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    Kinam Heater

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    Kōdō | The Way of Fragrance | Incense-ism 
    The ceremonial practice of scent appreciation

    To prepare the wood is as important as 'the burn' itself. You powder the wood to consistent grain, like fine coffee ready for the brew. Smaller grains = greater surface area = a wider scent spectrum = a more complete fragrance.

    The right temperature is crucial to kinam and all precious aromatics. Too high and you scorch the wood and destroy the fragrance; too low, and you don’t release all the fragrant compounds. 

    In the Japanese incense tradition, this is done by allowing the coal to fully 'grey over' and for the heat to be in the waning phase before piling the spent ashes into a mound, on top of which a you put a mica plate.

    Then, while you summon your utmost appreciation, sitting with your feet beneath you, eyes closed, the kōdō heater is lifted in one hand while the other hand cups the top of the burner and is brought up to sip the aroma with delicate inhalations.

    It sounds nice, but let’s be real: We don’t all have time to go through the rituals, nor are we always in the mood to. Sometimes you just want to dig into the scent directly. Sometimes you’ve got 5 different kinds of oud chips you want to smell in contrast or test for quality, and it’s gotta be done low-temp — and you can’t be waiting for the waning coal every time. 

    To honor the kōdō tradition, but also cater for time, here’s the perfect modern kōdōgu to properly heat your most prized resins. 

    This heater is calibrated for kyara with a set temperature and is perfectly suited to our modern lifestyle. Better than any adjustable electric incense heater, it takes away the guess work and lets you cut to the core of agarwood. It’s so effective, it’s my personal heater of choice (it goes with me everywhere) and it’s the go-to heater for my kyara sifu who actually prefers it over traditional cooled-coal methods. 

    Ideal for kinam and any powdered incense, with a durable design for around-the-clock smokeless ambiance. To craft this kōdōgu, the mahogany case was left to dry for two years to ensure it doesn’t crack during extreme heating sessions (so, you can quite literally keep it going 24/7). More than that, the minimalist design cased in hard mahogany gives you a heavy duty heater you can easily travel with… there’s no ceramic to crack, so no need to worry about it fumbling around in your bag.

    Small granules will last hours, imbuing your home with the intoxicating scent of aloes: be it the piercing bliss of kyara, or sumptuous gourmand aromas like Mysore sandalwood; even Frankincense can be lit up to add a lithe freshness to your room. 

    Even after hours, the pieces you were heating still have more to give. Once they've had their run on low temp, you can move the piece/s directly onto clean charcoal to elicit the last bits of the aromatics.

    Finally, an electric incense heater that will last a lifetime; as timeless as the mohagany it’s spun from. Don’t waste your precious agarwood in a single plume of smoke. Low-temp olfactory foreplay is so much more rewarding…

    *Heard so much about kinam, but never knew where to find any? Explore our Kinam Kit for the ideal granules to savor on this heater.

    It has been the best way to heat oud wood very gently, beautifully releasing aroma without smoke or charring the precious wood into ashes like charcoal burners. Hopefully Ensar Oud keeps making this electrical burner, because it's the only way to enjoy aromatic woods. – Canace, USA

    The Kinam heater was a great recommendation! I can already see how it will help me to stretch my Frankincense, oud wood, sandalwood and my powders. It was definitely a great investment! – Travis, USA

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