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    Kyara Saiko

    Price: $500

    This is the highest grade kyara I know of. From their own confessions, it’s the finest kyara any of my kyara sifus ever smelled or owned. 

    I haven’t seen the same caliber offered publicly by the Japanese houses themselves, who sell a minimum of 1 gr of a caliber that’s a grade down from what you see here.

    The ambient aroma alone sends you off in a daze. I simply poured a few granules into my hand to check the texture, and as a result, I’ll be sniffing my palm for the rest of the day, drunk with regret that everything can’t smell like this. 

    Oud lovers might smell proper kyara once in their lives. Most never will. Kyara is the Red Sulphur of all things fragrant. The Holy Grail of olfaction. 

    It’s the most sought-after and precious strand of agarwood in the world, second to none. The medicinal bitterness of the scent is intoxicating to no end, like no other pleasure known to a fraghead's discerning nose.

    Anyone who keeps their eye on kyara prices would have noticed how the big Japanese houses have dramatically jacked up the price of kyara within these past two years. For such established and reputable companies to do this is very telling.

    Because there’s so much buzz about kyara and so many haven’t had the chance (or the funds) to experience it, we wanted to make it not just as easy as possible for you to own your own stash of authentic Vietnamese kyara, but for you to bliss out to the highest quality kinam in existence.

    To that end, instead of the 1 gram minimum offered in Japan (if you’re able to find it privately), we’re also making .25 gr and .5gr options available.

    The regular price you see here is already cheaper than what you’d pay for the same granules in Japan. Yet, on top of the smaller quantities, enjoy our launch discount that makes owning this peerless olfactory wonder a no-brainer.

    Our Vietnamese Kinam is now sold out. It took a lifetime to acquire enough to share with others, and it’s been a sheer joy to do so. As much of a pleasure as it was, I’d be lying if I said I’m not reluctantly offering these pellets as its successor. And keep in mind…… there's a lot less to go around this time.

    So, if kyara is on your bucket list (and it certainly ought to be!) then now’s your chance to let Japanese-certified kyara engrave the red dragon’s tongue-numbing breath into your brain so deep it’ll haunt you every time you take a whiff of anything else.

    Above: 1gr

    The smallest chip from the batch, sitting on the lowest temp, for over three hours and WOW!! Pure olfactory beauty. – Rev. Anthony, Australia

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