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    Kyara Koutan

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Your Oud collection could instantly go from ordinary to one of the rarest in the world by the simple addition of just one bottle of this Oud.

    Far too luscious for an ordinary Hindi, and only faintly shaded by a delicate Cambodi fruitiness, this oil is genuinely in a category of its own (and no, it's not a mix).

    Without the striking sweetness for which you could accuse it of having taken a detour through Borneo, the tender cloudiness of its top-notes invites you to a plateau of lush exotic pastures hinting at what lies beyond.

    Emerging like daybreak, the oil radiantly erupts with a pristine herbal-earthiness which moves it from its initial smokiness to sparkling forest leaves and a fresh efflorescent thread along the pond.

    Like Kyara LTD, at best you'll only pick up a slight resemblance to the typical Burmese scent, while being completely free from the farmyard qualities you'd normally associate with Indo-Chinese oils.

    Likewise, your general market Cambodi, Thai, and Vietnamese oils are sour, tart, with a fecal undertone, and as a rule, linear. KK is far more delicately layered, and the sour note is completely absent.

    Without really fitting in anywhere, Kyara Koutan makes for a truly interesting study. Infatuated aesthetes will be unable to resists the oil's tantalizing depth and spiritual allure. Olfactory adventurers will return to it time and again, sure to be enthralled by every whiff. Discriminating skeptics will encounter a scent profile of incredible depth and complexity, offering a dazzling journey to the inquisitive mind.

    Kyara is that mystical figure spoken of in folklore of every kind. Its home is not India; it's not Vietnam; it's not here, nor there. In its place you find the heart of that unmistakable aroma: Green. Woody. Kyara.

    Now that you are well on your way towards becoming a connoisseur of fine Oud oil, add only the very rarest, most irreplaceable jewels of fragrance masterpieces to your Oud collection.

    Kyara Koutan. Speechless. No words can describe the moment of first smelling Kyara Koutan. Mystical and heavenly. Radiant. Green. Woodsy. My first thought upon unscrewing the cap is that this oil is almost too incredible to wear. A penetrating fragrance, deeply touching all the senses at once in a rapture of spiritual intoxication. Koutan is a fragrant journey into a mystical rainforest, colorful and sublime, teeming with magical life. The fresh-green-woodsy note of Koutan pulsates with an elegant sweetness – but the core of this oil is a wordless harmony, a complexity and aliveness that eludes the verbal mind.

    Kyara Koutan is sublime and mysterious. It's fragrance rests deep in the heart – and with each inhalation, Koutan draws the senses beyond themselves into the heights of ascended intoxication.

    Kyara Koutan is a fragrance to behold, a truly sacred oil that epitomizes the unique mystical quality of Oud oil – blissfully stirring the mood of deep and joyous reverence for the Divine.

    The most intoxicating, brilliantly complex, and stunningly unique Oud oil I have ever come across – Kyara Koutan resists definition, a shape-shifter whose origin cannot be found. Only comparable to Oud Mostafa in its spiritual depth – Kyara Koutan could even be described as its female counterpart.

    Kyara Koutan is the most heavenly and intoxicating Oud I have ever smelled – an Oud with a unique spiritual depth that irresistibly moves the heart. – Neeshee Pandit, Fiji

    This is an olfactory adventure. Unscrew the cap, run the cold glass stick, smothered in murky oil, along the pulse of your wrist, close your eyes…

    Upon initial application, waves of smoke cloak your nostrils, sharp and permeating, though not unpleasant. Within the hour, the smokiness mellows and recedes into dark, unsweetened chocolate drizzled over espresso beans. Another hour, and suddenly, fresh woods begin to blossom through the dusky chocolate base.

    Clean, green woodiness. It's like breaking off an oak branch and peeling back the bark. The twig glistens, naked and nervous, its creamy flesh perspiring out wafts of green youth. The bright herbal aroma echoes of ground turmeric, without the shrill serration of the spice. As the oil evolves, turmeric's tenor settles into a tranquil baritone of blooming lilies. But the flowers' cool temperament hums of green pastures and rain-mantled forests, not of sugar-spiked pollen and sun-swaddled buds. Now and again, a buried current of orris butter peaks through the mélange of green notes, hinting of supple leather.

    Lilies waltz over the dry wood, as the warmth of the skin compels the scent to advance into its final phase – the hushed murmur of fresh hay. It lingers on your wrists, whispering of Kyara's evolution, its quiet composure, its chivalry, until it trails off leaving muted memories of its furtive vernacular.

    This is a complicated oil. It requires several wearings before you can begin to translate its nuances, summoning your experiences of various scents. But beware, with each exposure, a new reference of some remembered aroma will permanently find its way into Kyara's growing lexicon. – Casey Giglio, IL

    Kyara Koutan is deeply sweet, arid, mineral and complex. So far, I must say it is one of the most amazing ouds I have encountered.
    The fragrance is a layering of experiences and unlived nostalgic memories. It's the taste of orange blossom honey from your fingertips.
    The scent of sharpened pencils; graphite and cedar. Bay leaves and peppercorns in an oak chest. Rainstorms in the Mojave dessert; the moist highway and sagebrush fill the still air. Rocky foothills; a gentle wind glides through the ponderosas and sweet summer grass.
    It's an Oriental journey in the Victorian imagination; a meandering search through an obscure souq for the finest amber that money can buy. – Manuel Cross, CA

    Un vent de fraicheur. Un boisé digne des plus grand oud chinois et un coeur qui vous rappel le meilleur du Kambodge. Je doit dire qu'il est un des meilleures oud que j'ai pu sentir de ma vie! Et certainement l'un des plus complexes. – Abdarrahman Abu Abdullah, France

    Kyara Koutan lasted a whopping 12-15 hours and that was rubbing the threads of the bottle on the back of my hand. – James Mathews, KS

    WOW! Lord, how I wish they'd sent me more of this one... It's like an explosion of intense, almost camphorous nutty sweetness, with as many layers as a baklava. Excellent sillage that doesn't seem to let up. (Meaning others will easily smell it, too, which is a good thing.) Waited three days after smelling ALL of the ouds to smell it again, just to see if it could live up to my initial hype. My first thought at re-smelling was: “Heavenly.” – Pablo Avion, Model News

    This is the only oud in your galore that audaciously put itself on a par or above the royalty of Royal Kinam. It is subliminal and bewilders one's cerebral energy. Instead, I should only sniff it every time I'm feeling down, fearing its depletion if I apply it on my skin every time I need its spirit. – Alawi El Jifri, Saudi Arabia

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