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    Kyara LTD

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    The rarest type of agarwood, Kyara is the most expensive aromatic substance on earth. A single gram of authentic green kyara retails for $500. A solid piece weighing a kilogram or more would be in the millions. Ounce for ounce, kyara is eighteen times more expensive than gold. Out of all things precious that are bought and sold, only the largest, most precious diamonds command a price as high as genuine kyara agarwood.

    According to these figures, it is plain impossible to distill oud oil out of Kyara wood chips. No sane person would undertake such an enterprise, even if he were the richest man on earth. – At least not knowingly.

    We found this Oud wood deep in the Burmese jungle, right by the border of China. The quality of this wood was obvious. Little did we know the oil to come from it would boast all the aromatic characteristics of Kyara! We were expecting a splendidly fragrant Oud oil, given the sheer quality of that agarwood. But the result far surpassed our expectations.

    The moment I smelled it, I knew it was Kyara. It smelled nothing like Burmese oud, and had none of the 'barnyard' characteristics of Chinese oud. It resembled the most unearthly fragrance I had ever smelled in my life – the smoke of green kyara.

    While green kyara has been traditionally thought to originate in the jungles of Vietnam, the scientific, Latin name for kyara would indicate otherwise. In English, Aquilaria Sinensis translates to Chinese Aquilaria. So the true origin of kyara is Chinanot Vietnam!

    And no wonder, the fragrance I was inhaling smelled almost exactly like the precious smoke of green kyara wood chips.

    I must say it is difficult to put words to the Kyara. It generates silence. It stops the mind. It is without doubt the most bewitching, alluring fragrance I have ever encountered, including any of your other Ouds. Not an oil to be worn lightly, it is a portal to meditation and deep inner peace.

    Many aspects of Japanese culture are condensed in the cosmological triad of Heaven, Earth, and Man. This triad has many manifestations, perhaps most clearly seen in the harmony of ikebana arrangements. Astonishingly, with the introduction of the Oud Sulaiman and the Kyara, you have opened the door to this cosmology in the realm of scent. Of all Ouds, the Sulaiman is truly the essence of earth – mysterious, sultry, fecund, erotic. And of all Ouds, the Kyara is truly the essence of heaven – ethereal, sublime, numinous. What could possibly connect these two? In the visions of Zen and Shambhala, the connector is man, the human. But this connecting is a potential, not a given realization. Who can rise to this occasion and manifest this potential? This is the challenge put by these two Ouds – to deepen one's innate spiritual nature and become worthy of linking heaven and earth. In this way your Ouds are a true blessing, not just as pleasurable scent, but as latent spiritual realization – if one is willing. – L. Nichol, NM

    I wanted to thank you for the vial of Kyara LTD that I purchased... what a rich and beautiful fragrance! – B. Ali, CA

    I must say the Kyara LTD is surely The King of all Ouds! – Ahmad Ali, UK

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