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    Kyara Ketone

    Price: $4,170 $3,339

    I have a handful of ouds in small vials that I carry with me. Select oils I personally savor and use to swipe as a gesture of respect and gratitude when I sit with giants like the Ozcays or Bunyamin Usta. Next to the vial labeled Nha Trang LTD lies Kyara Ketone.

    This is the only Sri Lankan oud we ever distilled with my Taiwanese kyara sifu, which makes it by far one of my most precious possessions. That’s why I had no intention to make this public yet. It’s been locked up all these years and I have no qualms keeping it so.

    Not only is this the only Oriscent walla distillation ever, it predates every future Sri Lankan ouds anyone attempted by many years—this oil has aged for a good half-decade before anybody even heard the words ‘walla patta’.

    Kyara Ketone is what happens when you impregnate Silani’s oceanic honey and fresh-flower aquamarine notes with the molecular blueprint of Vietnamese kinam. The result is a mind-numbing, crystalline shot of blue oud smoke.

    The narcotic kinam-powder glaze that brands all Oriscent ouds casts a cloud over any semblance to all other Sri Lankan ouds, my own included. The white floral tone remains, but Kyara Ketone ditches any and all fruity chords, along with those whispers of cucumber and sencha. A reminiscent—if you’ve smelled Kyara Koutan or Kynam No 1—smokiness washes those notes away.

    And along with them goes the trademark walla cool…

    Kyara Ketone’s powdery signature is all warmth; its medicinal kyara heart accentuates those echoes of mimosa and sets its usual ocean green calm alight with narcotic notes of blue incense vapor smelled neat.

    This is the original Ceylon, stripped to the marrow, a psychoactive hum that flushes your oud receptors from top to dry and every hour in between. An olfactory gong that gets banged and all you smell from then on is that throbbing mantra of blue kinam.

    Looking back, you’ll probably remember the best thing you got from the lockdown is this oil. You’ll look back and wonder, in a surreal moment of bewilderment as you hold the dipstick to your nose, how you managed to get this olfactory heirloom. And get it at this price.

    Imagine Kyara LTD, Borneo 4000 or Royal Kinam… dyed in blue, dressed in mimosa white, with the narcotic bite, that piercing cool that short-circuits your prefrontal cortex for a second while you zone off to another dimension: k.y.a.r.a.

    That’s what you’ve got here. For a limited time only.

    In addition to the one-off discount, you’ll receive 2 gr of Royal Ceylon oud chips (worth $120) – FREE.

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