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    Kyara Koko

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    Find yourself right in the thick of a Tasmanian rainforest, smelling clementine peels and lime. A fower-filled jungle, enveloped by the cozy comfort of earth and woods. Yet, at the surface you find the strangest notes of spices and fruits jostling about.

    The delicious pulse of the jungle hits you like an ancient narcotic. Although it teases you almost from the start, the buttery heart of the fragrance waltzes in in full apparel only after a while. It’s at this point you find yourself amidst the sweet citrus Tasmanian lush, gazing upon a lily pond, adrift the smoke of green vibrant incense.

    Kyara Koko keeps you on the riverbed, between the leaves and lime, without losing sight of the blue sky, leading into sunset. Every shade of red moves through every shade of blue in a seamless moment - from sunlight to starbright in a single wear.

    It’s not like many perfumes where it smells like the ‘perfumer’ just blended a bunch of random ingredients together, without the (years worth of) expertise to know what moves with what, and whereto... kind of like jazz, just done wrong.

    A citrus-jungly-incense-no-lotus bottle of bliss, ideal for him or her.

    This one is amazing in keeping a warm hue all along. It sings in a wonderful orchestration. At first, it is velvety and balmy, majestic as lilies glittering under a starry summer night, without being overpowering or shouting for attention. Elegant self-confidence, and it transfers to my mood, too.

    What are these notes? Sandalwood, massoia, coconut, oakmoss? Each taken and twisted artfully in an unexpected direction. Then it turns a bit spicy. I think of pepper and cardamom and not long after that, lighted up by a flowery tune, what is it now? Somewhere between a dark violet and an ambery carnation? And should I add the smell of dried fig leaves, those hanging in my room, to remind me of summer? How to describe it? Again, the feeling of a warm, calm summer night, so delicious. Finally, smoked wood notes coming stronger and stronger.

    In all, it is a lovely dance of warm flavors, yes, earthy, magnetizing, but always tender. And I think of a big jar of plum jam, bubbling on the fire, colored and glazed by rich deep reds, the fleshes of the plums melted and exposing the elegantly shaped kernels.

    Congratulations on this perfume, it is so wonderful! – Alina, Romania

    Koko opens with a velvety texture of animalic notes that turn sweet before you can find the funk. As the parfum begins to expand, its complexity unravels. With such intricacy and nuance, I suspect that many different oils were used in Koko’s composition, yet not a single one stands out individually. Having made a few perfumes myself, I can appreciate the artistry in crafting a perfume that confidently boasts a single fragrance – the alchemy of a new scent, rather than an amalgamation of various scents.

    I have little to say about the ingredients used in Kyara Koko, because they are largely undetectable to me as individual components. Rather, Koko radiates a whole fragrance, a sweet-spicy oudiness with civet-like undertones. The end result is a deliciously incensey fragrance. Incense lovers really have much to look forward to in this perfume. In terms of color, think purple. Deep purple. For an Oud-based perfume, I find that Koko beautifully expresses its oudiness while also blending in well, making for a deliciously smooth and well-rounded fragrance.

    What also stands out to me in Kyara Koko is its tenacity. It may be the most tenacious perfume I have smelled from Ensar Oud so far. Radiating on my wrist, Koko surrounds me in its fragrant aura. And I can smell its remnants on my wrist the next morning. I really love a perfume that can maintain itself like this. I have found myself addicted to this perfume as of late, discovering something else with each new wearing.

    Kyara Koko is a full-bodied perfume of mystery and confidence, suitable for man or woman, and great to wear out in the evening. Its sensual and aristocratic vibe is sure to catch the attention of anyone who crosses its path. – Neeshee, HI

    I don't know if Ensar wanted to release this just in time for the holidays, because there is a fruity note that reminds me of a well-made fruit cake I ate on many a Christmas morning. Whatever it is, Kyara Koko is addictive, enchanting, and incensey. But the real icing on the cake is that it tastes good, too. I ate a few drops on a dare, and boy it tasted good and freshened my breath! – Abu Anisa, USA

    Kyara Koko in a few words... "Supra sumo" of Jungle Kinam. – Alan, Brazil

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