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    Legends Sampler

    Legends Sampler


    Some of our ouds come in very limited batches, or they simply sell out before you’ve had the chance to get your hands on a bottle. Or, you’ve just recently stepped foot into the world of artisanal oud and wish you could get a whiff of one of those oud legends you keep hearing about that have shaped this niche arena in some way or other.

    Here you’ve got the chance to turn back the clock and rewire your nose. These legends have been the definition of quality oud. They are the apex, the emblematic benchmark, and the ultimate reference guide for oud aficionados. And up till now, they’ve been in the hands of private collectors who – let’s face it – have every right to be a bit reluctant about handing out free swipes…

    You get:

    .3 gr Port Moresby –  Aged: 11 years (New Guinea, 2005)

    .3 gr Oud Yunus – Aged: 9 years  (Meghalaya, 2007)

    .3 gr Yunnan Exclusive – Aged: 11 years (China, 2005)

    .3 gr Oud Emerald – Aged: 6 years (Jayapura, 2010)

    .3 gr Assam 2005 – Aged: 11 years (Assam, 2005)

    .3 gr Kinam Rouge – Aged: 2 years (Vietnam, 2014)

    .3 gr Borneo 50K – Aged: 11 years (Malinau, 2005)

    This extraordinary selection lets you smell ouds from the remotest corners of the oud world that have sent oud lovers flying in olfactory wonder for years and years. Each one of these is a benchmark distillation to which other oils can be compared and through which your own appreciation for this magical scent will be refined. 

    If you factored in the age of these oils, along with their scarcity and rarity, you’d be looking at thousands of dollars just to buy these on the market. If released today, buying individual .3 gr vials of these ouds would add up to no less than $810. But we’ve decided to slash this price to just $599!

    Each sample contains an ample amount to try the oud several times, with enough to put away for future reference. How I now wish I had more Port Moresby, or that six year-old Jayapura to turn to! Smell the ooze of red berries, molasses and tobacco in a whiff of wild Vietnamese oud. Experience the very first batch of Assam Organic and feel the soul of the original Meghalayan! 

    You’ll have to hunt down collectors and bargain until you’re blue in the face for them to at best let go of a drop of one of these. Here you get seven oud legends that have stood the test of time. They’ve been revisited and reviewed and the vote is unanimous: “This is as good as it gets.”

    Note: Legends Samplers come pre-packaged and we are unable to offer any of the oils listed individually.

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    Legends Sampler
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    Here's what other people are saying about Legends Sampler

    Oud Yunus

    When the 'core' of a wrestler is solid his shoulders, chest, back and limbs – all of his independent body parts – are free to grapple, dive, twist and thrust without upsetting his equilibrium. The core of Oud Yunus is kneaded leather. Although flashes of smoke spontaneously erupt, shavings of wood intermittently curl and the scent of sweet plums leaps in flowing, graceful arcs, it is the supple firmness of undressed pelts and tanned hides that define him. Some fighters are quick and lithe. Oud Yunus is powerful. Some spar with the grace of frisky colts. Oud Yunus stalks with the measured gait of a lion. Some enter competitions seeking fame and adulation. Oud Yunus emanates quiet confidence and nonchalant panache. What he lacks in uniqueness he makes up for in aplomb and longevity. If you're looking for a classic Indian backbone oil, consider inviting Oud Yunus into your akhara. I hope you'll admire his prowess and restraint as the action unfolds. – Isabella, NY

    Yunus is truly a must-have! I love the sweet toffee note and the creaminess of it. It reminds me of Idrees a lot, only that it is more creamy, softer than Idrees. – Thomas, Germany

    Oud Yunus is a well aged Hindi with a lot of class. The benefits of aging can be fully appreciated in this oil. Different notes are so beautifully and seamlessly blended, the sharp edges taken away. It is very soothing for the mind. It offers a safe haven, centers, and hits the right spot. Perhaps it's like a well known stranger, or almost like a deja vu.

    Right from the start, clear clean barnyard. Very shortly, some black humus earth notes. Deep inhalations reveal high notes at first fresh, green and camphorous. Lightest touch of rue. Delicate and elusive floral notes appear as it transforms into soft leather, fragrant skin, baked chestnuts, hay and wild flowers. Pollen, galbanum. This heart ensemble is very appealing.

    The sweetness it possesses is somehow special. It has strong spicy elements, like a rich, fresh Indian masala including fenugreek, brown mustard seeds, cumin, freshly ground black pepper, laurel, asafoetida. It possesses olfactory umami, the fifth taste.

    Everything is covered with a resinous glaze. For me it has similarities to Oud Idrees. It feels like spiciness, heart notes and high notes take turns in reaching my nose after that. Sweet woodiness is subdued but present.

    In the end, Yunus is like Billie Holiday's song 'Fine and Mellow' – at the moment one of my favourites. – Andrej, Croatia

    I thought wild oud was going to be pungent and super strong, but to my surprise it was quite smooth. I was also surprised by the 'barnyard' opening. I'd have thought it would be unbearable or what is sometimes described as 'fecal,' but it wasn't at all. Again, very surprised on how it could be barnyard but clean and not aggressive, smooth and soothing.

    In terms of the scent, when I opened the bottle and by smelling just the cap I understood it was an unearthly smell. Then after applying it I got a smell of what I would describe like nature or forest. It transitions gently into a smooth, creamy chocolate with hints of incense and leathery notes. I really feel it's a classy, noble and royal oil. – Yaz, UK

    Oud Yunus opens with the deepest and most intense barnyard note I have ever smelled. It is almost too much to take. And yet it has a deep and mysterious allure that piques one's sensual curiosity, and in another breath – there is ecstasy.

    Oud Yunus is primal and wild – a beautiful untamed stallion with natural finesse and noble character. This horse roams free in the wild, but when he stops for a breath, there is a quiet and gentle breeze that carries with it an astonishingly sweet fragrance.

    After the wild barnyard note has reached its climax, Yunus reveals a sweetness that begins to silently emanate from its barnyard heart. With the texture of silk and the creaminess of white chocolate, the oil's bold and wild intensity verges on the sensational. A few moments later, and the barnyard and sweet notes have realized their union in an elegant woodiness reminiscent of cedar. The notes only layer, and never disappear.

    Oud Yunus not only hits the 'spot' that only an Indian oud can, it challenges and allures one into an exotic wildness of whole bodily intoxication. While the opening barnyard note may have you thinking that this will be your typical Indian oud, think again. Yunus is anything but your average (or even above average) Indian oud. Yunus is nothing short of exceptional. Unique and aromatically complex, with its all-encompassing palette Oud Yunus captures the heart of India, and expresses the deep passions and spiritual desires of the human soul. – Neeshee, HI

    Sweet China

    I have put on Sweet China LTD early this morning and it is no secret. This is full throttle on all cylinders right from the opening notes. It's as if Crassna's gone Indian. It displays a lot of Laotian characteristics. Strong camphor notes coat slight barnyard notes but those notes are softened and enlivened in a 'Kinam' sort of way as in 'Borneo Kinam'. This is oud that imparts clarity to the mind and almost creates a tingling sensation behind the eye. If Indian oud is a prelude to meditation, the fragrance of this oud is a catalyst to action. There is plenty of fruity notes here and they are on the floral side not the resiny or ripened tones but rather young and budding. The fecal and the barnyard are no more present in the dry-down phase but it retains a slight smokey scent that intermingles with 'Kinamy' honey notes. This oud has a midrange sillage and it is not an extremely complex one but there is enough layers in there to keep one happy and busy for hours. My personal liking scale: 8 to 8.5 out of 10. – Hisham Suliman, FL

    There is a certain familiarity when one takes in the fragrance of Sweet China. We can all relate to being introduced to a complete stranger, yet to hit it off with them immediately as if you've known each other for a lifetime. Its fragrance will be familiar yet unique to those who know these oils. A primordial aroma that contains a distinct fruitiness coupled with the musty, heady bouquet of the farmyard. – A.K.N., UK

    Port Moresby

    Port Moresby is the perfect marriage of enchanting floral sweetness and the most refined damp earthen note I’ve ever smelt in any oil.......all draped in the color green!

    After swiping this intensely aromatic oil your whole being is engulfed by souldeep relaxation. Close your eyes.....take a whiff.....and your mind space glows with magnificent green hues! I find that my favorite Japanese kyara incense also has this effect on me.

    The scent of this oil is insanely complex and enigmatic. Notes of aqua and earth will wrap themselves around your anima, and majestic florals will flood your heart reminding you of youthful adventures in nature.

    Melt into a green mental meditation with scents of fresh moss in an otherworldly forest, indescribable blooming flowers, and sweet green herbs. All pulsating with energy and life from a rejuvenating afternoon spring rain! These notes ride out this elegant dance for many hours until the oil dries down into notes of incense and soft woods.

    If you go out into crisp fresh air wearing this oil, it will morph into the scent of a masterfully crafted rare perfume. The layers to this oil are infinite!

    I would rank Port Moresby as a one-in-one-thousand oud! It is meant to be enjoyed with loved ones. There is not a single note in this oil you won’t absolutely adore. The scent will make you live in the moment and enjoy the small things in life. Bliss in a bottle..... – Chris, SD

    I recently acquired a number of your oils from a private collector and love all of them. Royal Kinam, Borneo 3000, Borneo 4000 and Sheikh’s Borneo. Port Moresby remains my favorite so far. Already went through 1 ml, and I am glad I got my second bottle.

    The drydown is like the Japanese Fu-in Kyara Kohboku incense sticks from Minorien... I think they use Vietnamese Hoi An agarwood. Transported back to my early childhood... Reminds me of wet mud aroma during the first monsoon rain in late summer. I would wear Port Moresby anytime on a hot summer’s day. – Imran, CA

    Port Morseby has the most pronounced oud wood smell I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling. The oomph note of this is pure oud wood. Somewhere in the background lingers a jungle which has only been seen or touched by very few. It has taken me a while to muster up the words to try and describe this. I say try because I would never be able to explain the beauty of this fragrance. It definitely is Green and you smell it right away. Very hard to try and explain this one because it doesn’t evolve into anything. It stays constant which is rare. It does not lose itself or its oomph. – Ali, IL

    It’s like time travel or traveling on high. The scent is dry fresh at the same time. It has the typical oomph of other ouds. It is soft but powerful. When I opened the bottle, my wife said: ‘It smells like rain.’ Yes, it manifests deep rain forest notes atop some green powderiness, and it also has a bright, bright note. Smells like clean, white smoke. Compared to the fruity sensuality of Cambodis, Port Moresby is a heavenly oud. – Juan, Spain

    Just tried the Port Moresby. It’s very unique, sweet and intoxicating. I would like to purchase 4 more, please. – Yusuf, Kuwait

    I’ve been wearing Port Moresby for the last couple of weeks and didn’t get kicked out of bed by my wife. This has to be the best Oud in my collection and I am planning to buy another bottle or two before it sells out. – Imran, CA

    The scent of this oil has a way of erasing the concerns of the day....great for total zen and relaxation.....bad for oil reviews! It really is a work of art! – Chris, SD

    This Wizardly Oud presents itself like a cauldron containing a green resinous potion with a tiny menthol crystal tossed in. The emanating vapors carry with them undiscovered fruity florals laced with coumarin and oud. At this point the cauldron seems like my chip heater with Kyara being heated. The vapors are penetrating, but not via volatile molecules, it's more like the scent is fully captured by my olfactory nerve endings, and in turn I am captured and whisked away to a green forest along with my chip heater and some Kyara. – Yusuf, Kuwait

    I am a true friend of rational decisions. That doesn’t mean that I don’t follow my emotions and feelings, but I usually do question their origin, prior to doing so.

    So… WHY am I about to buy a bottle of 9 years aged Port Moresby Royal Oud from the jungles of Papua New Guinea?

    Being really sensitive about surroundings and smells, I refused to wear a fragrance for most of my life. I got used to burning Japanese incense with mainly agarwood and also a wide variety of agarwood chips out of pure joy from ‘listening’ to the scent. I realized that this was what I had been searching for, for a long time. This was how I wanted to smell HOME.

    Why not wear a typical agarwood oil? I’ve tried, but failed. Loved the varieties I’ve tried. But I simply don’t want to smell like it. It’s not me. I want to wear a 100% natural, modern yet classic, deep yet light, with love to details and emotion, science, adventurous, experimental mind, and preciously created fragrance to identify myself with. AND, I don’t want to be an intrusive something in the nose of others in my daily life.

    Since buying a sample vial of Port Moresby, this is what I am wearing. This is how I want to smell, maybe this is a little bit how I want to be and maybe fail here and there in the world outside. This is what I want to be reminded of, throughout the day. Getting a whiff of a slight note of this wonderful oil here and there, calming down, feeling a little like home. Maybe being a little too proud, if asked about the wonderful smell after embracing a good friend.

    It is truly a perfect rational decision for me to buy a full bottle of Port Moresby now. Mind and feeling agreed on wanting it to be a part of me. – Ralf, Germany

    Port Moresby – a real beauty that I do my best not to compare to Sultani. Because while it doesn’t have the *range* of Sultani, it does have more conviction of character. It knows what it wants to be and does so brilliantly. For some reason, this oud makes me think of the people of Papua New Guinea, the customs they share, the history they shared with nature before capitalism came to destroy that relationship. It has the top-shelf beauty of a Sultani with a focus of, say a Borneo 50K (not saying it’s a Borneo, but Youknowwhatimean). My only surprise with this one is that I expected it to be stronger, based on the description on the website. I find this to be one of the quieter ouds with a short longevity to match. Ah well, most good things are ephemeral, right? – Adam, USA

    Kalbar 3000

    This oil is way above my expectations. You've produced a liquid magic medicine beyond anything I could imagine possible in an essential oil. – Kevin, MA

    Dark amber-color oil with a light body and minimal sheen. Sunlight and sweet honey notes greet your nose as it gets its first inhale, and the brain sensors awaken to discern the melody enfolding. Not much of the familiar high Bornean notes here with its vanillic character. Rather the notes have been through the morphology of aging and tempering into a deep amberet of the sweetest bee honey and melon fruit and honeydew, all garnished with roasted sesame seeds. There is a constant minty vapor that provides a fresh ride to the sweet notes, and the lack of barnyard or fecal notes further emphasizes the character of this oil being an Old World Perfume in all its glory and complexities.

    This oil is a good example of why a properly aged Oud is always more than a young one. While the young oils might be full of energy, at times they seem to be missing parts of the scent profiles, or unusually flat. With proper aging, this oil seems to have attained confidence in its own character yet remains vibrant and sweet with beauty that shimmers. The oil has a soft buttery and pear-like smell, with those roasted sesame seeds. The scent is neither masculine nor feminine but is happy to occupy a higher level than simple psychological associations. It would suit daytime use because of its sunny disposition, as well as nighttime use due to its sensuality and softness, like honeysuckle. I would place this oil on a par with Kyara LTD and its likes. My personal likability scale: 9.75 out of 10.

    As you can tell, I am ecstatic over here. In my humble opinion, this is one of the BEST oils that I have smelled... period. And that includes the Encens and Khao Yai group. It is simply an amazing oil, kind of like the Grand Daddy of them all. All I can say is, Ma Sha Allah. – Hisham, FL

    The first oil I tried was the Kalbar 3000... speechless! I never had the pleasure of experiencing Borneo oils until I started dealing with Ensar Oud and all I can say is, I'm glad I did. It's definitely in the same class as other Borneos from the LTD and Legends collections and, in some ways, it may even be at the head of the class. An absolute 'must have' for anyone who appreciates a quality Borneo Oud. A most welcome and treasured addition to my collection. – Yousuf, UAE

    Oh my goodness! This is the first oud I ever sampled that, at first sniff, smelled like sweet honeydew! It is green – for sure, not in the chlorphyl-ly way of grass – but like the sweet greenness of Persian galbanum, or the delicate soapiness of a snapped twig. It is as fresh as a young birch, displaying the gentle grace of a stand of swaying alders. As beguiling as it is refreshing, Kalbar 3000 brings to mind images of nimble youth – supple, graceful and unaware of their own budding elegance. There aren't many oils in my collection that I have duplicates of, but the Kalbar Gift Set just might be irresistible. – Isabella, NY

    This is a clean and amazing oil, and I can easily tell that it has been aged to perfection. It gives me the sense of spring and the feeling of walking through a forest just after it has rained. My nose smells a minty accord, a bit of honey, some flowers, and sweet fruit notes. I have to warn you, my nose is not the best at deciphering the proper notes, but I can tell you that this is definitely a high quality oil and one that everyone should have in their collection. – Sultan, IL

    Thank you very much for the Kalbar 3000. The scent notes are so complex that, embarrassing to say, my nose can't decipher them, but I definitely picked up that tangy top note you spoke about. Funny because as the Borneo 3000 continues to age it has begun to develop that tangy top note as well. Even though Borneo 3000 is older it seems to be having a hard time catching up to Kalbar. – Q. McKenzie, IL

    Assam 3000

    The Assam 3000 I just recieved… as the sun rises above the horizon, and the dew lifts, rose blossming to meet the new day’s light, dripping in golden honey, creating the finest fruitest cup of roobios that has ever been… – Jameson, USA

    Today I was blessed again by trying another beautiful marvelous oud by Sidi Ensar. The Assam 3000. I don’t think a person who doesn’t know much about oud can tell this is an Indian oud. That too from Assam. The opening is of some beautiful spices which I can detect, namely: green cardamon, black cardamon, whole black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, and star anise. The flowery aroma which emanates reminds me of a beautiful flower which is called cestrum nocturnum (raat ki rani). To top it off is where the beautiful Indian notes come from, I would say using some of the finest Assam wood available. My favorite Hindi is the Assam Kinam but the 3000 is way on top of the list also. Beautiful creation by Ensar. Thank you again for allowing my nose to smell this beauty! – Shaykh Abdul Wahab, USA

    I can’t believe it’s an Assamese distillation. Really lovely floral notes. – Stefan, Canada

    Assam 3000 is most definitely the more sensual of all the oils I have sampled. It seems to keep changing profiles but it has this constant ghee or buttery foundation to it. – George, USA

    What I find so amazing about this oil is from smelling it from the dipstick and from the first five minutes of application the smell of fine tobacco is prevalent. You could argue that you’re smelling German chamomile, but I choose to say tobacco. Or as this native gentleman I was talking to a couple summers ago who busted open a metal tin with some pre-rolled cigarettes of high grade tobacco and right when he popped open the tin I got the smell of what I would come to enjoy as Assam 3000. He saw my nose inhale deep from the wafting vapors of the can and I quote he said, ‘Yeah, that’s that real deal sh-t.’ – John, USA

    This one is a Kiss on my cheek from a 50s blonde pin-up dressed in red, with red lipstick! – Farid, France

    Assam 3000 is to me like taking a classically barn Hindi into its deeper drydown where the barn has dissipated and starting all over at that point. The top is barn free but IMO the Hindi DNA is there, a little fruity in the middle but minimally – moreso a fruit-tinged, sweetish hay. In its deeper drydown it gets the butteriness that I get in some sandalwood oils. – Lance, USA

    A non-barny cherry, incensey Hindi, with pats of butter. – Jen, USA

    It’s a pretty one indeed! I detected rose, berries, sweet beeswax, and spicy bubble gum. – Farid, France

    Extremely gloopy, hard to get this out of the bottle at all most of it congealed at the top seal of the vial. After scooping a drop out on my wrist the immediate hit was of hay and black pepper and a trace of some other spice. Now it opens up and I am smelling honey now, honey made from a field of lush tropical flowers, all laden with sweet, sweet pollen. It’s like a syrup that I would happily poach quince in to serve to royalty. That happened in just under 10 minutes. Strange because I was expecting some barnyard with the name.

    Half an hour later I can now detect the oudy core of it, but it’s wrapped deeply in spicy fruits, some flowers and a note of delicious sharpness that I can’t even begin to put my finger on. Hay and black pepper still lingers on around that, though. This is not at all what I expected of an Oud, it’s rather like an entire blended perfume. An hour later the overall character is of heavily spiced fruit.

    Three hours later and it’s now mostly black pepper, some Oud and less so lingering sweet spice. End of evaluation for this one. At this point I ‘cheated’ and looked at the product page. It reacted differently on my skin than most users reported. I seem to have gotten more than my fair share of the spicy notes and less fruity ones which is not unexpected – my skin does react differently to most peoples in that most fragrances last only a few hours on me or express very different character than others. – Robert, USA

    I just cracked open the vial to get a sniff, and it is true, there is no barn in this Assam. I got a little on my finger and my oh my it smells so sweet, I can’t wait to apply this more fully and surround myself with this scent. – Keith, USA

    An iron, zero barn Hindi fist inside a velvet, creamy vanillic Borneo glove. – Lance, USA

    Assam 3000 is out of this world. I’m not even close to understanding this one yet. The top notes bounce around back and forth with the bottom notes in the most playful way.  I’ve caught myself confused a couple times smelling this one because the wafts I get up to face emanating from my wrist smell like sweet cotton candy, bubble-gum, really good. I then bring my nose to my wrist and it smells like dark leather, figs, plums. Crazy good. – Matt, Canada

    A Hindi without the usual Barnyard? I am intrigued by this one, let the experience of Assam 3000 begin! First swipe, my impressions were that this is a very gentle oud. And Hindi? This is not like any barnyard Hindi Oud I have experienced so far. I cannot detect any Barn in this. Very gentle pale honey, Creamy Vanilla, white blossoms, the slightest hint of spice & raspberry (raspberry cheesecake enters my mind – my wife thinks more zesty, like key lime pie!) & a glimpse of sweet hay. This is a beautiful well orchestrated oud. This has left me a little perplexed... should a Hindi Oud smell like a Borneo? – Jim, UK

    Assam 3000 smells amazing, I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favourites. I thought it’d be hard to beat my love for Oud Yusuf but I have a feeling this may just become my number one. – Shoayb, UK

    Initially after swiping this oil it starts off hot and spicy with a bit of a funky note that I can’t place my finger on. These notes linger for about 5 minutes before vanishing completely. It’s almost as if the oil wants you to know it’s a Hindi before it morphs into this thick honey-floral infused sweetness. The floral notes are so delicate and ethereal, while the honey note is deep and ambrosial. These two notes bind together into an enchanting aroma that is very gratifying. But hiding in the background teasing you is the delectable scent of gently heated agarwood. As the oil dries down a resinated woodiness blends itself beautifully with the floral infused honey notes, making it hard not to constantly smell the area this oil was applied to. After about 8 hours the oil takes on for lack of a better word an ‘oudiness’. The aroma will make any oud aficionado’s heart gush with gratitude. Aromatic fatigue is not in this oil’s dictionary, as I find myself inhaling this fragrance very deeply with no burnout whatsoever!

    Assam 3000 reminds me of Muana LTD in its ability to induce a meditative-like trance on my psyche. I enjoy applying this oud after a long day. Anything bothering me just melts into olfactory bliss. I love to put a swipe on about an hour before I do yoga to really put me into that meditative mindset.

    Assam 3000 is a very quality oil for the price. I can tell it was crafted with an artist’s passion and love. Absolutely no barnyard or any off notes to speak of, friendly enough for the Western nose. A swipe on my wrist usually lasts 12+ hours. A worthy addition to any oud lover’s collection! – Chris, SD

    Neatly striding the dividing line between Forest and Farm, this divine Oud makes me feel I’ve come home. Bright delicious berries served with almond praline. Smooth, nutty, rich and warm. The number of facets: 3000. This evolver elicits new emotions each time I try it. – Robert, CA

    The description on the Ensar site is right. I couldn’t detect any of the barnyard notes that typically get associated with Hindi ouds. The predominant note is oudiness itself (slightly dark) and not the floral notes. I keep the vial on my work desk. I apply a tiny bit on the arm and sniff frequently. It has that soothing power to relax your senses. As I type this, the smell on my arm has transformed into a slightly incensey / woody one. Overall, I like this oud. – Prince, CA

    Very unique and complex oil. Starts off with a whiff of barnyard, which is not off-putting. Within minutes the smell transforms to a combination of burned high grade agarwood and citrus, which is really awesome by the way. During the dry-down you can clearly notice sweet and ethereal floral and honey notes with a little bit of cinnamon. It also has great sillage and longevity. I took a shower and after half an hour the smell was still clear on the back of my hand. All Oud aficionados, trust me this is a must have in your collection! – Abdul Aziz, Kuwait

    Upon first sniff the gentle waft of fruits almost got me thinking this is some sort of Thai oud. Not what one expects when opening a vial labelled Assam 3000, expecting 3000 brake horse power of barnyard. There is zero barnyard, no animals were involved in this production. In fact this doesn’t even make you think about animals.

    Longevity is good. Projection is good. My wife walked into the room and from about 5 metres away smelled it. I hadn’t put a huge amount on. The drydown is surprisingly citrusy.

    In between the beginning and the end there is a variety of notes including hay and floral elements. There is also a phase consisting of a certain heavy, almost primordial type of note that reminded me that this has the DNA of a Hindi Oud.

    There have been Ouds of this nature before; Hindis with no barnyard note, but this is the subtlest and cleanest I have smelt. Subtle in terms of not being an overpowering Oud, almost caressing, not in the sense of being weak. It is literally as if all the rough and rogue elements of ‘traditional’ Hindi oud have been extracted leaving a refined scent profile.

    Oud addicts will be familiar with the notes but what is unique is the combination and the way they entwine. A very good example of this type of Oud. – Zartash, UK

    Penso che Assam 3000 è un oud dalla fragranza meravigliosa, con duplice aspetto. Infatti, nonostante faccia parte della famiglia degli Oud indiani la sua piramide olfattiva si discosta molto da quella tipica animale e stallatica. In apertura esso scatena tutto il suo dolce potere ipnotico per conquistarti, ma quando ti ha catturato tira fuori un pò del carattere tipico della sua famiglia di appartenenza ma in modo molto più morbido e sofisticato.Le sue note di testa sono lisce e lucide ed ultraterrene e ti trasportano in un giardino dell'Eden, con sentori di miele e cera d'api, confettura di albicocche e fiori bianchi, ma non lasciarti ingannare, perché dopo averti conquistato la fragranza si scurisce lentamente diventando cupa e fumosa. Infatti, lo scenario cambia improvvisamente e dal giardino paradisiaco ti ritrovi in una foresta nera con sentori di fieno, legni scuri,un pò di incenso, spezie forse cannella e qualche nota animalica. Devo affermare che queste note si fondono tutte insieme in maniera eccellente e con grande maestria. Il profumo è molto intenso, complesso e persistente, in effetti posso sentire la sua presenza sul mio braccio anche il giorno seguente. Gli Ensar Oud sono unici ed ognuno con caratteristiche diverse, come solo un grande artista sa fare. – Vincenzo, Italy

    Was debating between getting this or Assam Organic, because I actually love barnyard and had sampled the Organic before and like it a lot. But the 3000 is so much deeper and beautiful. Still has a hint of barn, but is smooth, smooth, smooth. I will wear this when I want to wear and oud and relax. Really nice. – Adam, USA

    The bouquet is just something else... the most meditative... and helpful for Zikr I find.... The scent is from another plane. All that come to my mind is Zuhud and Tassawuf. – GL, UK

    I have had a chance to wear the Assam 3000 a few times now. Wow! It really is an excellent scent. I’m very glad to have it in my collection. – Rick, USA

    He’s an eagle flying over the deep forest.
    He is connected to the trees.
    It’s not easy to get to know him. – Ondrej, Czech Republic

    Extremely addictive. It has a spicy fruity sweetness that is well refined, well blended together, nothing is overpowering one another. Each time I take a sniff, I get a sense of airiness and spaciousness that relaxes my mind. To me, this is a heavenly scent. – Razak, Malaysia

    Oud Emerald

    It packs quite a punch! In fact, I was initially startled by its liveliness. It smells cleaner than other Papua oils I've sampled – maybe because of the strong “magic marker” note at the beginning. Subtle, familiar herbal notes are there, though they are not nearly as strong as a salty, mineral quality that gives this oil a kind of spa-like dry sharpness. White pepper is very predominant – more than the patchouli and nutmeg notes present in other Papua oils. I think people who like ambergris would enjoy this oil as it has a similar bleached scent. If I were into blending scents I'd definitely try them together, as the mineral aspect is one that I particularly like. – Isabella Lee, NY

    The Emerald is green and golden like an early morning sun. – Hisham Suliman, FL

    I like the Oud Emerald because it smells like a lush thriving tropical forest. – Yen Nguyen, CA


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