing about that have shaped this niche arena in some way or other.

    Here you’ve got the chance to turn back the clock and rewire your nose. These legends have been the definition of quality oud. They are the apex, the emblematic benchmark, and the ultimate reference guide for oud aficionados. And up till now, they’ve been in the hands of private collectors who – let’s face it – have every right to be a bit reluctant about handing out free swipes…

    You get:

    .3 gr Sultan Mustafa– New Guinea | Brunei, 2014

    .3 gr Suriranka Senkoh – Sri Lanka, 2017

    .3 gr Oud Yunus –  Meghalaya, 2007

    .3 gr Kinamantan -- Borneo, 2006

    .3 gr Oud Zachariyya – Burma, 2008

    .3 gr Oud Royale – Sri Lanka, 2017

    .3 gr Chugoku Senkoh – China | India, 2016

    This extraordinary selection lets you smell ouds from the remotest corners of the oud world that have sent oud lovers flying in olfactory wonder for years and years. Each one of these is a benchmark distillation to which other oils can be compared and through which your own appreciation for this magical scent will be refined. 

    If you factored in the age of these oils, along with their scarcity and rarity, you’d be looking at thousands of dollars just to buy these on the market. If released today, buying individual .3 gr vials of these ouds would add up to no less than $830. But we’ve decided to slash this price to just $599!

    Each sample contains an ample amount to try the oud several times, with enough to put away for future reference. How I now wish I had more Chugoku Senkoh, or that decade-old Burmese to turn to! Smell the ooze of red berries, molasses, and orange zest in a whiff of wild genuine Chinese oud. Experience the mimosa cool of Suriranka Senkoh and feel the soul of the original Meghalaya! 

    You’ll have to hunt down collectors and bargain until you’re blue in the face for them to at best let go of a drop of one of these. Here you get seven oud legends that have stood the test of time. They’ve been revisited and reviewed and the vote is unanimous: “This is as good as it gets.”

    Note: Legends Samplers come pre-packaged and we are unable to offer any of the oils listed individually.

    Oud Yunus

    When the 'core' of a wrestler is solid his shoulders, chest, back and limbs – all of his independent body parts – are free to grapple, dive, twist and thrust without upsetting his equilibrium. The core of Oud Yunus is kneaded leather. Although flashes of smoke spontaneously erupt, shavings of wood intermittently curl and the scent of sweet plums leaps in flowing, graceful arcs, it is the supple firmness of undressed pelts and tanned hides that define him. Some fighters are quick and lithe. Oud Yunus is powerful. Some spar with the grace of frisky colts. Oud Yunus stalks with the measured gait of a lion. Some enter competitions seeking fame and adulation. Oud Yunus emanates quiet confidence and nonchalant panache. What he lacks in uniqueness he makes up for in aplomb and longevity. If you're looking for a classic Indian backbone oil, consider inviting Oud Yunus into your akhara. I hope you'll admire his prowess and restraint as the action unfolds. – Isabella, NY

    Yunus is truly a must-have! I love the sweet toffee note and the creaminess of it. It reminds me of Idrees a lot, only that it is more creamy, softer than Idrees. – Thomas, Germany

    Oud Yunus is a well aged Hindi with a lot of class. The benefits of aging can be fully appreciated in this oil. Different notes are so beautifully and seamlessly blended, the sharp edges taken away. It is very soothing for the mind. It offers a safe haven, centers, and hits the right spot. Perhaps it's like a well known stranger, or almost like a deja vu.

    Right from the start, clear clean barnyard. Very shortly, some black humus earth notes. Deep inhalations reveal high notes at first fresh, green and camphorous. Lightest touch of rue. Delicate and elusive floral notes appear as it transforms into soft leather, fragrant skin, baked chestnuts, hay and wild flowers. Pollen, galbanum. This heart ensemble is very appealing.

    The sweetness it possesses is somehow special. It has strong spicy elements, like a rich, fresh Indian masala including fenugreek, brown mustard seeds, cumin, freshly ground black pepper, laurel, asafoetida. It possesses olfactory umami, the fifth taste.

    Everything is covered with a resinous glaze. For me it has similarities to Oud Idrees. It feels like spiciness, heart notes and high notes take turns in reaching my nose after that. Sweet woodiness is subdued but present.

    In the end, Yunus is like Billie Holiday's song 'Fine and Mellow' – at the moment one of my favourites. – Andrej, Croatia

    I thought wild oud was going to be pungent and super strong, but to my surprise it was quite smooth. I was also surprised by the 'barnyard' opening. I'd have thought it would be unbearable or what is sometimes described as 'fecal,' but it wasn't at all. Again, very surprised on how it could be barnyard but clean and not aggressive, smooth and soothing.

    In terms of the scent, when I opened the bottle and by smelling just the cap I understood it was an unearthly smell. Then after applying it I got a smell of what I would describe like nature or forest. It transitions gently into a smooth, creamy chocolate with hints of incense and leathery notes. I really feel it's a classy, noble and royal oil. – Yaz, UK

    Oud Yunus opens with the deepest and most intense barnyard note I have ever smelled. It is almost too much to take. And yet it has a deep and mysterious allure that piques one's sensual curiosity, and in another breath – there is ecstasy.

    Oud Yunus is primal and wild – a beautiful untamed stallion with natural finesse and noble character. This horse roams free in the wild, but when he stops for a breath, there is a quiet and gentle breeze that carries with it an astonishingly sweet fragrance.

    After the wild barnyard note has reached its climax, Yunus reveals a sweetness that begins to silently emanate from its barnyard heart. With the texture of silk and the creaminess of white chocolate, the oil's bold and wild intensity verges on the sensational. A few moments later, and the barnyard and sweet notes have realized their union in an elegant woodiness reminiscent of cedar. The notes only layer, and never disappear.

    Oud Yunus not only hits the 'spot' that only an Indian oud can, it challenges and allures one into an exotic wildness of whole bodily intoxication. While the opening barnyard note may have you thinking that this will be your typical Indian oud, think again. Yunus is anything but your average (or even above average) Indian oud. Yunus is nothing short of exceptional. Unique and aromatically complex, with its all-encompassing palette Oud Yunus captures the heart of India, and expresses the deep passions and spiritual desires of the human soul. – Neeshee, HI

    Sultan Ahmet

    For me, there’s no question, ‘The’ oud would be Ensar’s Sultan Ahmet. There’s just something about Merauke ouds. For me, its the oud that is the answer to the question, “If I was stranded on an island, what’s the one oud you’d want to have with you?” Before smelling this oud, I would have said Betonamu Jinkoh, without hesitation. But the way Ensar managed to combine top and base (and everything in between) in Sultan Ahmet, it plays every single octave of the notes series.

    Having said that, I haven’t even asked Ensar yet if this is a Merauke oud, or a co-distill (or not even Merauke at all?!). What I do know however is that it appeases every variant of the oud crave! – Taha, KL

    I am right now sniffing the two ‘Sultan’ oils you included (Sultan Mustafa and Sultan Ahmet), as I couldn’t resist starting with those. My gut feeling was that the Sultan Series is the epitome of your ‘personal diary’ interpretation/experience of agar, expressed on your canvas (the distillation). 

    Ensar, you must pardon me… I simply cannot revert back to you today with my detailed thoughts on these two oils.

    These two oils have yanked my ruh and intertwined it with yours, a sort of rapture I seldom experience. Right now, please allow me to enjoy this fana. It is as though I am one with the oils, and I am also one with you (I can almost feel the neurons charging up and zapping in your brain, as you designed the distillations). 

    I am so immensely enjoying the stories these two oils are telling me, and I am so engrossed in them, that I must ask you to grant me respite for me to recount the anecdotes from these two journeys to you another time. 

    As a side, if indeed your Sultan Series is how I am imagining it (the brainchild of your most personal and intimate relationship with oud), I am beside myself with joy. There are times I fear my own nose has become far too esoteric in unravelling the scent of oud, but when I smell these two oils, it is as though I see the constitution of the wood completely taken apart and then reassembled perfectly in these oils (Sic: the experience suggested to me that just maybe my esotericism does not pass into the domain of insanity; either that or your experience with agar is as ‘insane’ as mine, reflected in your creations).

    You know I’ve always enjoyed all your oils, but these Sultan Series oils are the finest testaments to the quality of the wood you use and your accomplishment as a distiller in capturing their truest essence in oils.

    Now, let me be. The oils are calling… – Taha, KL

    Refreshing, bright, energetic opening, that weaving the whole bunch of very gentle yet intense notes some of which are eucalyptus, lemon peel, lemongrass, with a touch green and purple florals… 

    Those top notes are diverse and very lively yet moderate in their behaviour… they dance beautifully, slowly and smoothly… all are crystal clear and of a very high quality (nothing too sweet, too floral, too green or too purple… every single note displays itself perfectly and in the best manner possible).

    I feel at least 2 or 3 different species in this dance… this is perhaps the factor that makes top notes diverse and very interesting to experience… I also feel a glass condenser involved and a precise, fluctuating temperature control… perhaps its just my imagination.

    The top notes, to me, are one of the most enjoyable experiences in the process of listening to an oil… this is one of the experiences that in my opinion is missing in highly aged oils or perhaps if not missing then hugely lacking…

    Those top notes of Sultan Ahmet are fast moving to the middle where I find hard to get the right words to accurately describe the scent… yet I feel the unmistakable Ensar Oud signature here…

    The base is a complete perfume on its own… its like if one would give a kodo master various species of the finest agarwood chips (scent wise) and ask him to compose a single session that will consist of 3 different species to be heated at once… amazingly pleasant experience, which to me is far beyond and far more valuable than the one that some may discover in the OUDY oils that posses high quality yet less diverse notes… – Russian Adam

    Take Sultan Ahmet for instance. Smelling it, I know what the wood smelled like, I can practically feel the wood when I smell this oil. And yet, you composed the orchestra and your silhouette is clear behind the curtain, even if you’re not on stage. 

    And here, I must strongly disagree with your use of the word ‘experiment’. I don’t buy it for a second. To me, these oils are not haphazard experiments. Its quite clear that these oils are orchestrated compositions, carefully thought out. 

    I can tell you that you’ve done a brilliant job, because your ‘presence’ isn’t in your oils, yet you’re present in them. But having said that, I know every now and then you’ve had some fun and cooked up some oils which one would think are anything but oud (hmm.. maybe oud from a parallel dimension?), but I also know this new supply-side crisis has probably forced you to do the same thing as me: pay the mightiest homage you can to wild oud, before its gone. – Taha, KL

    The Sultan Ahmet is unworldly – I smell cinnamon and pine followed by plum, vanilla, allspice and underlying oud. No barnyard at all (even though I don’t mind barnyard depending on my mood). The oil is liquid gold. Thank all of you for making this fragrance from Mother Earth. – Bob, USA

    Just a short message to tell you that the Sultan Ahmet is simply the most beautiful oud oil I have ever smelled. True, I am a begginer and I haven't smelled so many, but still. This is not an oud, it is a liquid Poem. Congratulations to you and your Team. Costas, Switzerland

    Gentle smile on, head nodding the whole time, head shaking in disbelief. Words don't fit.

    Same brilliant mildly bitter blue/green oceanic note in Sultan Abdüs Selam. Similar Suriranka Senkoh ethereal notes, but more hypnotic, more uplifting yet grounding. It is dare I say perfect. You should feel proud and pat yourselves on the back. This oil is nothing short of genius. Mind blown. – Rasoul, Canada

    Oud Zachariyya

    I would have to put Oud Zachariyya at the top of my list. If you don’t have this oil I suggest you look out for it. It beats Sulaiman III in my book. – Taher, UAE

    Creamy hay and tobacco type barnyard with a ripeness aspect. Incense. Resinous chips on a burner. Sandalwood. Warm spicy fruits Assam style. A dab of powdery tea. Drydown reveals a touch of florals and more powderiness. The barnyard is mostly tobacco now plus there’s a little citrus peel. – Curt, USA

    I have a little story for you. I wore OZ Saturday and was so pleased: the barnyard was more dairy than leathery, and it was potent, with incense and dried fruit in the deep, deep drydown that didn’t seem too sweet. On Sunday, mainly to compare the fruit note, I wore a generous application of the formidable Sulaiman III… and I had trouble detecting it! My Hindi binge has afflicted me with a classic case of olfactory fatigue. So I’ve been abstaining from oud oil (yikes!) to reset and recalibrate the olfactory receptors. I am eager to wear another dose of OZ in a few days when I have a clear palate!

    I can report that on first wear and despite impaired sensitivity, I enjoyed OZ tremendously; it’s not the ‘beast’ of my fantasy world but it’s magnificent in a more refined way. It’s not as gentle as Nuh and not as towering as Khidr, so it has its own special place in the barny oil spectrum. Will report back again after my next wear of OZ. – Jen, USA

    This oil is truly a benchmark and sets a standard to which all other classic Oud Al-Hind should aspire. It has a strong, clean and clear fermented top note indicative of a hygienic soak but nothing remotely offputting. Rich, dark tobacco reminiscent of the wrapper of the finest Cohiba Genios Maduro 5 cigar. Then hay, hints of Assam dark fruit and the slightest tinge of cacao nib. Smooth. Similar in scent profile to Taha’s Shano Shokat while at the same time having a completely different signature. Deep. The shape shifters. – Lance, USA

    The scent of old wild resinous oud, with Indian characteristics. The animalic notes dominate initially, with dried tangerine peel and spices simmering in the background. There is a slight bitter undertone, echoing tobacco and tea. This oil has a mellow and rounded scent profile. A rich and complex scent that is calming and meditative. Not as raw as Oud Sulaiman III, but equally redolent of antiquity. – Kenny, UK

    This Zachariyya is certainly in a class by itself. The feralness is to me more like a Hainan oil rather than cows or horses - and then it hit me that this was more a Burmese tiger, but only a kitten in that sense. I have samples of other Oud like this, but in my opinion they merely touch the hem of his sleeve. This is in its own category. Licorice, citrus, pollen, powder, a tint bit of fruit but not sweet, at once both calming and exhilarating. Very, very smooth with a uniqueness of character along the lines of OM5. I can say I definitely would never had known what I was missing without this. Bravo Maestro.

    P.S. I think that Sultani 90, Suriranka Senkoh, and Zachariyya should be sold together as a "Trinity Of Oud" set. These oils go to the moon and beyond. – Jeff, USA

    Chugoku Senkoh

    Received the package earlier today, thanks so much for the quick customer service. This Chugoku Senkoh is unbelievable by the way, had it on about 2 hrs now and can't wait to see what the drydown reveals. — Darrell, USA

    I have to mention what Kruger said the other day, regarding a certain anonymous oud that he was constantly reapplying before a dry down could take place. The very same thing happened to me, and it is the first time it has happened. If this was the same nameless oil, I can see why. Normally, I'll have a single swipe and let it unfold; studying it along the way. This one in particular, I needed to experience the beginning again and again. I had 3 swipes within the first 8 minutes, what an opening! I have a limited vocabulary for anything other than Hindis, but this one opens with a sharp and fresh Sinensis profile...and some glorious sour red fruit. Minutes later I believe I'm smelling faint whiffs of the kind of topsoil that is used for Mitti; the smell of freshly rained upon earth...perhaps I'm having olfactory hallucination for peanuts too. The drydown includes a very peaceful, soft, non-barn hindi, with a very tiny bit of that Kaunnauj dust and glowing Sinensis sunset. This really is a complex puzzle. — Stefan, Canada

    Well today is none other than the fabled Chugoku Senkoh. 

    Is it Chinese or is it Hindi? Yes and Yes!! The wood is A. Sinensis which grew in India. What struck me first is how gorgeous the oil is physically. Incredibly beautiful clear golden color. Scent wise, there are no real accessory notes here. It is oud, top to bottom. Medicinal, animalic, bittersweet. I can see how this one can be addictive. I just cannot stop sniffing my wrist. So I would characterize this oil as a super clean minimal 'barn' Hindi with some Chinese sweet bitterness. 

    … Chugoku Senkoh today. Non barn Hindi/Chinese combo is a just a beauty. I am slowly starting to realize that the oils which truly emphasize the scent of the resin as ones that I am really drawn to.

    … Chugoku Senkoh this evening. The opening scent of this oil is a full orchestra symphony, despite the intended absence of accessory notes. The Chinese oud scent is so rich yet delicate. So addictive.

    … The CS is just one oil that calls to me pretty much every day. — Phil, USA

    Chugoku Senkoh was also a big surprise. It hits that Hindi raw wood note, but without any barn or leather. It truly smells like a fragrant piece of wood at room temperature. This is an indispensable oil for anyone's library. Swipe Assam Organic and/or Oud Zachariyya and let those develop for some time. Then swipe Chugoku Senkoh and I guarantee that anyone will have an 'a-ha' moment with respect to Hindi and what the core of that scent is. – Steve, USA

    Holy smokes, this stuff is amazing. Sooooo beautiful.

    The note that I imagine as "tiny, high-mountain bitter-sweet berries, grown of foliage barren branches", has become even more pronounced. It also has a slight taste of bitter violet on the tongue. I love violet confectionary, so maybe it's just a hopeful ghost note. The "Kannauj mitti/ soil" note I imagined has become slightly less nutty and a tad more bitter and fermented; and beautifully so, in my opinion.

    What a fool I was not to acquire more. – Stefan, Canada

    Very very quiet meditative and inward oil. In a good way. I love how even when I wear it on my mustache I have to still bring my lips closer to my nose to really get a good whiff. I would get teeny tiny clean barn notes in the Senkoh (surprised as I thought it would have zero) but so little that I can actually find this note as an added complexity and a nuance rather than something that takes over. 1 in 20 whiffs shows something Burma and something China/Hainan in it. But ever so gentle. 95% Hindi DNA to my nose and based on this first proper impression. – Rasoul, Canada

    Regarding Chugoku Senkoh being quiet, I’ve had the opposite experience, in fact in a prior post I said it may be too strong (if ever an oil can be that). I’ve titrated the dosage down and it’s still very diffusive and projects like crazy. I’ve worn it the past few days with an equal sized swipe of Oud Yunus beside it and not only does it compete and hold its own, for the first ~3 hours it dominates. With what you see as clean barn notes, I see no fermentation smell but there is a quality that gives the oil a density and challenging yet totally agreeable element that you find similar in barny Hindi oils. – Lance, USA

    For me, one of the most startlingly underrated ouds around; its strength and longevity are perfect for my tastes, but more than that is the sheer satisfaction of the aroma. That bittersweet intrinsic sinensis animalic – good Lord!

    Rasoul, I would say it is primarily Sinensis only based on the fact that right at the bottom of that animalic note (so to speak) is a hint of baby corn, which for me is a hallmark of sinensis (and sometimes Vietnamese crassna), with the hay overtones providing the Assamese component. My first impression, however, was that it was primarily Assamese because of the golden hay and hint of rose (which I also got with the Assamugo). It also smells about three times its selling price. – Raaid, UK

    Don’t know what to say. Is super subtle and sits very close to skin unlike Suriranka Senkoh that while ethereal and lithe is definitely loud and not coy. – Rasoul, Canada

    Strength and sillage are both definitely above average for me, however, this is something I really appreciate – it’s not often you have a meditative oil which is also loud. It wraps me in a cloud of primordial zen, and as is the norm with the Senkohs one has the urge to wear it all the time and wear a lot of it.

    The personality for me is firstly primordial (the intrinsic sinensis ‘twang’ which some people may call a non-barn barn – also corresponding to the depth of the scent), secondly it is stable (the overtones of hay, the golden colour of the scent) and thirdly serene, which is the raw baby corn note that has an element of petrichor also attached to it. – Raaid, UK

    Oud Royale: Sri Lanka

    My previous experience with Sri Lankan ouds had left me quite disappointed. The ones that I’ve gotten in the past were nice smelling but all smelled the same, with very little complexity, very little uplift, and not much Oudiness. So I couldn’t wait to see what the master (Ensar) was able to achieve with the same woods. And I was not disappointed.

    Suriranka Senkoh has a depth of woodiness that far exceeds the simpler Sri Lankan oils, and is like a journey into a deep forest jungle with layers upon layers of scent, including earth, must, exotic resins, and ancient trees. Oud Royale, on the other hand, is the embodiment of mastery and finesse. Imagine the qualities of the above Senkoh refined to the nth degree. This is a phenomenal Oud – an amazing achievement – that shows that Sri Lankan oud, in the hands of a true expert, can compete with every other top oud on the planet.

    It is extraordinary in every way: from its perfectly orchestrated set of scents to its remarkably impressive ability to expand your mind, its supreme subtlety and depth, and beautiful marriage of every element of Sri Lankan Oud. It completely deserves the name Royale. – Hank, USA

    As for the new Oud Royale, quality wise it is overwhelmingly good. The incensy-ness is just huge, the indescribable floral element that arises is so perfectly seamless with the incense that it just makes me soar. The sweet bitterness which I adore is perfection too, and the way it lines up with the oh so Oudy, resinous base is what at times so closely resembles a tip-top Malinau such as Borneo 50K that it shatters me. Sri Lanka? Who knew? Just amazing – more so than I considered possible. – Jeff, USA

    Today I received the beautifully crafted Oud Royale (Sri Lanka).

    ‘Ahhhhhhhh!’ and ‘Ohhhhh ya!’ came out after smelling this magnificent Oudh. Oh my gosh, this oil is of some different breed! When I opened it, I smelled Sinharaja X and said, wait a second, it’s there but not there. Next, I smelled Kyen, that too was there but not hitting very hard. Next, I smelled Sultan Salman but again that came and went. 

    I began wondering what other notes will come out. After 3 hours or so, the oceanic sea breeze started coming out. The incense Walla Patta notes are just so dang delicious that you feel like drinking the bottle up. The Oil also has Ensar’s signature on the front middle and end notes, being very unique and different. Bravo Ensar for this magnificent Oudh. The name is very appropriate for this oil to be named a Royale. – Shaykh Abdul Wahab, USA

    My Oud Royale finally made into my grubby little mitts. I have had the blessing to possess several other Walla Patta oils so I have a pretty good sense of what they are and how they tick. I was not prepared how great this oil is, especially for the price. Unmistakable Sri Lanka oud but different. Like Ensar’s other oils, richness of the scent is a characteristic of this one, but… it kicks up the richness a level or 2. This oil has a lot of heart and base emphasis, while not sacrificing the top. Some Sri Lankans shine because of their ethereal breeziness and oceanic airy notes. This one does it with a Walla Patta oudy thickness. Absolutely a beautifully integrated profile with no funky or off-putting vegetal notes. A really tremendous achievement. – Phil, USA

    Interestingly a few months back, I mentioned to Ensar that it was going to be very challenging to match Oud Royale 1 in terms of its sheer ‘oudiness’. 

    ‘Wait till you try my latest Oud Royale SL...’

    To be honest I was skeptical at that moment but now I stand corrected. – Melvin, Singapore

    I can see why Ensar named his new Sri Lankan oil Oud Royale. The latter will likely age to a similar caliber to its predecessor. Sadly, few folks would probably fully appreciate it.

    Bravo to the master of raw oudiness. – Ammar, USA

    I recently swiped "the" Oud Royale No 1. I can detect a considerable facet of Oud Royale 1 in Oud Royale SL.

    ORSL was probably juiced with the Taiwanese Wizard's technique kept in mind. The result........ a narrow banded resinousness, with oudiness as its focal point. It delivers a smooth performance alongside a modest incensy backbone. During drydown, a yummy piece of sweet candy enters front stage, and as I relish it for several moments, exits gently backstage. Post drydown defaults to a mix of other Walla Patta notes, but is of no consequence... the show ended at drydown. – Curt, USA

    Oud Royale Sri Lanka baby. 

    I have had lota exposure to lota different walla patta oils, tinctures and agarwood chunks and chips from various suppliers. This oil somehow comes across as an embodiment of all those scents in one. 

    I get the ethereal green blue oceanic subtle beauty of Suriranka Senkoh. But I get that supe frosty minty very green hirta in the mix too that is quite clear. Mango skin papaya and dried mango, but in a more integrated and less overt style. I get the cinnamon and orange peel vanilla ice cream notes of Malinau oils as well as Sri Lankan oils. There is a toffee caramel sweetness and a super high resinated walla chip on the burner at medium, plus notes that becomes more front center after 30-45 min post application. Best walla patta chips I have come across so far. Thick resinous tiny crystallized nuggets. This oud heart has those chuncks on medium, plus heart note. That classic bitter green gently medicinal mind buzzin Ensar signature in oils like Kinamantan, Port Moresbey and Sultan Abdüs Selam is also present here. Like a gin and tonic kind of bitter medicinal note but one that actually tickles the mind.

    This is as much of a medicine, and mild to medium strength psychoactive oil, as is a great scent. I am experiencing out of body like experience. Seeing myself and my surrounding from a bird's eye point of view. I.e. in a complete present moment meditative state. – Rasoul, Canada

    It has been interesting for me since I have applied it daily since I got it. The second day, the oil was different than the first, and today it is more like the first day. Not sure what’s up, but I suspect it has something to do with skin chemistry, surgery scrub days, etc. Although the travel shock, temperature, and environmental acclimation may also be at play. The second day the oil took on a much more cucumbery element than the first day. More bitter, less sweet. Today, those notes are very, very toned down and a beautifully rich and deep walla patta incense prevails with an integrated blue-green sweetness. The drydown has been beautiful. This is definitely a more oudy concoction. Definitely high-quality wood IMO and I suspect it will improve with time. No proof of that, but it just feels like it will. Those looking for the more airy and delicate Sri Lanka experience may not prefer this one. Those that are looking for a walla patta with some balls, this will do just fine. – Phil, USA

    Take a glassy fast sinking Walla Patta chip,
    snap it in half,
    smell the aroma,
    Oud Royale Sri Lanka – Curt, USA

    The Royale is an exceptionally good oil, and again I think severely underrated. The depth and integrity of heart is more vigorous than any other walla patta oil I have ever smelled, and unlike most oils from the region which have a pacifying and uplifting effect, this has an intensifying and active quality which I adore. One can only imagine how incredible this oil will be with aging. It is also the greenest high-quality Sri Lankan I have smelled, with an undercurrent of pennywort and freshwater moss – if there is any fruit it is more like pear than the guava or papaya of other Sri Lankans. The slight bitterness of the green gives it strength and the cool sweetness gives it elegance, and the overall effect is like a river of walla patta cascading through the jungle. – Raaid, UK

    ORSL is a beast. A wild beast but one with grace. Like a tiger. A lion. Powerful but with elegance and nuance. Tons going on here. Massive oil with huge and I mean gobs of all the top mid and base notes. All the way to the finish it remains powerful. A very oudy oud. This ain’t for the newbies or faint of heart. He is a hulk. Chiseled and like each muscle popping out a scent pops out. – Rasoul, Canada

    Suriranka Senkoh

    I received the Suriranka Senkoh and I did fall in love! I’d say it is the loudest scent I ever smelled. And I say ‘loud’ because Suriranka Senkoh is an explosion of colors. This elixir begins with innocent green – yellow honey-like mimosa and acacia notes which eventually evolve to transcendental crimson hints of precious incense. It is a journey from a valley in springtime to a Byzantine liturgy in a very old church. – Costas, Switzerland

    Now, the real jaw-dropper was Suriranka Senkoh. Wow. Just Wow. This is a lightly sweetened, blue-green scent through and through. Just amazing. If you recall, a while back I picked up 3 small amounts of oils from […] One of them was […]. I was intrigued by the description of this blue piercing note. Upon initial application, it had a similar vibe to Surirankha Senkoh. I actually really liked it, but after a very short while, the scent turned into a damp, jungle type aroma which I didn’t really care for... especially after that kind of opening. The blue-green aroma is present throughout the whole life of Suriranka. The oil is almost linear in a way, but the quality of this scent blows away a lot of complex oils that I’ve sampled. This is one of those instances where the quality of the oil trumps any kind of complex development. I can see why this is such a landmark oil. You have that never-ending blue-green note, made from rare Walla Patta. – Steve, USA

    I have previously qualified different EO oils as happy, stately, beautiful etc... Suriranka Senkoh, however, is the first that has instilled tranquility and peace of mind. I am transported to an open field, laying on the grass, the cool breeze blowing. Not a care in the world! – Philip, France

    If there were only two oud oils that one was allowed to take into exile, I think for myself, one would be the Suriranka Senkoh; it starts as the most ethereally beautiful oil I have experienced to-date, a gossamer scent, yet it quickly develops ample silage and (scentual) note stability. The trick was figuring out how much to put on, not the smallest touch of the applicator, not a swipe, but a (small) dab, if that makes sense. I consider Ensar’s price for the Suriranka Senkoh a gift to all of us; in this gesture, his kindness really is expressed. I continue to be astounded that he would let this oil go for so little. – MI, USA

    The eagle has landed! Suriranka Senkoh is in ‘da house!

    So what is it like you ask??? I have had the blessings and good fortune to experience some incredible oils from the undisputed masters of our time. So I am not easily prone to overwhelming praise and ogling. But......, this oil is such a thing of beauty, I can hardly contain myself. It is like a piece of music so beautiful and moving, it can bring you to tears. Handel’s Messiah comes instantly to mind. The depth of the scent is stunning. It has a honeyed sweetness which is so sublime. Not in your face, but coying and delicate. A brilliant blue-green scent is up front and center the whole time but it is not overpowering. Whisps of white smoke permeate through ever so gently. This oil, however, is by no means weak. It is quite potent, but at the same time so delicate in its presentation. I have never smelled anything like this. Ever. It is a masterpiece and an instant legend.

    Still. In. Awe. – Phil, USA

    Simply beautiful. This Ceylon oud is something else. The opening is a blast of fresh flowers, immersed in sugary nectar. The slightest hint of lemon enhances the green freshness. The resinous incense is present throughout. Totally captivating. – Kenny, UK

    PLEASE tell me that this isn’t completely sold out?? I don’t see it on the website anymore. You weren’t playing around when you said others have come back for second and third bottles because I seriously want another bottle. My next order was going to be Yoshi and another daily use oil like Nhek 1976, but if Suriranka is still available, that is at the top of my list.

    Who am I kidding, 0.3g of SS is not enough! I can only imagine what this will smell like in 3, 5, 10 years… should there be any left then. – Ben, USA

    You were absolutely right about another aspect... you really can’t choose between Suriranka Senkoh and Sultan Abdüs Selam. To be honest, Sultan Abdüs Selam is also a jaw-dropper because it has a real blue-perfume type of vibe with just a dash of incense and not too much earthiness. They are both incredible. – Steve, USA

    It is a thing of beauty. Delicious seaweed blossoms in a crystalline sea. A trace of the elusive delectable sourness I so covet. Amazing. – Brian, USA

    A super-refined version of the original Sinharaja and its successor X with similar overall scent profile, smoother and more complex and it has this oudiness oomph of Kinam Rouge when you immediately apply or sniff the wand; a signature of Ensar Oud. Less honeyed with more gourmand vanilla creaminess that envelops the Gyrinpos wood preventing it from turning musty pungent and bitterly wet, transforming it to more glassy oudy and delicate incensy green aroma that persists without much development but with dynamism holding through the heart- and basenote (i.e. simple in a complex way of breaded notes arrangement that act altogether as a single engineered olfactory structure giving an illusion of simplicity and delusion of complexity if that make sense)… similar type of performance as Chugoku Senkoh. – Ammar, USA

    I have applied Suriranka Senkoh a few times now...and what an astonishing oil it is. Off the dipstick I get a hint of pennywort bitterness and a dash of violet, and of course this aquamarine heart which is utterly unique. On the skin and as it evolves, there is a perfect freshwater note which cools a cocktail of soft florals. One wants to speak of the walla patta signature notes, like apple and honey and so on, but this time it's different - you are so deep in the core of the oleoresin that you only get half a honey note, and a quarter of an apple peel note, so to speak, because all of them are so tightly bound together that none of them gets a full particular expression. Instead you have pure walla patta heart in a cocoon of aquatic floral sweetness. A serene masterpiece. – Raaid, UK

    I was initially nervous after blindly (and impulsively) ordering a bottle this expensive. But Ensar’s first (to my knowledge) pure Sri Lanka oud I had to try. There are so many notes when first applied that I get a bit of sensory overload. Its amazing but also overwhelming. After a min it evens out. I get the some of the notes that I loved in Kyara Sayang but with a little less Kinam vapors but more floral notes and a good dose thunderstorm ozone. When I have this on I’m constantly having to remind myself to take my wrist away from my nose in public. This is easily one of the best oils in my collection. – Bradley, USA

    This has got to be the most ethereal, lithe (not light), finessed, airy oud I have ever smelled. It’s like the bluest of blue skies with summer noon sunshine radiating through it. Sooooo elegant, so finessed. Leaves one speechless. The best part? It’s not all the high notes that make one smile ear to ear but the depth and that marvelous dry down. I wish I had a liter of this oil. I wanna ingest it, rub it all over, take baths with it or otherwise just excessively and hedonistically wear it all over. – Rasoul, USA

    I think that Sultani 90, Suriranka Senkoh, and Zachariyya should be sold together as a “Trinity of Oud” set. These oils go to the moon and beyond. – Jeff, USA

    I totally understand on Suriranka Senkoh. I’m diligently working on gathering the funds for another full bottle. In fact, I requested and was approved for more hours at my part-time job last night. I figured that selling things takes too much time and time is precious when you guys release these oils. A full bottle is on the horizon for sure. It’s just such a ridiculous oil. It’s so fragrant. I seriously want to eat or drink it. It’s hard to describe the feeling. The closest I can come to describing Suriranka is that it’s an olfactory explosion that causes one to lose control and just pause what you are doing. It literally affects the mind, but in a good way. – Customer, USA

    Oh yeah. Suriranka Senkoh is definitely one of the most approachable oils ever. I would be shocked if anyone was put off by this scent. Green apple Jolly Rancher is a great comparison. I can’t even begin to think how this will smell once it has aged for several years. I agree with you with respect to the absence of any grassy, herbal, mossy, etc. notes. That’s actually the reason that I really like this oil and probably why it’s good for a newbie. – Steve, USA

    Last night's oud for yoga practice was Suriranka Senkoh:

    Invigorating. Gives wearer ample endless energy. Very powerful top notes, so much so that makes one think there is no woody deep base ouddiness to be found in drydown. Except there it. Tons of it too, but in a very elegant perfectly extracted manner. What was once bothersome to back off my nostrils and sinuses is no longer an issue. Very unique tactile sensation, still felt that is classic of gyrinops. – Rasoul, USA

    Well so far, no other Sri Lankan is 10x more liked than SS… none have surpassed it at all. Although a few are enjoyable and obviously quality oils, SS rides at the front of the pack. Oud Royale actually wasn’t quite to my tastes, although I appreciate the heavier more incense-forward heart, there is something holding it back from getting the same level of love from me. The ‘green jungle’ is different and SS carries a lighter, greener, breezier tone that is just lovely. It’s really quite remarkable how it affects me, it’s both calming and transporting. One swipe and I feel like I’m in a lush pristine jungle, a bright dry day but during the wet season. Algal pools, healthy vegetation, a nearby village where they’re burning incense and speaking a language unknown to me, but this outsider poses no threat and means no harm, all is well. I don’t just smell Suriranka Senkoh, I listen to it. It’s an informative and transformative experience – eyes closed and all other senses heightened. A relative greenhorn in oud and total newcomer to Sri Lankan gyrinops, I immediately knew this was something special. By far the most I’ve ever spent on a single oil (or perfume) and I don’t have anything remotely close to a regret. – Ben, USA

    It is on steroids. I feel so much weight and density in this oil. I feel 10 bottles of oud was squeezed in one. I see Suriranka as greener, leaner, but more importantly more stripped down. More focused in on fewer scents. More minimal. – Rasoul, USA

    Suriranka has left me speechless. I have never sniffed an oil like this. It is spectacular in every way. I know I shouldn't get excited so early but this is an epic distillation. I have a very humble collection of Oils so if this sounds over the top kindly excuse me gentlemen. The spicy flavour of Gyrinops and unripe guava flesh are met by the sweetness of North Indian ruh khus here. The Oudiness that makes these oils Oud is like a ghost lurking in the shadows. It feels like a perfume. Thank you, Ensar. I was about to release a video of top 5 Oud oils of the year which will be an annual feature and I am happy to have secured it. It is magnificent. – Nikhil, India

    Yunnan Exclusive

    Only tested the Yunnan Exclusive and my first reaction is: “Sex in a bottle.” I love it. – Kenny, Hong Kong

    I am so glad I have Exclusive; to me it’s Yunnan 2003’s slightly eccentric nature-child cousin. I love it, and think I even prefer it. – Jen, USA

    I don’t know man… you recommended me the Yunnan… only once I used it… didn’t understand it much… Then all of a sudden it provokes me to ‘RAW Tornado WILD SEX’(!!!)… Now I intend to use it very rarely… Indicates 440V danger to me! – Ahmed, Bangladesh

    The opening is animalics galore – less salty than Yunnan 2003. The pheromonal aspect is upfront. I have no problem with this initial blast of animalic scent; in fact, I find it magnetic, bordering on addictive. Slowly, the tobacco, incense, woods and spices come through. Over time, this oil develops into a floral and powdery scent – less sweet and less complex than Chinese Exclusive. Actually, there is no need to compare this oil with any other of Ensar’s oils. This just simply stands proudly on its own as a sensuous artisanal aged oud oil, raw and wild. – Kenny, Hong Kong

    Честно признаюсь, Yunnan Exclusive – это лучший oud, что у меня есть. Мне очень понравилось в нем, что я могу быть самим собой. Exclusive- усиливает мои черты характера в 100 раз как минимум. Понравилась нота которая делает немного приземленным меня. В Exclusive все что мне нужно есть: уверенность, сила, красота в округлых чертах, обаяние, природа и секс(!). Это нечто! Я просто в восторге. Ох, как жалко, что нет его сейчас в продаже… Я бы еще взял бутылочку…

    И я так рад, что ты мне его прислал. Слов не могу найти в благодарностях Ensar и тебе. Спасибо! Спасибо!

    Я его могу носить каждый день и ночь и просто наслаждаться. Ох, закончится он у меня быстро… – Maxim, Russia


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