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    Khus Malagasy

    Price: $65

    If you’re new to vetiver, this’ll be head scratch. If you’re an old- timer, I bet you’ll do what I did when I dabbed on a drop: pull out a bottle of Mysore.

    This is an organic harvest of Madagascar vetiver that’s drenched in a creamy, almost savory brush of butter. And it’s powdery — not a common trait in vetivers — like ground sandalwood.

    That’s what you smell in the first minutes. Then, in unusual fashion, the scent transforms. Unusual, because although the smell might be rich, vetiver’s scent progression is quite linear. But here, the creamy powderiness makes way for a fusion of nutmeg and pepper…  amazing because when you think grass, do you ever think spice?

    A monk sits on grass lighting a sandal incense stick, brewing herbal tea. This alone makes Khus Malagasy a unique scent to wear neat. But it also works magic in perfumery…

    If you enjoy composing fougeres or chypres, or you’re looking for something to spice up your spices, this khus does just that. Plus, it takes care of your base.

    You’ll discover that it’s quite a challenge to find even fresh Madagascar distillation, not to mention aged oils. But you don’t have to look any further. This distillation has been in my personal arsenal for more than twelve years. I've had the hardest time finding comparable quality vetiver over the years, so I've used this harvest sparingly.

    Limited supply. Make it yours now. And as for all those years aging in the dark… it's on the house. Enjoy!

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