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    Kyara Heater

    Price: $399

    Kodo is the ceremonial incense practice of the Japanese.
    An intricate and noble way of oud appreciation. Prepare the wood by slicing into slivers or crushing into powder.
    Allow the coale to fully gray, and pile the spent ashes into a mound on top of which a mica plate followed by a small portion of your prepared oud. 
    Then with presence of heart, and full appreciation, the heater is held in one hand, while the other hand cups the top of the burner and is brought to your nose. A beautiful and unrivaled ceremony to fully appreciate the sacred scent.
    These heaters are a modern rendition to ease the process, facilitating enjoyment for daily lifestyle. 
    Hi temperature charcoal burners are an opulant approach which waste much of the ouds profile, they burn through the topnotes and char the oud to a crisp. 
    For lengtheir sessions and oud appreciaiton, there's no question, this heater is a must!















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