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    Khus d’Afrique

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    We’ve done two full episodes covering vetiver on The Morning Oud Show, and many people have asked me if I’d offer any. I love vetiver, and it’s a key ingredient in not just mine, but any serious perfumer’s arsenal.  

    I’ve only ever offered two African harvests, both of which fellow fragheads LOVED. From North Korea to India, Switzerland, Bahrain, Cyprus, France to the USA, the reception has been fantastic, and both sold out fast. Now, you finally have their successor ready to lacquer your skin with its earth-fresh green.

    This harvest is among the richest, most grounding vetivers you’ll smell. Like oud, age does wonders to vetiver, and the years stowed away in our atelier gives it the luscious complexity you won’t find in new distillations.

    It doesn’t have the wet, turpentine muddiness that makes many vetivers only usable as an ingredient. Instead, its smooth whole-perfume-like complexity means you can easily wear it as a standalone fragrance. Of course, it makes a killer chord in your perfume as well!

    One thing you’ll learn about essential oils, from flowers, roots, leaves, or otherwise, is that many of the most frequently used, and most sought-after oils, share certain traits: they calm the nerves, relax the mind, and make things more exciting in the bedroom.

    That’s no coincidence. There’s a good reason why vetiver has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and holistic healing for ages: relaxation is linked to balanced hormones, which is linked to sleep, which is linked to rest and energy and overall wellbeing.

    The way vetiver interacts with testosterone and estrogen explains how it helps relaxation, sex drive, and even menstrual cramps. How it’s both a cicatrisant and anti-septic explains why it helps repair scar tissue—why it has traditionally been used to treat scars and skin conditions in general. Research now suggests vetiver also lessens the toxic effects of cisplatin used in chemotherapy.

    So, when you’re after an age-old sedative, you can do far worse than starting with ‘The Oil of Tranquility.’

    Just like you can find blue lotus oils for $15 or tuberose for $10, you'll easily find vetiver at similar prices. Vetiver gets rolled out by the drum and is one of the most mass consumed aromatics in perfumery.

    So, if you're after generic, bland Burger King versions of vetiver, you'll find cheap options by the gallon. Haitian, Javanese, Indian, you name it. Vetiver distilleries work around the clock. What you have here is in a different league, as much as $70 Indonesian oud compares to Borneo 3000.

    This is a cooling oil, which makes wearing it as a perfume popular in humid climates. Vetiver’s cooling properties are also reflected in how it calms the mind and its use as an anti-inflammatory agent, how it helps with your nervousness… and there are now studies looking at links to the treatment of attention disorders, where vetiver has outperformed more widely known essential oils, including lavender.

    Nature is one big miracle, and we’ve barely begun to discover the details. I’m never surprised to hear when new benefits are found in products that have stood the test of traditional cultures for generations. To you, they might be the key features, but to me, these benefits are side-effects of its primary pull: the scent.

    So, calmer nerves, a quiet mind, a dash of mellow in your perfume, to make love when your senses are relaxed and the feeling of transcendence comes more natural, are all filtered through the magic of this oil’s this-worldly smell of forests, rivers, fields of grass, herbs, and fresh petrichor.  

    This is such a bombastic vetiver, it’s hard to ignore how good it is, and it’s a tough call deciding to offer it neat, instead of using it exclusively in my perfumes. The maturity, the depth, the deep green. Easily one of the finest vetiver oils you’ll ever own.

    I received today the oils: I supposed the level of quality of your brand was high (the prices of items tells it clearly) but, sincerely, I'm impressed of the layered and complex multifaceted aromatic profile of these product. I sniffed a lot of vetivers but your Khus d'Afrique is much more fine and mysterious. – Federico, Italia 

    It's so @#$% good I needed more. Incredibly relaxing to wear alone, and I also enjoy layering it with fragrances to add depth. I tried a couple of other vetiver oils from other sources including a deep green wild Indian oil but none of them were a patch on this in terms of balance and enjoyment. I was quite shocked at how deep and complex the oil is, it actually ticks more boxes for me than a lot of the plantation oud, including some of Ensar's! – Ben, UK

    Sumptuous aroma of earth, herbs and orange ... Orange peels. Khus d'Afrique is one of the most sensual oils I have ever smelled ... it does not have the power of diffusion of the oud but it compensates for this by the sensation that develops on the wearer ... amazing! – Nacer, France

    I love the Khus d'Afrique. I myself have also smelled some other vetiver oils (for aromatherapy), they were so overshadowed by this one. This vetiver oil has such a powerful and rich smell. From earthy and smoky to floral and grassy. I love it soooo much. Now I take it everywhere with me and smell it from time to time. I bought many perfumes and essential oils before I met Ensar. I used to feel them only once and put them away without a second glance, not one has brought me as much pleasure as Khus d'Afrique. – 任爽, China

    Reviews for Khus d’Afrique's predecessor:

    Since Korea is so hot and humid in summer, a nice cooling, grassy smelling oil would be nice to wear during summer. And so I took the plunge and ordered a bottle. And I am glad I did! Both vetiver oils are fantastic, especially the Khus d'Afrique! [...] it really is something else. The citrusy scent is just awesome. It really is a complete perfume on its own. – Paul, South Korea

    Khus D'Afrique is a brilliant side to Vetiver which I wasn't exposed to earlier. I love the subtle lime and peeled orange freshness to it. This is something which I don't see in the Indian Khus. I would surely recommend it to any Vetiver lover. – Daniyal, India

    Khus d’afrique is just exquisite. I have never smelled vetiver like this before. It has a very holistic profile, where it integrates so many levels into one very healing and embraceable scent. Damp earth with no grassiness but what’s lovely about it is that I get tropical citrus like kalamansi and lemongrass, sandalwood and sweet patchouli. Is this just me or has anyone else picked up on this ? Thank you Ensar for keeping us captive with your alchemy. – Mostafa, USA

    Amazed by its effect as much as its smell. The first thought after smelling it was that of my childhood days when during hot summers we use to have large sheets of woven Khus roots hanging in the garden on which water was sprayed every evening. It captured the exact same smell and for me especially, that memory too, which I had long forgotten. – Shoeb, USA

    Afrique, in my estimation, is the best I’ve smelled!  Thank you for the El Salvador. It’s an excellent comparison! I am very familiar with vetivers which echo El Salvador...but Afrique has a mind of its own. I love this one. Thank you all for the wonderful gifts to my life! – Beverly, USA

    The green in it is so lime or petigrain smell, not the typical vetiver smell. The simple thick and hard grass we used to know as vetiver. But then comes the patchouli with a touch of rose absolute that is not sharp and soft somewhere deep which has a resinous like base under it creating that perfum that can stand alone and transport you ..or maybe block your mind totally..its a 3D or better say a complete perfume.. please release more of these treasures for us to travel and experience with our senses.. – Charalambos, Cyprus

    Khus d'Afrique Vetiver is one of the best vetivers I have ever smelled – Robert, USA

    The African Khus is marvellous : so delicate, with a kind of citrus note which makes it a perfume in itself. Very much appreciated before sleeping. A jewel :) – Antonin, France

    The first impression....... Amazing amazing amazing...... In Bahrain, hot environment and high sun, it effects like a soothing and healing tonic to prevent you from ultra high sunlight and makes you feel fresh and active... Thank you so much for discovering this gem especially for the people live in ME region. I am wearing it right now and feeling so confident. – Burhan, Bahrain

    I just received Khus d'Afrique. I must say, wow, this is unlike any vetiver that I have ever smelled. I've smelled Brazilian vetiver, Indian vetiver, and Haitian vetiver. This by far has to be the best, I get this nutty zesty petrichor perfume scent coming from it. I don't need to seek out any vetiver perfumes anymore, Ensar has delivered far beyond expectations. Definitely going to try and check out the rest of the line up of vetivers when I get the chance. Thank you again. – Guy, USA

    African vetiver is really fresh, lemony and buttery somehow, with a patchouli effect on it some how, very nice and delicate. – Ibrahim, Qatar

    I love the smell.... I just applied a tiny bit of a drop as you do it in your video with sheikh Ehab. It's almost 5 hours & I still smell on my upper palm. – Umesh, USA

    I never smelled a perfume like, it's the best vetiver that exists. – Mottura, Switzerland


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