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    Kasaya & K

    Kasaya & K



    Pretty in a cowgirl kinda way. Rough around the edges, hardened by the sun and the rocky hills, but really sweet at heart. 

    Then pretty marries rugged and handsome, whose dimples run deep from years roughing it out on wide open planes under the blazing heat.​

    Dab a swipe of Kasaya on your wrist, then two inches away find a spot for K. Both are pure bred Koh Kong, aged 3 years. Kasaya’s copper sweet & K’s been toughened by steel. ​

    If you’re used to jammy Trat-style fruitiness, get ready for a slap in the face. Cambodi red meets ancient black as you take Mr. Nhek’s drink and lace it with smoke and dunk it in a boiling cauldron. What you get is an oud that lets you see why we called this The Great Cambodian Experiment. You haven’t smelled Cambodian oud like K before.​

    My previous Cambodis were a selection of rough, raw and fruity shades. Kasaya fills in the missing floral. Not jasmine and rose floral – flowers tucked into the cowgirl’s worn-out rugged Koh Kong curls. ​

    This is not a Hollywood meets Hollywood couple on the catwalk. K’s all tobocco, smoking acquilaria and leather heart notes drenched in unsweetened berry marinade. Earthy in a way only a wild Koh Kong cooking can be: Semi-dry and peppery.

    — While Kasaya carries home a bouquet of mimosa night blossom, lilac and violets tied with a crassna string to crush into a powdery paste and sun dry. ​

    Contrast, contrast, contrast! That’s how you dig out the surface notes and zoom into the marrow of the scent. But it’s one thing to swipe Oud Yusuf on your left and Borneo 5000 on your right. That’s one why to tell your nose Take that! But the other way is more revealing…

    You take two wild Cambodis, Koh Kong to the bone. Same year, same wood……… Yet, between them you got Kasaya & K.​​

    Ships in two V-vials, 1 or 3 gr each. 

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    Here's what other people are saying about Kasaya & K

    So I would like you to know how upset I am with you. 

    Do you realise that Kasaya is so darn good that I actually just bought two bottles? 
    Do you realise that I have a no duplicate-bottle policy which has now been shattered to pieces? 
    Do you realise every time I intend to hold off on oud purchases to allow my bank account a chance to treat its chronic inflammation you casually pull another jaw breaker from your vault to deal the death blow?
    Do you realise I am saying this and I have not even sampled Kynam No.1, Kyara LTD and Nha Trang LTD... which are likely to conclude with the most sickening mortal kombat fatality move ever? 

    Do you realise that after all that... all I have to say is jazakAllahu khairan. May Allah beautify your scent in this world and the next just as you have brought such beautiful scents to us! – Taher, UAE