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    Kinam Incense

    Price: $295

    These incense sticks are made from Vietnamese kyara (10%) admixed with wild Vietnamese soil agarwood. 

    Each roll includes a classy African blackwood incense holder that showcases the vapor wafting as it sets your olfaction into overdrive. 

    No florals, spices, essential oils or anything else added to the agarwood — just the pure zen smoke of Vietnamese kinam; softly bitter, earthy, piercing, and totally transportive.

    10 gr.

    I burned one (half a stick per day) of the Kinam incense stick and wowwowwowwow "WTF"! I love it!

    I compared it to a set of 5 different incenses (agarwood from Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Vietnam Kyara) by Baieido and there's just no comparison.

    I'm so grateful for all the amazing products you guys have and they are helping me through this crazy time! – Joel, USA

    I love the Kinam incense. It has an ethereal hypnagogic quality and fills the room with a wonderful scent without being cloying or overpowering. Having never smelled heated oud wood I cannot compare the two but I love the incense and the gentle lingering aroma it leaves behind after it is burned. – David, USA

    The Kinam incense is the best incense that I have ever smelled in my life and I have smelled a lot of incense in my 44 years. I can't believe that such a small stick is enough to fill up a whole room with such a magical aroma! – TJ, USA

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