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    Laos Laosan - running low

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    Floral without any flowers, cream soda green, and a soft narcotic bite from gently piercing artisanal wild Laotian oud that’s at the heart of the fragrance.

    This oudilicious elixir swims in a fusion of aged Tongan sandalwood oil with a touch of African vetiver. The combo’s spicy warmth flows perfectly with the rare Laotian cooling green zest.

    A satisfying medicinal undertone, akin to what you find in fine Vietnamese agarwood, lines the citrus-sweet Laotian cool and makes this zen attar at once easy to wear and therapeutic.

    Calming, yet with a tenacious heart phase that projects nicely, gracing your nose with linear tenacity you wouldn’t expect from most attars. A newly married fusion of scents that come together so seamlessly in a unique tune called Laos Laosan.

    Order 12 gr and you'll receive a FREE full bottle of your choice from the following:

    5 ml Hojari Supreme
    5 ml Boswellia Biblica
    5 ml Mavera Sacra

    Simply let us know which one you'd like in the comments section during checkout and we'll do the rest. 

    I am really impressed with the new attars. They are all well done. – Travis, USA

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